Love&Lavender Chief Editor Profile Picture "Hello,

I'm Meredith, the owner of Love & Lavender. I decided on Pay What You Want pricing for stationery because I think you should decide what our service is worth.

Some of our designs involve a lot of work and those have a small minimum price. Stationery creation takes time, but we love being able to see how our work helps people from all over the world create unique cards for weddings, birthdays, and even book launches!

You probably know from other stationery websites that PDF printables can be $25, $50, or more. If our stationery provides value for you, please pick a price you think is fair. We want to keep providing quality designs to our readers for years to come. We hope you set the perfect tone for your big day (or event) and enjoy lovely wedding karma."

  • Spinkles Invite Multicolor
  • Spinkles Invite Pink
    Color: Illusion Pink
  • Spinkles Invite Blue
    Color: Monte Carlo Blue
  • Spinkles Invite Green
    Color: Moss Green
  • Sprinkles RSVP Multicolor
  • Sprinkles RSVP Pink
    Color: Illusion Pink
  • Sprinkles RSVP Blue
    Color: Monte Carlo Blue
  • Sprinkles RSVP Green
    Color: Moss Green
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Available Colors:


Invitation Size: 7 x 5 inches
RSVP Size: 5.5 x 4 inches


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Sprinkles Stationery Suite

Price: You Decide
Sprinkles stationery suite is a fun and whimsical design that reminds me of a big bowl of ice cream with colored candy sprinkles on top. If your dessert table is full of sprinkle goodness, consider setting the tone with this stationery suite.

It comes with an invitations & RSVP design in four colors: Multicolor, Illusion Pink, Monte Carlo Blue, and Moss Green.

Fill out form below then click CREATE. Use tabs to navigate.