Indoor Wedding on a Budget

After spending last week dreaming about honeymoons, we’re getting back on the wedding track with another budget-friendly wedding inspiration board. If you’re looking to save money, indoor venues are often much less expensive than outdoor venues and they have a ton of advantages: no worrying about bugs or inclement weather, easy access to electrical plugs and bathrooms, and you can wear whatever gorgeous heels you want without worrying about them sinking into the grass! A lot of indoor weddings we’ve seen are fairly extravagant, with up-lighting, elaborate cakes, chair covers, and tall floral centerpieces. We decided to stay away from that and came up with an airy wedding that could easily be pulled off on a modest budget, with an all-white color scheme and silver sparkly accents!

Indoor Wedding on a Budget - Inspiration Board

Indoor Wedding on a Budget – Essentials

The Decor: Pick a venue that’s a blank canvas if possible – hardwood floors, white walls, and a white ceiling. We love the idea of using big white balloons as decor, like these ones. You could line the aisle with them, use them to give your dessert table some oomph, or simply have them floating on the ceiling. With an all-white color scheme, you’ll probably save on renting table linens since many venues already have white tablecloths, napkins, and plates. Even if yours doesn’t, white linens are easy to come by.

The Food: Soup is known for feeding crowds on a budget. Serve it with salad and breadsticks, and to keep with the all-white color scheme, clam chowder would be perfect.

The Dessert: We envision an all-white spread of candies and cookies with a white tiered wedding cake in the middle. You could order a plain white frosted cake and sprinkle coconut on it yourself to give it pretty texture without having to pay for expensive cake decorations. In addition, a hot chocolate bar would be perfect for a winter wedding! Put marshmallows on sticks and dip them in white chocolate and make heart cutout marshmallows in advance (follow this tutorial). For extra cuteness, you could provide grey and white striped paper straws.

The Attire: The bride could wear a pair of fabulous glittery heels (we posted an affordable version of these awhile ago). A white feather bouquet is an elegant and budget friendly option–plus you can keep it or resell it after the wedding. For the bridesmaids, look in stores for holiday party dresses. You should have some great options without having to shell out for an over-priced “bridesmaid” dress.

The Details: Follow this tutorial to make glittery sycamore seed pods for your centerpieces (pine cones would also work). Place them in assorted milk glass containers, or if you can’t find milk glass within your price range, try making your own faux milk glass by spray painting clear glass vases (follow this tutorial). For transportation, if you like the way a classic car looks but can’t justify the expense, what about renting or borrowing a Volkswagen beetle? It has a similar look but will cost much less!

The Invitations: We designed a silhouette invitation suite that will be available for free soon. Since it’s black and white, you’ll save even more on printing!

Image Sources: ceremony photo by W. Scott Chester, dress via Polyvore, glittered seeds via ‘i do’ it yourself, shoes via Green Wedding Shoes, headband via The Knotty Bride, milk glass via High Street Market, invitation by Love and Lavender, bouquet by Etsy, dessert table by Amy Atlas, straws via flickr, bridesmaids via Sugar Love Weddings, heart marshmallows via oh, hello friend, clam chowder via Tasty Kitchen, VW bug via flickr


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