Revived Vintage Chalkboard Giveaway

Happy Monday! We are super excited to be starting this week off with such a cute giveaway. Revived Vintage has vintage/antique chalkboards with amazing frames! These chalkboards would be perfect for wedding menus, signs, photo booths, and more. This week we will be giving away the Rose Frame Chalkboard. This chalkboard is made of a solid wood vintage frame that is super shabby chic! To enter, head over to Revived Vintage and check out their chalkboards, then come back to Love and Lavender and tell us how you would use one of them! We will pick a winner on Saturday.

Here are some ideas of how to use a chalkboard in your wedding.

Photobooth Prop via Get Married, Menu via Martha Stewart Weddings.

Seating chart via Wedding Chicks, Program via Love & Lavender.

Drink station signs via Hey Gorgeous

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  1. Oooh cute! I would use this to list the members of my wedding party and place it at the entrace of our church!

  2. oh wow!! This chalkboard would be awesome for making a seating chart!

  3. very cute! i would use a chalkboard for the seating chart! woot!

  4. Oh, I love the “Cottage Chic” one! I would use it on my camera table to say, “Come take a camera and shoot away!” 🙂
    xx Olivia
    PS. We’re doing a giveaway, too!

  5. I would use it as a seating chart and also in my home office.

  6. I want to use a chalkboard for the ceremony program to save some money on printing all that paper (and save a tree as well).

  7. I love the Large WEDDING Sidewalk Chalkboard…I would use it as a menu board on my wedding where I will be incorporating different sizes of chalkboards all over the venue.

  8. I would use it for the menu!!! Then after the wedding, I’d use it in my kitchen for a grocery/to do list board!

  9. These are incredible! I love the 14inx11in WEDDING Chalkboard White Cedar Rose Shabby Chic/Vintage Bride/Cottage Chic! I would definitely use one of this in our photo booth that we are having at the reception!

  10. I love the white cedar chalkboard but then again I love any chalkboard and would love to win this amazing giveaway!

  11. I would use the Large WEDDING Sidewalk Chalkboard 49inx30in Restaurant/Shabby Chic to display directions for guests. The space I am using has 4 floors, so I would put the times and the floor the guests are supposed to be on when!

  12. I would post a daily menu in my kitchen.

  13. I really need something like this to use as a menu or bar sign! I think these chalkboard sign are a fantastic idea! Love it!

  14. Ahhh! I have been looking for several of these for our wedding in June. This one would be perfect for our guest book table. I would write a little story about me and my hubbie to greet the guests:
    ‘Once upon a time there was a girl and a boy.
    They met at a bar, and here we are!
    We are so pleased you have come from far and near, to here!’

    This is a rough draft but I have a couple months to fine tune it!!

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful shop!

  15. Thanks for the giveaway.I would use it for my upcoming wedding as a menu board.

  16. oh i just love these!!

  17. I would use it as my ‘message’ board in my my kitchen… aka honeydo list 😉

  18. I would use it as a welcome sign right by the ceremony area – it’s a good opportunity to start things off right and thank all my guests for coming. And THEN it could function as a perfect to-do list in my kitchen!

  19. I’ve been wanting a beautiful chalk board for our wedding. We would use it as our guest book for our very intimate wedding. I also want one for our house 😉 they are just so cute and who still doesn’t love using an chalk board like when we were younger! These are beautiful!

  20. I’d love to use it to display our buffet menu at the wedding and then use it to write out the weekly dinner menu in our new home (yay for planning ahead and buying in bulk)!

  21. I would use it in our photobooth!

  22. Having a chalkboard at our wedding would be perfect! I teach Spanish 101 end I always come home covered in chalk dust. I would use it to list the buffet items for our wedding reception, and possible allergens in each (my fiancé’s relatives have TONS of dietary issues).

  23. I love this decor idea! I would us it for my upcoming garden reception as a directional aide – restrooms, cocktail area, dinner, dancing, etc.

  24. I love this decor idea! I would use it as a directinal aide for my upcoming garden reception – restrooms, cocktail area, dinner, dancing, etc. And then I would use it for setting up my new home with my new husband!

  25. I would hang it in my kids’ room and use it to teach them how to write the alphabet. And being that it is so versatile, when they’re older I could put it in the kitchen and they could help me menu plan for the week!

  26. I’m definitely using chalkboards to cut down on cost and paper by making the program, menu, and seating charts myself! These chalkboards look great for that 🙂

  27. Who knew a chalkboard could be so gorgeous?!
    This would be perfect for my fiance and I who are both Teachers. I would love to use it instead of escort cards to keep our wedding eco-friendly. I would also love to have this in a future office, to help keep us teachers organized!

  28. I really love the idea of using framed chalkboards!I would use it for the welcome sign sign for our guests. Since I met my fiance at school (in college) and now he is teaching poetry as a high school English teacher, I think the chalkboard fits in well with his current profession and with our past, when we would study together for class exams and wrote out thoughts/ideas on the classroom chalkboards. After the wedding, I’d love to use it as a message board for the two of us in the hallway or kitchen.

  29. Wow that chalk board is too cute! My friend is an artist and does caricatures of people, so i would get him to draw a pictures of me and my man to hang up somewhere at our wedding!

  30. I absolutly love the LoveandLavender website and check it out everyday for ideas toward my future wedding! My favorite ideas are the different ways chalkboards are used, and I love the vintage look! I say future wedding because I told my boyfriend that if he doesn’t propose to me by our four year anniversary, I will be proposing to him! He currently has 6 more months! I would use the chalkboard for a romantic saying at our wedding, something along the lines of “Te Amo Por Siempre”

  31. We’re having a buffet-style BBQ. I would love to use a chalkboard for the menu!

  32. We’re having a “Milk Bar” at our wedding. It’d be great to have the milk menu on the chalkboard.

  33. We’re getting married in a vintage high school gym from the 1940s … these chalkboards are beyond perfect! Think I’d use one for either the drink station or a menu.

  34. Wow! I would use this as our menu board…or maybe for our cookie buffet bar!

  35. These chalkboards are so rad. The Rose Frame Chalkboard would be perfect at my garden party wedding for the ceremony program instead of wasteful paper. Afterwards I would put it up in our apartment and write love notes to my new hubby. Adorable!

  36. love them! i would use one for our “sweets” table 🙂

  37. These are so rad. I would use the Rose Frame for the ceremony program at my wedding instead of wasting the paper. Afterwards I would put it up in my apartment and write love notes to my new hubby!

  38. So adorable!

    I would use this chalkboard as part of a wedding display that I am creating, dedicated to my second grade students. I was disappointed when we were unable to invite them/their families to the wedding, but it was just not a possibility for us. However, last week I received the most wonderful and exciting surprise. My sweet students threw me a “bridal shower” with the help of another teacher at school. It was absolutely precious! They gifted me with wonderful writings and pictures about wedding wishes that they had for me and my soon-to-be husband. I will use these to create a display at my reception, and I could not be more thrilled that my students will be a special part of our day.

    This chalkboard would be the perfect piece to tie my teaching career, as well as my students beautiful gifts, in with the vintage-feel of our reception.

  39. I would use it for the menu board at the wedding… and I would continue to use it for the same thing in my new kitchen! I LOVE to cook. 🙂

  40. I would love to use it at my outdoor wedding, looks perfect as the sign for our lemonade stand 🙂

  41. I love these they are so adorable. I would use it to greet our guests as they step off the ferry (we are getting married on a little island).

  42. So prety! I would use it as a menu board at my reception.

  43. I absolutely love the look of chalkboards at weddings-so sweet and nostalgic!

  44. I would most definitely use it as a menu board… I can already picture the appetizer, main course, dessert and drinks written in calligraphy! And then afterwards, I’d then it up in my kitchen to use as my own personal menu board and as a way for guests & the hubby to write little notes. 🙂

  45. I would use it for our seating chart. Very pretty!

  46. Beautiful!! We could use this to help direct guests to our wedding site! After the wedding, I’d love to put one up in our office to use for organizing our schedule 🙂

  47. I would love to use one as a place for me to write my to-do list, I’m always forgetting things.

  48. These are fabulous! My favorite is the sage green frame! I would use it to display the “menu” at the whiskey-tasting station at our wedding this summer.

  49. Oh man, I’m going to need a bunch of these. I’m thinking photobooth, seating charts, signs at the dessert table, menu, to write my to do lists on, and to hang in our kitchen for grocery lists after the wedding!! Paper free, reusable, and cute as!!

  50. Love this! I would use it to give guests directions/welcome to our wedding! Post wedding I’d bring it home to hang and use with my hubby to leave sweet notes to him.

  51. These are gorgeous! I would ask guests write us messages on the white 24×30 inch frame with chalk pens. Then I’d get them to take a picture of themselves with their message using a polaroid camera, and stick the photos in an album to make our guestbook. I love the idea of seeing our guests alongside the message they’ve written, and allowing them to get creative on a chalkboard!

  52. I love love love that this company actually sells a bunch of cute vintage chalkboards. I plan on using them for the guestbench signing, the menu, perhaps seating assignments, labeling desserts. I’m so excited about chalkboards!!! I’d love to win this one!!! Thanks for posting this giveaway!

  53. oooh I love!! I would us this as a prop over and over again in my sessions LOL. beautiful give away!

  54. I love these chalkboards!I would use the rose frame chalkboard as a remembrance board at our wedding and reception as a tribute to all our loved ones who have passed. It is so pretty!

  55. The church I am getting married at is two blocks away from the reception. So, I would use the very cute chalkboard to direct the guests to the reception when they exit the church.

    Fun and Food this Way!
    ____________ /

  56. Ooh! Oh my! I have a nerdy obsession with chalkboards! I’m actually in the midst of painting my fridge completely in chalkboard paint, so I can draw and write all over it. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE this chalkboard to put our dinner menu on!!! We are having buffet and it would be the sweetest little detail.

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  57. I love the idea of using a chalkboard to say thank you to our guests, because there would be space to actually say everything!

  58. I would use this frame to write out the English lyrics to our first dance song – which will be sung in Portuguese!

  59. What a fun giveaway! We’d use one of these lovely boards to display recipes for our festive champagne bar at our holiday bash!

  60. These would be perfect for our wedding! our theme is vintage italian and we have planning on having a photobooth and these would be perfect for that!! 🙂

  61. Oh my goodness these are so cute! I am planning my sister-in-law’s wedding and a cute chalkboard would be perfect for it! I would use it at the entrance to direct the guests.
    -> Bride and groom
    <- Seating

  62. First of all, i LOVE these! I have seen them be used from signs to decorative wall hangings in friends houses. I would use it in my engagement pictures, displayed at the outside ceremony in some way, and then displayed at the reception with something else written on it…it would be the common thread. And after the big day, it would be a sweet memory hanging on my wall!

  63. I would love to use one of their chaldboards to list what’s on the menu for the reception dinner.

  64. I love these! I would want a few of them. Great for signs for specific tables: Gifts, Cake, guestbook, favors, camera.

  65. Awesome giveaway! I totally love the 13inx11in WEDDING Vintage Chalkboard White Frame Bridal/Cottage/Shabby Chic! It would be so perfect for so many things, but would love to use it either for our menu, or for listing our cocktail hour offerings (signature cocktails and food stations!).

  66. I love these and have been looking for chalkboards just like this for the wedding.

    I would use them for the seating chart and for the signature cocktails near the bar. Also the menu and photobooth…so many great places to use these beautiful chalkboards.

  67. The impermanence of a message written in chalk is parallel to our own fleeting experience of a moment. I fear that forever could never be enough time to express this overwhelming love, so I aim to overflow each day with passion and warmth. The chalkboard is the perfect place to squeeze in one more “I love you”.

  68. What a lovely shop! I could see our buffet menu written in a purdyful font on one of these boards…

  69. i love this! and have been looking for one! i think id use it at the bar, to relay the bar menu. lovely!

  70. I love the chalk boards. I would definitely use one to feature the menu. You can get so creative!

  71. How unique! I would use this outside my reception for my wedding this summer! Stunning.

  72. I would use the rose chalkboard frame to list the menu at my reception!

  73. I LOVE the chalkboard idea! I am getting married on June 19th and I need a place to display the table assignments. Perfect!!!

  74. where did you get the shoes? so so cute!

  75. oh my goodness! what I wouldn’t do with a vintage chalkboard! of course, i would use it at my wedding – more than likely to inform guests to use the vintage postcards we collected to write the groom and i a short letter…one with a funny story to make us laugh, or encouragement for harder seasons, wisdom from those already married…you get the idea!
    but then i would use it around the home too. maybe for writing little love notes to my sweet man and when we have children a ‘to-do’ list of chores or things we gotta get done! use it for birthday parties or holiday parties or…. just wear it into the ground with the love of a growing family’s never ending story.
    i love, love vintage anything. it warms my heart and feels a little closer to home. i loved RevivedVintage shop too!

    • oh. p.s. i think my favorite is the WEDDING Vintage Chalkboard White Frame Bridal/Cottage/Shabby Chic one. exactly what i have been wanting for awhile!

  76. I would definitely LOVE to have the 46inx18 LARGE Candy Apple Red Vintage Chalkboard. It would be perfect at my wedding as the seat chart and afterward on the wall of our new apartment for fun notes! So cute!

  77. I would use the chalkboard as a seating chart for my guests, or on the table at my reception with pictures of past weddings in my family tree. The chalkboards are so beautiful and versatile!

  78. These frames are so great! I think I could use a chalkboard in one of two ways. The first would be at the “tea bar” my fiance and I are having; I would put it next to the glasses we’re giving away as favors and write something about how the guests may take a glass home, but first fill up on some tea! There will be fruit and fruit flavored syrups at the bar as well, so those would be written on the chalkboard. OR. I would use it at the “memory station” we’re doing. We’re going to set up an area of pictures of our grandparents and parents weddings, so the chalkboard could be used to write the names and dates of the wedding!
    Okay, who am I kidding, I’d use this for just about anything and everything!

  79. I’m an amateur photographer so I would use it for my best friend’s wedding at the photo booth then keep it on hand to use in other photo shoots and events.
    You can’t go wrong with such versitile frames like these!

  80. AN AWESOME GIVEAWAY and I never saw it!! Hope it’s not too late! But since I”m already married, this would be in my office and would become my to do this or perhaps hang above my couch where my guests could doodle things here and there…but if were to ever plan another wedding (for someone else of course), I would use this in a photo booth. I think a photo booth is the grandest idea and I so wish my wedding had one!

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