Tad and Berkeley’s Wedding

Today’s wedding is jaw-dropping beautiful, and full of unique details! We especially love the moody color scheme, glamorous table settings, and super fun venue.

From the bride: “Our wedding was SUCH an awesome and special experience for us, and Jesse and Whitney captured so many wonderful moments that we will use to relive the day for years to come. We are so grateful to them and are excited to hopefully have a little part in inspiring others on their wedding day.”

Favorite Wedding Details

“All of them! We made some unconventional choices for our wedding, and we’re so glad we did. Don’t be afraid to make your wedding your own and really strive to make it represent your individual relationship.  If you think your guests may not “get” certain details, don’t worry about that. Those are the details that create stories and memories, and your wedding can never be “too you” so embrace your uniqueness and you will inspire others.”

Wedding Inspiration


“We wanted our day to be whimsical yet intimate, colorful yet romantic, soulful yet extravagant with a touch of vintage glamour. We wanted to capture the magical realism vibe that Austin has and make the whole event fun for everyone. We wanted to create intimate and unique memories with the people we love, our closest friends and family.”

Advice for Future Brides

“Enjoy every single moment, and try to relax.  Also, talk to each other beforehand and share your vision of the day and what are the 2 or 3 most important things/moments you anticipate. The day goes by in a whirlwind and if you both know what the other’s vision is for the day it keeps you on the same page, and you can help create the perfect experience for each other.  The key to the best wedding is in those intimate moments, even if they may be brief on such an exciting day!”

Favorite Wedding Moment

“There were so many , but one of my favorites was cutting the cake.  One of the best things about mine and Tad’s relationship is our mutual love for making each other laugh. I hadn’t really thought much about cutting the cake before we started, but as we were about to feed each other we made eye contact and thought the same thing- who’s getting who first! The rest was a sugary (and maybe slightly inappropriate) mess, but my cheeks still hurt from laughing when I think about it!”

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  1. I’m just crazy about that dress–and the tables are stunning!

  2. I love it! They look like a really fun couple!

  3. Amazing wedding; and what a good looking couple!!

    Joe C.

    • – Hey Cait! Thanks for adding your coemmnt. All I gotta say is that we only wish all of our 2011 weddings were as crazy but maybe not so loud. Hope you are doing well!Marcin

    • The pictures are bietuaful. Heid did an amazing job.Your wedding was a wonderful experience for us. So much love.May you have a long, healthy and wonderful life together.Marvin and Sandra Temes.

  4. This is the reason that Love and Lavender is one of my favorite blogs!!! Love the color so much:)

  5. I have to say this is one of my all time favorite weddings. It is eclectic meets magic. The color combination is perfection, using tints and shades. The bride & grooms style is truly reflected in a sophisticated depiction of a mad hatter tea party.

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