Jecca and Colton’s Wedding

Jecca and Colton’s wedding was full of special handmade details–and above all, it looks super fun! I mean, who wouldn’t want to go to a wedding where there is a pool party afterward, right?? Thanks to Brett & Jessica (one of our awesome vendors!) for sharing this wedding with us.

From the bride: “Our goals for the day were: honor God in our ceremony, make our wedding a celebration everyone could be a part of, and have a good time. We did a lot of things differently in our ceremony, including having friends and mentors read scripture and having all of our wedding guests sing a hymn with us.

“We wanted our day to include as many of the meaningful people in our lives as possible, so we contracted vendors that were our friends (who would be at the wedding anyway), and everyone had a part to play. We wanted our wedding to be a celebration that everyone had a special part in – the officiant, the food, and the location.

“The most beautiful thing about our wedding was the time and care that our friends gave in helping us get ready for such a special day. It was humbling and we’ll never forget it.

“We also wanted to make sure that our wedding wasn’t stuffy. We didn’t want people to dress up or be bored. So we made sure there were a lot of things to do, including the pool party! We made sure to let folks know ahead of time that we didn’t have expectations for dress or formalities. It meant we could spend quality time with people we loved and enjoy ourselves at our wedding!”

“It was important for us to use as many of our friends as possible in this process. They’re extremely talented individuals who have a knack for their particular piece of our wedding. They do some side gigs and are very reasonable. Although they aren’t ‘professionals’, if someone wants a wedding like ours, they would be perfect. We sewed our invitations and many of our decorations. Our wedding was also unique in that I am Gluten Free and some of the folks in our wedding party have multiple food allergies. If you ever need more info on bakeries or folks in the area who accommodate special dietary needs, I’d be happy to share the info. We researched a bunch!”

Advice for Future Brides

“Don’t plan a wedding you can’t enjoy. No one says there are rules you have to follow. The only perfect wedding is yours. We didn’t throw the bouquet because we thought it was silly, and we threw a pool party. It might not have followed the formalities of weddings, but it was ours and we will remember it forever. Best of luck!”

Favorite Memories of the Day

Jessica: “Dancing in the pool with my husband” 🙂

Colt: “Getting to keep Jessica forever. Also, a guy forgot his swim shorts, so he cut off his trousers so he could swim in the pool. Pretty cool.”

Vendor List

Venue: Farm of Shale Martin (private residence, available for special events). We also had our rehearsal and rehearsal dinner on site.

Photographers: Brett & Jessica

Coordinator: Robyn van den Berg

Catering: We handled our own alcohol and food. We had Mac and Cheese and Coleslaw from The Busy Bee Cafe. My dad made our Western Carolina BBQ and the other sides (mainly because we all love his BBQ and it gave him something to do!).

Music: DJ Lil’ D (Donald Leach). We paid one of our friends who leads worship at our church to bring his guitar for the ceremony (instrumental). He learned to play one of our favorite songs specifically for our wedding. He also led the hymn we wanted. His name is Andrew Darragh, a.r.darragh {at}

Cake: She makes both Gluten Free and regular cakes and desserts, and she will set up a tasting beforehand. Dee Dee Stevens, thebeebabe {at}

Decorations: Ashley DePompa, ashley.massey7 {at}

Dessert Table: Sarah Anne Watkins, sarahannewatkins {at}

Flowers: Courtney Van Kleeck, courtney.vankleeck {at}

Hair and Makeup: Up-do by Jennifer at Alter Ego Salon, makeup was done by a consultant at Sephora named Lavolia

Wedding Dress and bridesmaid dresses: J.Crew

Groom’s Attire: J.Crew & Brooks Brothers

Ties and groomsmen’s Attire: Belk

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