Romantic Texas Wedding at Reflections on Spring Creek

We featured Delila and Jason’s cutie pie engagement session a couple months ago, so we are extra excited to feature their beautiful and romantic Texas wedding! Full of vintage details and with photography by Clayton Austin. What can we say? This is a wedding made in Pinterest heaven! (We mean that as the highest compliment).


Delila made her shoes by gluing lace onto a pair of worn heels using fabric glue. They turned out so beautiful!


From Delila: “Originally, I really wanted an outdoor wedding, but with a wedding in January and unpredictable weather, that proved impossible. So instead, I took a lot of the elements that I liked about the outdoors and brought them inside. A lot of the decor had a woodsy, rustic feel to it. I also wanted everything to feel very elegant, romantic, and vintage-inspired. To tie these two styles together I chose a color palatte of soft pinks, silver, dark browns, and a range of blues, greens, and teals, inspired by the tropical waters of Costa Rica – where my dad grew up. I think it is one of the prettiest places I’ve ever seen.”


Favorite Wedding Memory

“My favorite memory from our wedding is easy! But first, I need to give some context. The day before our wedding was a perfect, clear day. However, on the day of the wedding it was pouring! On top of that, so many little things kept going wrong. From my makeup getting locked in the car for an hour and a half, to being stuck inside a broken down car in the middle of the freeway! Despite all of that, the minute I saw Jason for the first time, all the stress and anxiety just melted away. I was so excited to finally be able to marry my best friend. It was the greatest feeling ever!”




Bridal Fashion

“One of my favorite details of the wedding was my wedding dress, which I made entirely by hand. It really made the whole wedding very personal. It was really important to me that everything about  my wedding day – from building the pattern, down to the finishing details – was a reflection of myself and how I felt about this relationship. It was definitely an ambitious project, but I’ve grown up watching my mom sew and make dresses. I’ve always been a designer at heart, so it was also a lot of fun.”


“The pearl ring was the ring he proposed to me with. During the ceremony he gave me another ring, a diamond ring this time, that he had his friend make for us. I didn’t know it until later, but our rings didn’t come in until the morning of our wedding! My necklace was a locket that I’ve had since I was really young, and my bracelet was the first piece of jewelry that Jason ever bought for me.”


“The centerpieces were made of old books that I had collected, as well as vases and candle holders that I had collected and then spray painted silver. Our florist (who was an absolute dream to work with) then filled them with flowers and candles.”


Favorite DIY or Details

“My favorite detail was the cake and the cake stand! The cakes and cupcakes were baked by my mom, and beautifully decorated by both my mom and my sister-in-law. They were covered in gorgeous lace details and pearls, and were easily the best cakes I’ve ever tasted! The cake stand was put together by my dad. The base was a tree stump that split into two large branches, each holding a wood slice to hold a cake. In addition, we had branches attached around the back and sides of the stand, so that the whole thing looked like a tree. To top it off, we had mini cupcakes hanging from the branches with lace ribbon and string. It was gorgeous! And so meaningful because my family played such a huge part of it.”


Advice for Future Brides

“My advice to future brides is to make your wedding personal! Don’t settle for a cookie cutter wedding, but take the extra time and effort to make it what it’s supposed to be – a celebration of you both and your relationship, what’s important to you, what brought you together, and your new life together. Also, I think it’s important to realize that something will probably go wrong, but that’s ok. In our case a lot of things went wrong, but in the end they just made the day that much more memorable. Happy planning!”

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