S’more Love Engagement Shoot

It seems to be a camp fire and s’more kind of week here on L&L.  I must be getting excited for summer or it was the sweet dog, Mogley, that won me over.  Either way this couple is freaking adorable!  I absolutely adore her style and I agree with the photographer that these two should be models. It’s so very sweet to see the playful chemistry flowing between these two in the excited of their engagement.    This shoot was captured by Inkspot Photography  and here is what they had to say;

S’more Love Shoot~Remarks from Photographer

I immediately fell in love with the these two at their consultation as we talked wedding details over coffee. Since their engagement session, I’m pretty set on the fact that they should become models. They are adorable together!  We wanted to do something unique for them at their engagement shoot, so our stylist Mariko Giverink and I connected with Meghan to brainstorm ideas. Meghan & Alex used to have bonfires in their backyard and love s’mores, so it seemed like the perfect fit for this November shoot! When we found out Alex had a truck we also decided to do a little tailgating! AND what would their engagement shoot be without their big cuddly pooch Mogley? We headed to Del Valle Regional Park in the scenic hills of Livermore, CA close to home with scenic views everywhere we turned for this lovely session.

Couple embracing near fenceCouple holding a rustic save the date sign Couple embracing and showing off the engagement ringGirl crouching on truck bed and guy sitting on truck bed Couple with their dog lab under a treeCouple embracing Guy lifting girl over this shoulders.  Couple posing Guy giving girl a piggy back and standing in middle of the roadStack of wood with hot chocolate and vase of flowers with truck behindCouple sitting in the back of a truck with their dog roasting marshmellows Couple roasting marshmellows in the back of truck Engagment ring held up by woof couple kissing in the back of a truck with a bbq and their dog

The Proposal

A couple of weeks after we started dating, Alex took me on a vacation to Tahoe. We spent most of the weekend snowboarding, but on one of our last days there, we decided to take a hike up to Fallen Leaf Lake. Towards the end of the freezing, but beautiful hike, we found a trail lined with birch trees that hundreds of couples had written their names on, so we decided to join in the on the fun. Alex carved “Alex Meg 2010” onto one of the trees.

Fast-forward 2 years to 2012. We decided to take another vacation up to Tahoe the day after Alex returned from a work trip. We planned on going on the Fallen Leaf Lake hike again, to find the tree we had carved our names into 2 years ago, but it ended up raining the first day of our trip. It didn’t faze me at all, but little did I know that Alex was dying inside because he felt like the ring was “burning a hole” in his pocket! Luckily, the rain stopped on the next day and we were able to go on the hike. It took us awhile to find the tree because unlike the first time we went on this hike, there was no snow on the ground, so everything looked different. As soon as we found the tree, I was SO excited that I didn’t even catch on to the fact that Alex was a nervous wreck. I was in la-la land, looking at our tree and all of the others around it. Then I heard Alex say, “I have something really important that I want to ask you.” Those words made me freeze in my tracks and all of a sudden I knew what was happening. I wish that I could remember his exact words, but I somewhat lost them in the excitement of the moment. I can remember though, him telling me how much he loved me and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. Then he got down on one knee (in the middle of a puddle!) and asked me if I would marry him and of course I said yes! Our hike ended with a new addition to our tree, “She said yes! 2012” carved underneath our names from 2010.


Photography: Inkspot Photography 
Stylist: Mariko Giverink
Burlap Banner: Bee Curious Designs 

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