Dapper Day Inspired Engagement Shoot

An adorable dapper day inspired engagement shoot styled by Avenue Six Events.  This playful shoot is reminiscent of the fashion and essence of Disneyland’s Dapper Day. I am a fan of Disneyland, but I hadn’t heard of this before. Two days out of the year, they invite guests to enjoy their favorite rides while wearing their Sunday best. Sophisticated fashions are encouraged – from contemporary chic to vintage inspired.

To complete the dapper look the engagement shoot used a bright summer color palette, vintage props, and a whole lot of yummy looking treats.  An amazing 1964 Mustang convertible finished the authentic look!  This shoot truly brings out the couples quirky and fun loving personalities.

0151SIMG7487Studio Carre Photographie

The Proposal

Lauren and Chris are childhood sweethearts who have been together and in love for 10 years. They are inseparable best friends, who enjoy hanging at home with their dog, watching movies, and relaxing. One Saturday afternoon, Chris came home after “working” a long day. Unbeknownst to Lauren, he had actually spent the day ring shopping. Chris told Lauren that he injured his leg and wanted her to see it. As she started to walk towards him, he knelt down on one knee and proposed! 

0001SIMG6861Studio Carre Photographie0003SIMG6865Studio Carre Photographie Super Jumbo Cotton Candywedding dessert table with popcorn and white powder mini donuts 0007SIMG6877Studio Carre Photographie 3-tier white powder mini donuts on wedding dessert tablemini cupcaes with purple twirl straws0009SIMG6880Studio Carre PhotographieDapper Day Inspired engagement shoot table bouquetdessert chest with popcorn in drawers 0017SIMG6896Studio Carre Photographie mini donuts with sprinkles on topengagement shoot - giant wooden "L" with vintage keys 0027SIMG6925Studio Carre Photographie
dapper day bride and groom embrace behind dessert table0037SIMG6961Studio Carre Photographie
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Design & Coordination: Avenue Six Events
Photography: Studio Carre Photographie
Cake Pops: Cutie Pops Cakery
Vintage Rentals: Lauren Sharon Vintage
Floral Design: Organic Flora 

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  1. Lovely details and those treats do look super delish. I actually saw a cake plate with the threaded ribbon at HomeGoods last weekend and was so tempted to buy it, but managed to walk away instead. Now I feel like a trip to HomeGoods is necessary for tomorrow.

    • It is so funny you bring that up. I was at a nursery this past week and they were selling a cake plate like that, but the rim had chalkboard paint around it instead of the ribbon. I flipped over it and it has been on my mind ever since. I guess I know what we will both be doing today!! *Shopping*

  2. Oh my how completely romantic and BEAUTIFUL! What a gorgeous setting for a wedding…just breathtaking! I love love love it all. Congratulations you two!

  3. So glad to see our shoot featured! This was such a fun couple, and such a cute idea!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. What a lovely photo shoot! The couple is absolutely adorable. Vibrant colors and amazing eye for details make me want to get married all over again. Everything is just spectacular. The entire shoot looks super fun and the desserts, YUM!

  5. Flavia-Tuesday, July 22,2014

    This is so lovely. You both look adorable. The details are so fabulous and what a lovely setting. It looked like so much fun.

  6. Most beautiful couple.

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