Simple Tips for Mismatched Bridesmaids Dresses

My goal in today’s post is to provide a few simple tips for brides who are deciding whether or not to have mismatched bridesmaids dresses. I decided to have only a Maid of Honor at my wedding! And let me tell you, it has made my life a whole lot easier – I don’t have to deal with different body types, heights, budgets, endless selection of dresses and female opinions.

The mismatched bridesmaids dress look has been a big trend over the last few years and can look amazing if done right. Whether you choose different dresses in the same color, different dresses in the same shade, or the same dress in different shades, one key to success is to make your girls look cohesive.  Use accessories, shoes, bouquets and hair styles to your advantage and tie everything together to create that perfect mismatched look, even when no one is wearing the same dress.

Same Color, Different Dress

The almighty convertible dress is a perfect solution for any picky party. These dresses are gorgeous and can be styled in many different ways. Even though the bridesmaids are in the same color and style of dress, they can add their own spin to the upper half and make the dress unique to their taste.  Give your bridesmaids a little leeway and freedom to wear what they want to wear.

bridesmaids dresses same color different dresss in grey purple
bridesmaids dresses same color different dresss in blue

If you can’t find a convertible dress, but you still want each girl to feel comfortable and have their own unique flare in the same color, then find a store that offers multiple dress styles and color options.  The ultimate bridesmaid dress stores that offers just that, are both Dessy and David’s Bridal.

mismatched bridesmaids dresses different dress same colorbridesmaids dresses same color different dresss in taupe jpg
Black and taupe formal mismatched bridesmaids dressesBlack and taupe formal mismatched bridesmaids dresses12

Same Dress, Different Colors

This tip works better with a larger number of bridesmaids.  If you have only a couple bridesmaids they may just get lost in the crowd of guests. People might actually think to themselves, “how unfortunate that those two girls wore the same dress in different colors to your wedding.!” They will figure it out once you are up on stage, but best to keep this look for bridal parties with three or more bridesmaids.  This is a fairly easy option if you have already picked the dress for them, or if you have come to an agreement and let bridesmaids choose the color that they think would look best with their skin tone. Look at both Dessy and Weddington Way.

bridesmaids wearing same dress in different colors patel pink yellow and bluebridesmaids wearing same dress in different colors patel pink yellow and blue with same bouquet
bridesmaids wearing same dress in different colors red yellow blue pink
bridesmaids wearing same dress in different color

Different Dress, Same Shades

As you can see from these photos, a different dress with the same shade can look smashing.  Tip: get a paint swatch from your local hardware store so that your bridesmaids have a little guidance on the shade of their dress. They can then take the swatch to the dress store and quickly narrow down their option. Neutrals or pinks dresses look fabulous and are much easier to tie together.  Whereas green/blue colors will suite every skin tone. Also, if you are particular on the length of dress, make sure to specify with your bridesmaids items such as: just above the knee, mini, to the floor, or below the knee.  Dresses that are all the same length will complete your bridal fashion look. Get them to check out BHLDN for some beautiful gowns that have similar shades.

Peacock colored purple blue teal mismatched bridesmaids dresses
mismatched bridesmaids dresses same color different dressgreen and teal mismatched bridesmaids dresses
Pink mismatched short bridesmaids dresses
mismatched pink bridesmaids dresses during ceremony
mismatche bridesmaids dresses pink with different shoespink gold and nude sparkly mismatched formal bridesmaids dresses1
Pink and taupe mismatched brides maids dresses
pink mismatched bridesmaids dresses with different necklines
Pink and purple mismatched bridemaids dresses
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Free Style

One size doesn’t fit all and sometimes budget doesn’t either. Most bridesmaids dresses range from $100-$300.  If you decide to let your bridesmaids choose a dress, at least give them some guidelines so that there will be some cohesiveness.  Your bridesmaids may not know your vision, so tell them what to choose in terms of color, texture, material, length, or style. Once everyone is on the same page, let the dress shopping begin! A great place to start is Nordstrom.

As above, go to a local hardware store and find a paint swatch in your color. Provide each bridesmaid with a swatch to give them a better idea for narrow down options. Try to keep the dress lengths the same.

mismatched bridesmaids dresses different color same material blue and taupe

The wedding party below looks like they were given a color range between grey/blue, peach and pink, with instructions of an empire waist and belt.  The bridesmaids completed the look by wearing their hair down, same bouquets, and most importantly mandatory cowboy boots!  See, it can work!

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mismatched bridesmaids dresses in blue and pink and peach
mismatched bridesmaids dresses yellow pink orange and blue
mismatched bridesmaids dresses in blue and pink yellow orange
mismatched bridesmaids dresses that dont match at allMismatched bridesmaids dresses with different accessories
mismatched bridesmaids dresses in taupe

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The whole matchy-matchy bridesmaids dress look actually goes back to ancient Roman times (your history lesson for the day!).  A wedding back in ancient Rome required 10 witnesses to dress like the bride and groom to ward off evil spirits.  When Queen Victoria stepped up to say “I do” back in the 19th century all her bridesmaids wore white dresses similar to her. Those traditions came over to North America and to this day we follow the matchy-matchy look. except we have now changed up the color. Let us embrace this change even further and let bridesmaids wear whatever they want! I hope these tips inspire you to give your girls the freedom to choose the dress that suits them best.

Have a great day!


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  1. The Dress Matters

    I love the mismatched look!

  2. Hi, I’m getting married next August. We’re going for a really bohemian look:) really chilled out, BBQ, live band etc. My bridesmaids will all be in royal blue and miss match style to really get that bohemian look. The 2 younger bridesmaids will have daisy chain head wear, il have a headwear to. My other 3 bridemaids won’t have headwear, but they all will be accessories to really make it work. Ls one of their dresses howeve are not quite the same blue, slightly off. Do you think I should get them the exact same blue? And comments would be much appreciated as I’m not getting any help I’m doing it all myself:)

    • First off congrats Eleesha! All very exciting. So they are all in the same color blue except one of the girls who is in offish color blue -correct? Is she the MOH by any chance? You can make it work especially if you accessorize them all the same (ie. shoes, necklace, bracelet) Also, because you are going for the bohemian casual backyard style wedding, it can work as well because it is less formal type affair. Please feel free to send us photos. – ( We can then see what they look like and give you better feedback.

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