Why Buy Insurance for Your Wedding


Why Buy Insurance for Your Wedding

Most people live their life thinking that bad things will “never happen to me.”

Did you hear the wedding horror story about a wedding venue that declared bankruptcy a week before one couple’s big day? Or have you known a bride or groom that became ill a few days before their event and had to postpone the wedding?

Like I said above, most people just think bad things only happen in a movie and that nothing will go wrong on their wedding day!

Getting married is one of the most stressful experiences you will ever go through with your partner, and you are not invincible. I can think of only two other life events that would be as stressful: child birth or building a house together. Markel Image 7

The realty is that unforeseen negative outcomes can happen. A vendor can back out last minute, there could be extreme weather for your outdoor wedding, theft, venue related issues, or any number of other occurrences.

I recently lived through the consequences of too much stress leading up to my own wedding day. This time last month I took on more than I could chew and came down with anug. Look it up in a medical website – besides a big zit showing up on your nose the morning of the wedding it is a brides worst nightmare. I was told by my dentist that it was a text book case of stress and it was out of my control.

My wedding was on a Friday afternoon. On Monday night I started with a fever and chills and by Tuesday I went to see both my doctor and dentist to receive medication to help with the infection. Thankfully by Friday the medication had kicked in and I was feeling much better, but it definitely crossed my mind when I was getting all dolled up, “What would we have done if I had been feeling like I was on Tuesday?”

I told my maid of honor that this must be why couples take out insurance – for those ‘it will never happen to me’ moments.

Markel Image 8I know first hand that it can happen. Looking back on my own wedding day, I most definitely would have spent that extra money on wedding insurance.
Many wedding venues require that you buy event liability insurance coverage to help protect against property damage. My husband and I had to get event liability insurancefor our venue, but otherwise I did not
take into consideration other things that could go wrong and why it is important to get cancellation coverage.

Markel Insurance offers two types of coverage: Wedding Cancellation Insurance and Event Liability Insurance. With cancellation coverage, you are covered for lost deposits if you must cancel or postpone your wedding due to uncontrollable circumstances (extreme weather, vendor bankruptcy or military deployment.) It also provides coverage for lost or stolen jewelry and gifts, event photography that you did not receive, damaged wedding attire, and additional expenses you may incur to avoid cancellation.

Cancellation policies start as low as $130, and event liability coverage is as little as $75. If you purchase both you can save up to 15%.

With thousands of dollars invested in one day, the extra money spend on insurance is worth every penny!

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