DIY Baby’s Breath Floral Crown Tutorial

A few weeks back we received a treat that I couldn’t wait to show you.  It is a DIY baby’s breath floral crown tutorial featuring a model in a beautiful blue depths BCBG dress.  A DIY floral crown is perfect for any member of your bridal party, especially a flower girl.  It is so easy to do yourself, lets see the steps to make it.

DIY Baby's Breath Floral Crown Tutorial

Remarks from the photographer: “With the popular trend of colored wedding gowns this season, I wonder: What if a bride made her gown something blue?

“I set out with my friend/model, Kerry, to create a bright, bold and colorful bridal styled shoot with the color blue as our inspiration.

“This shoot happened to involve a DIY-marathon. Kerry and I made the bouquet and floral crown from flowers hand picked from the grocery store. We chose Avila Beach as our setting. With an expansive pier, romantic beach, and colorful beach-town storefronts I think it provided the perfect backdrop. My favorite moments were captured while we explored beneath the pier. A former dancer and figure skater, Kerry provided an energy and radiance that perfectly complemented the light of the setting sun.”

Women wearing a bun in her hair with a baby's breath floral crown Blond women wearing a BCBG blue halter dress and floral crown
Floral Crown Instructions


Baby's Breath and supplies to make a DIY floral crown

Step 1

Cut a piece of floral wire (approx. 12 inches) and twist loops at each end.

Floral wire

Step 2

Cut two pieces of ribbon (approx. 18 inches each) and the tie end of one piece through wire loop. Repeat on opposite side of wire with the other piece of ribbon.

Floral wire wrapped around yellow ribbon

Step 3

Use either floral tape or wire to wrap the stem of a small bunch of baby’s breath to the wire.

Step three: wrap floral wire around a small bunch of baby’s breath FLORAL_CROWN_DIY_005

Step 4

Overlap additional bunches of baby’s breath to cover stems. Wrap and repeat until entire wire is covered.

You’re Done!
DIY Floral crown using baby's breath with yellow ribbon tie

Blue_Wedding_Dress_Bride_022girl standing on dock of Avila Beach wearing a floral crown Blue_Wedding_Dress_Bride_026
girl wearing blue halter bcbg gown and wearing a baby's breath floral crown Girl walking along Avila Beach in a blue halter dress with bare feet
Avila Beach at sun set


Photographer: Moriah Riona
Floral Design: DIY
Dress: BCBG 

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