Engagement Session for High School Sweethearts

Are you and your partner high school sweethearts? If so, you will love today’s cute engagement session! These picture will take you down memory lane – lockers, football fields, school books, and silly high school crushes.

For these two love birds, it turns out the high school crush was the real thing that ended with an engagement ring.

Remarks from photographer: “Justin and Ashley are a love story that has been in the works for the past 15 years. It goes way back to Mazama High, when these two were school mates, but nothing more. The first time we met with them, the first thing Ashley said was, ‘I have had a crush on this boy for 15 years!’ Turns out that she wasn’t the only one of them who had a crush. Justin felt the same way, but being the high school running back, moving in different circles, Mr. Cool never got the chance to tell Ashely how he felt.

“High school came and went, and they continued on their different paths for nearly 10 years until they found each other again, and all of those feelings came rushing back.  As they got closer and closer, Ashley opened up about her high school feelings (including showing Justin her original notebook with Mrs. Justin Couey written all over it) and to her surprise, he told her that he felt the same way, and just never found the right time to tell her. So now here we are, running around their old high school where it all began, shooting their engagement photos, and loving every minute of it.

“These two are too much fun, and so giddy to be around each other.  Makes us so excited to shoot their summer wedding, because who wouldn’t want to be a part of this much happiness? Below is his actual jersey he played with in high school. ”

Couple standing at coffee counter of Gathering Grounds Cafe in Oregon Couple kissing at coffee counter of Gathering Grounds Cafe in Oregon Barista making coffee at Gathering Grounds Cafe in Oregon Barista pouring latte at Gathering Grounds Cafe Couple taking selfie during engagement session at Gathering Grounds CafeCouple kissing during engagement session at Gathering Grounds Cafe Bride to be with white nails and "I-do" painted on her nail Photo of Mazama High School - Klamath Falls, OR Couple standing in the hall ways of Mazama High School for engagement session Couple walking down their high school hall way carrying books and a football Couple leaning up again lockers for engagement session Engagement session in a high school Engagement session at high school in Oregon Couple sitting on the floor of their old high school head to head


From the bride-to-be: “He had planned a night out with me, and as we arrived to the hotel room there were candles and rose pedals everywhere. Rose pedals on the bed said, ‘I love you’ and ‘Will you marry me?’ He played Love of My Life by Sammy Kershaw, got on one knee, and said, ‘I have a question to ask you…’

Guy carrying his fiancee across football field for engagement session Couple rolling on football field for engagement session Couple standing on football field while girl throws football in the air Couple sitting talking in the stands of high school foot ball field for engagement session Couple walking hand in hand along bleachers Coupe sitting together on bleachers for engagement session Girl writing in her note book for engagement session 0113 (1 of 1) Couple dancing in the forest in Oregon for engagement session black and white photo of engaged Couple embracing in forest
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Vendor List

Photographers: Chutikorn Photography
Coffee Shop: Gathering Grounds Cafe
School: Mazama High School – Klamath Falls, OR

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  1. This made me cry so hard. I am the mother of Justin Couey, my name is Page Mozingo. Justin and Ashley had a bond since basically birth, but really their first date was at Justin’s first birthday party. I was friends with Ashley mom Kami, and her mom Barb I called her auntie Barb cause my mom was friends and worked together. These two gifts of grace from god were chosen from god himself and with God all things are possible. I am very proud of my son spite all chaos and stumbles they made it back were they left off.

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