Wedding Morning Gifts for the Bride

Every bride deserves a few extra lovely gifts to make her feel special! In no particular order (cause I love them all), below are my 56 must-have wedding morning gifts for the bride.

I love seeing pictures of wedding parties that have gone above and beyond their wedding planning duties to make all the events leading up to the big day a little extra special for the bride.  Whether it’s a themed tea party bridal shower, matching outfits for the bachelorette party, or matching robes to wear the morning of the big day, it is wonderful to see such coordination and inspiration.

Jewelry Gifts for the Bride

1. Freshwater Cultured Pearl Bracelet

by Blue Nile

Give her a staple piece of jewelry that every women should have in their jewelry box – a pearl bracelet.

Tennis bracelets are gorgeous, but they do come with a heftier price tag.  Look at gifting her a pretty pearl bracelet that she can wear while walking down the aisle.

2. Pearl Earrings

If she hasn’t found the perfect set of earring for the big day (or even if she has), every lady looks beautiful in a set of pearl earrings.  (Freshwater Cultured Pearl and White Topaz Drop Earrings)

3. Pearl Necklace

from Blue Nile

Jackie Kennedy once said, “pearls are always appropriate.”

We think so too, especially for an occasion like a wedding.

Pandora Charm bracelet

5. Charm Bracelet  

by Pandora

Charm bracelets and Pandora are synonymous in my mind. If the bride to be doesn’t already have one, gift her a charm bracelet and add the first charm to it. We love this gift because it allows you to keep adding onto it for future occasions.

6. Collectable Charms 

by Pandora

If the bride to be already has a charm bracelet, present her with a fitting wedding charm to recognize the momentus day.

Pandora Charm bracelet
Anne Klein wrist watch

7. Wrist Watch

by Anne Klein

A wrist watch is a way to declare that you are together for every second of the day — a romantic gesture and one that she can treasure long after the wedding.

8. Jewlery Travel Case


With all the jewellery that she has accumulated, it might be handy to have a jewellery travel case to keep her pieces safe.

WOLF 329915 Caroline Zip Travel Case, Rose Quartz
Kate Spade New York Vienna Lane Ring Holder, Turquoise

9. Ring Holder

by Kate Spade

A pretty piece to keep close by on her bed stand, for safekeeping of her most valuable possessions.  

Wedding Day Accessory Gifts

1. Monogrammed Wedding Day Shirt 

by Pretty Personal Gifts

Key tip: Everyone who is getting their hair and makeup done on the morning of the  wedding should wear a button up shirt!

Trying to take off a t-shirt with freshly curled locks as well as red lips is a recipe for trouble. Outfit your bride in her very own monogrammed wedding day shirt.

2. Silk Robe

by Lauren Lash Designs

Want to feel like a million bucks on the day of your wedding?

Slipping into a silk robe will do just that. If she doesn’t already have one in her chest of drawers, a silk robe is the perfect gift. As a side note, a silkf robe is also a great present for the girls.

Bonus: Be sure to capture a cute getting ready photo.

3. Wedding I-DO Stickers

by Your Happily Ever After

Does she have something blue yet?

We all know capturing a brand new pair of bridal shoes is one of many photo-ops for the the big day. Stick “I-Do” stickers to the soles and now she really has a reason to show off her new shoes.

4. Bridal Handkerchief

by Embroidery by Linda

I don’t know about you, but crying bucket loads on my wedding day was to be expected.  And I did!

With a ball of tissues in hand, it turned out I was pretty good at fighting through the tears. For those bride’s who need an extra tissue to wipe away happy tears, this is a good gift.

5. Bridal Hanger

by lilafrances

Yes, a bridal hanger to hang a wedding gown is a great keepsake.

There’s just something about wire writing and a beautiful gown together that really speaks to me!

6. Personalized Dress Sketch

by KJaneStudio

One of our readers (we’ll call her Sarah) told us about this one, and we love it!

Sarah’s hubby-to-be presented a personalized sketch of her dress and his suit. Sarah’s MOH and fiance forwarded a few photos to Lara Harris Weddings, whose artists created a sketch, which was then framed.

Sarah said it was the perfect gift to open on the morning of her wedding, and the couple even displayed it on an easel for the reception. Such a thoughtful idea!

7. Personalized Ring Box

find on Etsy

If the bride is only going to use a generic mass produced black velvet ring box (as most do), it might be a nice idea to upgrade the boxand give her a beautiful luxury ring box to match the wedding theme.

8. Custom Bridal Clutch


A clutch on the day of the wedding is awfully handy to hold little items like personalized handkerchief, powder, lipstick, and any other must-have items.

We absolutely love that this Etsy designer offers personalised photo lining inside the clutch — perfect for engagement photos.

wine wipe compact

9. Wine Wipes

by Wine Wipes

For the gal who loves red wine, these wipes make sure those pearly whites stay white! A little gift that will go a long way, especially on a day she’ll be photographed left, right and center.

10. Bridal Shawl/Wrap

by Elegant Knitting

It’s all about the dress isn’t it?

Sure, but sometimes brides overlook the fact that summer evenings can cool down too.  Gift a beautiful shawl or wrap to complete her gown and she’ll have warm cozy shoulders to go along with her warm cozy feelings.

11. Umbrella

by Totes

Even the most prepared bride is bound to overlook something.

One of those items could be an umbrella for a raining day.  If there is the slightest chance that it could rain on her wedding day, make sure to prepare by gifting one of these very wedding worthy umbrellas. They make great photo op props too!

12. Personalized Phone Case

by CaseGenie

Is she always in front of her phone and capturing another selfie?

A personalized phone case with her new monogram on it will make a cute (not to mention useful) prezzie.

13. Wedding Day Emergency Kit

by Pinch Provisions

If no one thought of giving this gift to teh bride at her shower, and the MOH hasn’t organised one, best fire the maid of honor.

Kidding! But not really …

Snags are bound to happen, especially when unprepared.  This bridal emergency kit is super handy should there be any mishaps.

Perfume Gifts for the Bride


by Jo Malone

Jo Malone is one of the best fragrance brands to consider when trying to find the perfect wedding perfume. With an array of unique scents, pretty much any of their perfumes would be lovely for a special occasion.

We love the brand’s Peony & Blush Suede for woman line. It isn’t overwhelming, just a soft lovely fresh flower smell. Reminds me of a lovely peony garden — a light lively garden scent that won’t overpower at all.

2. Chloé Eau de Parfum

by Chloé

Not only is the bottled named appropriately for the wedding day — Love Story — this perfume captures bursts of jasmine and orange blossom notes that make for a beautiful fresh, feminine, and uplifting bridal fragrance.

Inspired by the romantic Parisian practice of attaching a love padlock on the Pont des Arts, the padlock design symbolises romance and love. A feminine touch of a hand knotted ribbon complimenting the beautifully pleated glass, makes this perfume bottle photograph worthy amidst all the wedding day morning excitement.

chloe perfume bottle with flats

3. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

by Chanel

An iconic oriental fragrance that is romantic in the most confident of ways. Featuring sparks of vibrant orange, jasmine, rose and patchouli, Coco Mademoiselle is effortlessly wearable from the first spray, right up to that moment when you have your first dance!

4. Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet Eau de Toilette

by Dior

Many brides absolutely love the scent of this fragrance!  It has a flowery scent that is light and does not linger. Elegant and sophisticated, just like her special day.

Calming Gifts for the Bride

doTERRA lavender essential oil 15ml

1. Lavender Essential Oil

by doTERRA

The bride’s nerves may be a little jittery on her wedding morning. Calm her mind and body with soothing aromatherapy oil — Lavender scented of course!

2. Essential Oil Diffuser

by VicTsing

Building on the gift above is this aesthetical pleasing aroma essential oil diffuser for the office, home or bedroom. Love the design and the wood grain pattern, although you can also get this product in other wood grains like cherrywood red or redwood brown.

Essential oil room diffuser in wood grain

3. Candle

Apparently, Kate Middleton burned Jo Malone Orange Blossom candles in Westminster Abbey during her wedding to Prince William back in April 2011.

Beautiful candles good enough for royalty, they’ll certainly make a lovely gift for your bride-to-be.

Ever since word got out that the royals used these candles, numerous brides the world over have been using them to create a similar luxurious and opulent royal atmosphere.

4. Amethyst

by JIC Gem

Does your bride dig crystals (figuratively speaking)?

An Amethyst may be a nice gift for her. Known as the all purpose stone, amethyst provide clarity when there is confusion in the mind, and also helps relieve anxiety and stress. That pretty much sums up the morning of the wedding in a nutshell!

JIC Gem Natural Class 1 Polished Deeep Purple Uruguay Amethyst Crystal Cluster Home Decor : 2-3 Lb
BESTOPE Makeup Vanity Mirror

5. Mirror

by Bestope

The wedding day: lights, camera, action!

If the bride is getting ready at home, and doesn’t have a good makeup station to glam-up, a beautiful makeup mirror couldn’t be a more perfect gift.

Books & Stationery Gifts for the Bride

1. Custom Self Inking Return Address Stamp

by MJsArtStamps

Stationery is becoming more and more popular, and so are personalised stationery touches. Gift a custom stamp set to use for all the thank you cards, and seasonal cards for years to come.

2. Custom Stationery

by Boland Design Paper Co

A box of beautifully printed personalised stationery is a lovely gift.  And for those ladies changing their last name, it will be a nice surprise to see it printed for the first time.

3. Honeymoon travel journal

by Memories Made Custom

One of the best things I ever did was keep a journal while travelling.  Moments that you think you will never forget, you inevitably do.  Gift her a beautiful leather bound travel journal to capture all her honeymoon moments.

4. Coloring Book

by Light Burst Media

It’s important to remind the bride on the morning of her wedding day to keep calm and relaxed. Glamourous as it is, there is bound to be a few moments of downtime (waiting for the limo for over an hour because it was stuck in traffic!).

Adult coloring books have become a way to pass the time in a weirdly relaxing way reminiscent of child hood. If coloring is her thing, these coloring books are a fab idea.

Color Me Wed: Stress Relieving Wedding Coloring Book: Adult Coloring Book, Wedding Coloring Book, Bride to Be, Bridal Shower Gifts

5. Pen Set 

by CufflinksGalore

If she has an appreciation for pens, a beautiful fountain pen of her own makes a wonderful gift.  Besides, after the wedding, rest assured there will be a lot of thank you cards to write.

These gold beauties will make the task a little easier.  Also, this can be a good gift if she still needs to find a nice pen to use for signing the wedding registry during the ceremony.

the 5 languages of of love by Gary Chapman

7. The 5 Love Languages

by Gary Chapman

Marriage is a big step that many people jump into without proper preparation. You wouldn’t drive a car without first learning how to drive and reading a manual. Why are LOVE and MARRIAGE any different?

Gifting a book to make those first steps a bit easier is a fantastic idea.  One of the books that stands out for me is the best-selling marriage book entitled, “The 5 Love Languages of Love.”

This book helps in learning the language of giving and receiving love. Communication is vitally important in a marriage, and this book helps in that regard.

Its a best seller for a reason, and a pretty practical gift IMHO.

Thoughtful Gifts for the Bride

Silver sixpence card

1. Lucky Silver Sixpence

by Favors Depot

We’ve all heard of the bride traditionally wearing ‘Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue,’ but there is an ending to this rhyme that is less commonly known. The rhyme actually finishes with  ‘and a silver sixpence in her shoe.’

A tradition for many years in Britain, right before a bride walked down the aisle her father would slip sixpence into her shoe. This represented good luck and to wish prosperity in marriage — a very sweet idea and nice touch!

2. Engraved Wedding Ring

A surprise gift from the groom! Engrave the bride’s wedding band with something special such as your wedding date, initials, or a meaningful saying for only you both to see!

3. Fireworks

For those with a bigger budget, surprising your bride (or groom) with a fireworks show at the end of the night. Now that is exiting your wedding with a bang!

4. Serenade with a song

If you are a songwriter or singer, this is not the time to be shy.  Impress your guests (especially your newly wedded spouse) with a dedicated song during the reception.

5. Relaxing Spa Treatment

by Spa & Wellness

Double check her planned wedding morning itinerary, then squeeze in a surprise 45 minute massage before her glam squad shows up. Help ensure she is relaxed, rejuvenated, and ready for the big day.   

6. Choreographed dance

If the groom and his groomsmen are organised and prepared, they may think of choreographing a dance to surprise the bride and all their guests during the reception. Build anticipation by leaving her a note saying there is a surprise waiting on the dance floor later that evening.

7. Slideshow of Memories

Moms, this is a good one for you.  Gather photos of both the bride and groom from when they were young, growing up, all the way to their wedding day. Create a slideshow of that could be played while everyone is enjoying dinner.

Don’t forget to include a few embarrassing photos from the freshman years!

8. A love letter

Probably the best gift your sweetheart could receive is a handwritten note.

Nothing beats knowing that your partner sat down to think deeply about what you mean to him. A handwritten love note is a romantic, priceless gesture and something to be cherished for many years to come.

Price: costs next to nothing!

9. Scrapbook or Photobook

by Drake Designs UK

Making a scrapbook sounds like it might be a lot of work. Granted, the ones where you cut out fancy paper, add old ticket stubs, and glue the first chocolate bar wrapper you shared most definitely are time consuming.

However, with the help of easy to use online tools these days, you can just upload pictures, drag and drop and make a pretty fantastic gift for your future spouse.

10. Breakfast in Bed

Whether she stays overnight at a hotel or at her parents’ house, a breakfast-in-bed surprise is much appreciated. 

Home Essentials for the Bride

Magnolia Tree

1. Southern Magnolia Tree

from The Magnolia Company

Bouquets are nice, but don’t last long.  Just like the slogan ‘Diamonds are forever,’ so is the gift of a tree!

As someone wise who has been married for 30 years once told me, a marriage needs to be tended too to make sure it grows strong with deep roots.

2. Water Bottle

by S'well

A bride should stay well hydrated on the day of her wedding.  This beautifully crafted gold color water bottle is made from stainless steel, and will do just that while keeping her beverage of choice hot or cold. 

Stainless steel gold color water bottle
Kate Spade toasting flute pair

3. Toasting Flutes

by Kate Spade

Whether its in the morning getting ready or during the reception toast, popping the bubbly is an absolute must have to celebrate properly!

This fancy (playful) toasting flute set has a silver bow wrapped around the step to add a bit of fun and make for an essential item for festive occassions.

4. Mr & Mrs Forks

by SilverLiningStamping

Let them eat cake!

If the bride/groom don’t already have a cute set of forks for the wedding cake, this last minute present to the bride would be a great surprise to use during the wedding reception.

Kate Spade crystal vase

5. Vase 

by Kate Spade

When it comes to the bridal bouquet, often times it gets overlooked at the reception and ends up taking a spot laying on the head table.

Surprise your bride with a beautiful fine crystal vase. Then, she can display her beautiful (and expensive) bouquet properly throughout the night.

We love this Kate Spade crystal vase. Large enough to hold an impressive bouquet and the etched design is so dainty that it will be perfect for any at home decor.

Foodie Bridal Gifts

1. Coffee

I’m a coffeeholic, and can’t imagine how I would have gotten through my wedding day without my trusted pick-me-up.

A gift of ground coffee beans for fellow coffe lovers is a great idea. Or, get someone to at least make a Starbucks run, solely for the purpose of capturing a fun shot like this pictured.

The bride will most certainly appreciate a good cup of joe in the morning – I know I did!

2. Tea

by Taylors of Harrogate

Perhaps you have a bride that is a bit of a tea connoisseur … this beautiful assortment from Taylors of Harrogate makes for a delightful gift to open up the morning of her wedding day.

With 8 different teas that are sourced from all over the world, this will be a tea basket that she will remember.

Tea basket from Taylors of Harrogate
Golden State Fruit basket for bride

3. Gourmet Food Basket

by Golden State Fruit

A congratulations basket that contains a nice assortment of fruit. The fruit selection is accompanied by a delicious natural cheddar cheese (In warm weather, cheese will be substituted with 7 oz. Jar Artichoke Cheese Dip), roasted and salted Almonds and Olive Oil Sea Salt Crackers for the ideal gift! Tied with Congratulations printed ribbon.

4. Box of Sweets

by Godiva

Who doesn’t want to enjoy a couple treats on the morning of their wedding!!? This 36 piece gold box filled with an assortment of fine Godiva Belgian chocolate is the perfect gift for any chocolate loving bride to share on her celebratory day.

Just watch out that nothing gets spilled on the dress! Giant bib anyone?

Godiva chocolate box

5. Champagne

A little bubbly to start the morning off right! Make sure someone has bought a decent bottle of champagne for the morning to share and celebrate. Add a little O.J. and strawberry garnish, and the girls will be off to a wonderful start.

I hope my list has given you some inspiration for some silly and fun wedding morning gift ideas that you can give to the bride for her big day!

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