11 Custom Wedding Photo Booth Backdrop Ideas

VW Westafilia Photo booth backdrop

(Updated: April, 2017)

Do You Need a Photo Backdrop at a Wedding?

Let me tell you from personal experience: some of the funniest, sincere, and in the moment photos captured at my wedding were not actually taken by the photographer, but by the wedding guests themselves!

For larger wedding receptions, it is nearly impossible to chat with everyone through the day. Wouldn’t it be great to look back at photos and see your wedding day through the lens of your guests, and see how truly amazing your big day was for everyone that attended?

Whether you setup a proper photo booth with a backdrop, rent a traditional photobooth, or just leave disposable cameras on every table, there is a lot of extra fun to be had once the bar is open and photos are being snapped.

If you do decide to incorporate a dedicated photo booth space into your wedding, then it will likely form a key part of your overall guest experience. Guests will flock to it. They will crowd around, laugh, giggle, and generally act silly. I think that makes for an unforgettable wedding experience.


My Wedding Photo Booth

For my own wedding, I planned a formal photo session area set aside in one room and allotted about one and a half hours total time. A vintage themed wedding at an old Victorian style mansion meant our photo booth was really an entire room – filled with antique furniture, ornate decorations, mirrors, and chandeliers. It was magical, opulent, and one of our guests’ favorite parts of the entire evening. I say formal photo session only in the sense that the room looked stunning with everyone dressed nicely.

With champagne flowing at that point, and 50 dollars up for grabs for the funniest photo, the reality was that it turned into more of a circus atmosphere than an elegant Downton Abbey affair.

I will take full blame credit. I wanted to add some fun (and competition) to it all. We hosted a contest for ‘best photo’ taken at the photo session, the winner received a great prize. Surrounded by decor from a by-gone era and dressed in their wedding best, our guests were encouraged to let loose and have some fun!

After all, isn’t that what wedding receptions are supposed to be about?

Silly wedding photobooth shoot by wedding guests


Wedding Photo Booth Backdrop Ideas

I was browsing through some of Love & Lavender’s featured real weddings, along with my usual wedding decor websites, for ideas and decided it would be fun to put together a roundup of my favorite photo booth backdrops – the kind that are already done for you and simply require a small portion of your wedding budget!

For those engaged couples who have the time and imagination to DIY their own backdrop, go for it! Sure, coming up with a thrifty DIY project to make your own is always great, but I will leave that for another day.

On the other hand, for brides and grooms who want to buy a finished photo booth backdrop, take a look at these quirky, fun and customizable ones below.

I love the fact that you can customize the text for your own wedding, or for a holiday season that you could reuse it year after year. In fact, if you customize the backdrop in a generic way using love poems or quotes, I imagine you could recoup some of your decor budget by selling second-hand after your wedding.

Let’s look at where you can buy a custom wedding photo booth backdrop for your big day.


1) Macramé Photo Backdrop

by Urban Outfitters

Are you in love with this Macrame backdrop? When it comes to weddings you must always think outside the box. Who would have picked this fab Macrame Wall Hang as a backdrop? Not me. What a fabulous idea for a bohemian style wedding.

 Macrame Wall Hang for a wedding ceremony backdropBride and groom standing in front of a Macrame Wall Hang for wedding ceremony backdrop


2) Fringe Photo Booth Backdrop

This fringe photo booth backdrop will definitely catch the eye of any passer by. Add some funny props and your guests will have a wail of a good time.

Paper Wedding Photo Backdrop


3) Chalkboard Wedding Backdrop

Everyone loves a chalkboard, and look how sharp it looks as a background for a photo booth.



4) Painted Wedding Backdrop

by The Feather Edge

Now that I have Frank Sinatra’s song stuck in my head, I absolutely adore this Fly me to the Moon backdrop!

Wedding Backdrop or Photobooth Backdrop – Fly Me to the Moon


5) Paper Cones Backdrop

by PlainJane2424

I actually saw something like this in a shop window in Zagreb, Croatia and I absolutely flipped over it. I had a moment of “oh, I could so make that myself!”

Who am I kidding, I would not have the patience to sit and make 10 of these little paper cones, let alone 100. Anyways, as a photo backdrop it is absolutely wonderful!

Paper Wedding Backdrop, Handmade Backdrop, Paper Cone Backdrop,


6) Paper Flower Backdrop

by Monique Paper Art

Um, Wow!

What would you say after walking into a room and being struck by the beauty of this paper flower backdrop? I dunno about you, but I am speechless!

Wedding Backdrop – Large Paper Flowers – Paper Flower Backdrop


7) Lace Felt Garland

by IselleBridalStudio

Simple and sweet. Could be used again after the wedding around the home!

Lace Felt Garland, Wedding Backdrop,


8) Candy Pink Sequin Photography Backdrop

by dropstudios

Gold, black, silver or pink colors, who doesn’t love a bit of sequin backdrop sparkle?

Candy Pink Sequin Photography Backdrop- Photo Booth Backdrop


9) Custom Red Carpet Ready Backdrop

by CraftsArtsMoreofPA

I’ve secretly always wanted to walk a red carpet. If you also harbor this hidden wish, here’s your chance with this fun custom wedding backdrop!

Custom Wedding Backdrops, Photo Backdrop, Vinyl Backdrop, Step & Repea


10) Lace and Pom Pom Wedding Backdrops

by SilverDrawer

Yes it is cutesy – but some weddings are like that! I think this backdrop works well for a fun outdoor backyard wedding!

Pink white Lace mint ribbon Pom Poms flowers Sparkle fabric backdrop


11) Lasercut Paper Photobooth Backdrop

by poststudioprojects

A little pricey, but every bit worth it! This stunning minimal, modern geometric panel design is perfect for a loft wedding setting. It makes a huge statement and will create edgier photos!

Lasercut Paper, Photobooth Backdrop

Which of these 11 photo booth backdrops is a must-have for your wedding? The great thing about this list is that most of these items can be used for another occasion, or as decor in your house or office. Tell us what you think for a photobooth backdrop in the comments below, and let us know which is your fav!




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  1. Oh my gosh! I was just reacquainting with updating our SweetGIF etsy store and saw how kindly you listed our DIY Scalloped photobooth background! THANK YOU!!!

    This totally made my day. I literally just emailed the listing to my husband and our friend who is our graphic designer and we’re so charmed!

    If it’s not seen as being presumptuous, we all thought that it would be nice to offer any of your readers a discount for 15% off our shop (including the backgrounds), they just need the code LOVEANDLAVENDER.

    Thank you again!
    Marie, Matt & the SweetGIF crew!

  2. I absolutely love these backdrops. They’re so gorgeous! I’m sure you can find the perfect one to fit any wedding theme. Thanks for sharing the inspiration!

  3. I am OBSESSED with the macrame backdrop. It would go so perfectly with a boho chic wedding. I’m not getting married YET, but when I do, you can bet I’m going to have a photo booth and a macrame backdrop. It’s never too early to plan, right? 😉 Thanks for these great ideas!

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