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One item on a wedding planning checklist that can easily be overlooked until the last minute are gifts for your wedding party — a token of appreciation to say, “thank you for your support, help, generosity and for being there for me on my big day.”  For all grooms-to-be out there this article is for you! Don’t forget about this important task.

I have a gift idea for you to check out below, and a giveaway you can enter.


Groomsmen Gift Giveaway Announcement has been around since 1998 providing unique and unusual beer themed gifts to beer lovers worldwide.

I can honestly say that I had never seen a Capcatcher Bottle Opener before stumbling upon this giveaway, but I think the bottle opener is a great idea, especially if someone has a games room or bar area in their house.

All Capcatcher Bottle Openers are crafted from select African Mohogany or Nothern Oak and hand-finished in a New England workshop. The company use eco-friendly materials and solar energy to produce the bottle openers. Of course, there is a lot more beer enthusiast gifts to choose from on, including drinkware, personalized drink buckets, glasses, stainless steel tumblers, and gift sets.

Giveaway is holding a $250 gift card giveaway on their site, which is enough moola to cover gifting Capcatcher Bottle Openers to 5 of your groomsmen. I think they are fun and surprising option that not many of your groomsmen will expect. If the bottle opener doesn’t do it for you, the gift card can be used towards anything else sold on their website –  the choice is yours!


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Or, if you are a groom-to-be and need some inspiration to get another task checked off your wedding to-do list, this giveaway is for you!

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