Colorful Peel and Seal Envelopes From Basic Invite

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Colorful Peel and Seal Envelopes

Couples have a lot to think about when it comes to choosing wedding stationery: style, color palette, invitation design, matching or similar save-the-dates, wedding invitations, not to mention making an envelope selection!

Many people assume that the color choice for your wedding stationery envelopes is relegated to white – and for most stationery companies that is true. However, let me introduce you to an online stationery company called Basic Invite. They offer a whole rainbow worth of wonderful envelope color options – over 40 different colors in total. 

Take a peak at and browse their catalogue of 200+ wedding invitation sets. As you can see from the photo below, I think your guests will get excited from the moment they see a brilliant colored envelope in their mail box.

colorful peel and seal envelopes

Wedding invitations and stationery should be planned around a wedding day vision, and not the other way around. When putting so much time into planning such a joyous event, you deserve to have the option of a fully cohesive stationery set – including colorful envelopes.

Let’s face it: most bills, statements, tax forms, and other not-so-fun-to-receive mail come in white envelopes. As mail recipients we are conditioned to equate a white envelope with blandness. There is nothing more mood dampening than receiving white envelope in the mail. Color, on the other hand, is proven to heighten the visual senses and alert your brain that something fun, new, or exciting is going to happen.

I know we are well into the spring season, with winter forgotten about in lieu of impending summer heat. Think back a few months to the holiday season. Try to relive that feeling you got when you opened the mail box and saw a crisp ruby red envelope sitting inside waiting to be opened.

An awesome feeling right?!

I bet you smiled when you saw it and couldn’t wait to pry open the envelope. That is the exact same excitement you want your wedding guests to have when they see their sea-grass colored save-the-date envelope.

If you have any more than 5 envelopes to send out, here’s a bonus: Basic Invite’s envelopes are peel and seal. That means no more having to lick and stick. Just peel, press down, and move on to your next invite. An easy time saver we love!

basic_invite stationerybasic_invite green leaf stationery
red rose themed wedding stationery suiteyellow floral themed wedding stationery suite

One common problem when searching for the perfect stationery is that you may find the perfect pattern or design, but the color scheme is wrong. Basic Invite helps to solve this problem. Their online design tool allows you to choose from 160 color options and change every element on the invitation to coordinate perfectly with your wedding color scheme.  In addition, there is an instant preview function that allows you to immediately see your design work.

Want a Custom Sample?

Basic Invite is one of the few websites that allows you to order a printed sample of an actual invitation to see exactly how it will print. Take the opportunity to evaluate the high quality paper too, before you place a larger order for your wedding stationery. colorful envelope styles 

White may be fine for your wedding gown, but go for colorful peel and seal envelopes from Basic Invite to set the style/tone of your wedding day!

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