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About the Boutique Hotel 

​Palacio dos Castros (semi- translation "Royal Palace") was on its way to becoming one of Lisbon's archaeological heritage sites, until owner Heleen Uitenbroek swooped in to renovate and revive the property into Santiago de Alfalma.

After finishing a finance degree and working for 10 years in London, New Zealand born Heleen decided to move to Alentejo, Portugal. She and her family bought a farm and raise goats & sheep, as well as harvest olives and cork. Known as 'The Farm' it could be a good day trip in the heart of Portugal to visit.

Heleen unexpectedly fell into the hotel business ​with the launch of her first boutique hotel in Lisbon called Chiado16.  It was a #1 ranking boutique hotel on both Trip Advisor and before it was sold in 2015.  

Now, she's set her sights on turning Santiago ​de Alfalma into a world class hotel in a historical part of Lisbon. 

The Rooms

Six suites and thirteen bedrooms each offer high-speed internet, premium TV channels, hair dryer, in room safe, mini bar and complimentary toiletries by the 130 year old brand, Claus Porto. 

For honeymooners the hotel suggests booking the Santiago Suite, which offers panoramic views of both the Tejo River and the Alfama district. The Santiago Suite boasts a large bathroom with rain shower, freestanding bath in the bedroom, and amazing view. The suite has a wonderful lounge area with a beautiful view of the city.  And, what honeymoon stay would be complete without a big, comfy, extra long king bed. 😉 

Our Room

Our room was a junior corner suite boasting fantastic views overlooking the historic Alfama neighborhood and towards the river. My favorite parts of the room had to be the high vaulted stucco ceiling, great windows with natural light, the lovely hardwood floors, and a spacious bathroom (no tub though.) The room had a good sized couch at the end of the king size bed as a sitting area. 


Santiago de Alfama has begun offering wedding packages for those who desire an intimate wedding reception in Lisbon city. Either the indoor restaurant named 'A Fabrica de Santiago,' or the outdoor courtyard both make for beautiful wedding ceremony or reception settings for between 30 - 100 guests. Please contact the hotel for more information.

When renovating an old property in Lisbon, one is bound to find a few treasures hidden in attics, walls, or even the floor. In Santiago de Alfama's case, one hallway hosts an ancient staircase dating back to Roman antiquity. It is like nothing we have seen before, especially encased beneath a hotel. Walking on top is a little spooky, but Lana assured us it is perfectly safe and secure. 

Sales and Marketing Director, Julie, told us that all the beautiful gold colored wooden side tables and other furniture was actually imported from India by the owner. What's more, the pieces were all about to be thrown away - outrageous! One person's junk is another lady's treasure. Heleen had the furniture painted and then local marble placed on top.  

I absolutely love hearing stories about the provenance of items, especially when said items are up-cycled and created into something worthy of a chic furniture store display. 

Unique Details

Owner Helen borrowed the Santiago Cross and transformed it into a logo for her hotel. What a beautiful and brilliant idea!

Santiago De Alfama's logo is seamlessly placed throughout the entire hotel. Stumble upon it etched in glass, embroidered on crisp white pillowcases, or painted on tile floors.

The church located adjacent to the hotel , Igreja de Santiago, is said to have been where Christopher Columbus married. Definitely an interested tidbit for a wedding blog such as ours!

Disclosure: As is common in the travel industry, the writer was provided with complimentary accommodation for the purpose of review. While it has not influenced this hotel review, believes in full disclosure of all potential conflicts of interest.

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