15 Black Bridesmaid Dress Styles that scream “W-O-W”

15 Black Bridesmaid Dress Styles that scream W-O-W

I’m so excited to talk black bridesmaids dress styles today!

As a fan of black clothes, I will admit that 70% of my wardrobe tends towards shades of black. And, although the LBD (little black dress) is a staple in most women’s closet, when it comes to wedding attire black is usually the last color you’d think to choose for a bridesmaid dress. After all, there are so many beautiful blues and prized purples that you could choose!

I’m here to convince you to turn to the dark side — of dresses!

Is Black Back?

I’m not sure it ever went out of style. Black is such a versatile color and works well with pretty much any color of the rainbow. It really should be on more brides’ radars.

A statement color that will flatter every body type it adorns, black looks fabulous with any color skin tone. Trust me, all your bridesmaids will thank you. These black numbers are destined to be worn over and over to parties and events.

Refined and timeless, black bridesmaids dresses add an elegant punch to your formal evening affair, or unexpected allure to your backyard celebration.

The formality of a wedding celebration determines the right style and length of dress, as each style gives off a different feel. From floor length formal to short cocktail chic, there’s such a variety of styles to choose from.

Selecting a style winner for your black bridesmaids’ dresses ​partly depends on your chosen wedding venue, and black tends to signify more formal attire.  If you plan is to have an outdoor backyard wedding, long floor length black bridesmaids dresses are probably not going to be appropriate and will most definitely look out of place. However, if your plans are to host a chic soiree downtown, nothing will dazzle like a long black floor length beaded gown.

Keep in mind the follow styles when shopping for your black bridesmaid dresses.

​Formal Floor Length Black Bridesmaid Dresses

Rule of thumb: Adding length to any gown, will raise the formal factor.

Most people tend to stick with darker color palettes for evening soiree attire, which makes black a fitting formal wedding color. If you choose to have a formal wedding, you are likely going to have more traditional elements for your day. Keeping gown styles consistent among your bridesmaids will be one of those factors. Nothing looks sharper than a black floor length gown – it gives off a sophisticated, elegant vibe.

Black tie affair? Your ladies had better be dressed in floor length dresses!

When should bridesmaids wear floor length gowns?

  • Evening weddings (typically any ceremony start time after 6pm)
  • If “Black Tie” is on the invitation
  • Specific ceremony location like a swanky hotel ballroom

Bonus: A floor length gown will keep your maids warmer when it is starting to get chilly in fall or winter months.

Where to Shop for Black Bridesmaid Dresses

​Where’s a good place to start looking for black formal length bridesmaids dresses, you ask? Why online of course!

We like Dessy.com as a place to start your hunt. No, this isn’t a sponsored post. Although we fully admit that we are an affiliate of Dessy, and for good reason. They’ve been around a long time selling online and they run a wonderful web store.

With over 500+ black floor length styles to choose from, lets just say you will have more than enough options come time to make your purchase.


​Black Floor Length Bridesmaid Dress Styles

​Floor length dresses are just that - they go all the way down to the (wedding dance) floor! They really offer an elegant look for your bridesmaids, especially when the guys are all dressed in black as well, and the bride is sporting an amazing white dress.


​Here's a few designs we like from Dessy. Don't be afraid to mix and match. Sometimes the 'mismatched dress' look can be the right choice if you've got different sized gals in your bridal party.

​Black ​Cocktail Length Bridesmaid Dresses

Getting hitched outside in the full blazing sun? Best to not dress your ladies in hot floor length gowns.

Couples who opt to have an afternoon wedding usually invoke a less formal dress code.  Semi-formal or cocktail attire can be a nice option for an afternoon weddings that finishes up later in the evening.  Generally, the dress length is cocktail length – just above the knee or a little longer.

Consider black as a dress option for an outdoor wedding, rather than selecting bright or pastel colored bridesmaids dresses.  As seen from the photos below, black works well the with natural outdoor surroundings. Rather than being the center of attention, the black dresses become more subdued, allowing the flowers, outdoor setting, and most importantly the bride to stand out.  Black also works with every color around!

When to know whether your bridesmaids should wear black cocktail length gowns:

  • Semi-formal, dressy casual, or cocktail
  • Specific wedding ceremony location such as a beach, garden, or outdoors

Bonus: Cocktail length dresses make it so much easier to tackle an evening on the dance floor.  There are no legs entrapped within a long gown. I am telling you, there are benefits!

Need cocktail-length bridesmaids dresses? Another one of our trusted stores (Davids Bridal) offers a large selection of cocktail dresses in dark colors. Also, check out Dessy as they have a good selection of different black cocktail gowns to choose from.


​Mismatched Bridesmaids Dresses in Black

When going for the mismatched look, it can be difficult to get an exact color match. Most of the time you will just need to settle on a similar shade.  Unless, of course, you buy your bridesmaid dresses from somewhere that offers different styles in the exact matched color … like Dessy!

Black on the other hand, usually isn’t a problem. Black is black, right!?

Sticking to the LBD for a mismatched look is a sure way to guarantee that all your maids’ look fantastic. And for those brides who love a good shoe, opt for short black dresses as a base and then dressing them up with a statement piece like cowboy boots (as pictured below), or sexy new bright colored pumps.

Love the stylish look!


Every gal needs a LBD in their wardrobe! Let your bridesmaids choose their own black cocktail dress. It’s the easiest way to ensure that they’ll be able to wear the dress again and again.

​Other Colors to Pair With Black

Black is such a versatile and sophisticated color, especially for weddings. However, for a black dress to really come alive you will also want to consider accent colors.


For a modern wedding style, paring black with touches of bright gemstone colors, like reds, fuchsias, oranges and greens, will create a dramatic aesthetic to any wedding day.


If you don’t want your wedding color to be too bold or bright, pair black with pastel pinks, corals and whites to give off a completely different feel.  Incorporate this color scheme within both a modern style or vintage feeling wedding. The effect is to tone down the black making it more feminine and soft.


Metallic colors like gold or silver have to take the prize for simply smashing complimentary colors to add to a black wedding theme.

​Black Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration

​Need inspiration!? Here are a few real weddings we’ve featured on the wedding blog that showcase black bridesmaid dresses and matching gold/metallic themes.

Whether you opt for the mismatched bridesmaid dress look, cocktail or full length, I hope you are able to find the perfect black dresses for your bridal party!

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