Penha Longha Resort Review: Honeymoon & Wedding in Sintra

February 24, 2017

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First Glance

December in Portugal: a magical season full of holiday spirit, festive decor, and, if you happen to stay at Penha Longa Resort and Spa, a life sized gingerbread house!

A festive Christmas atmosphere is evident upon entering the lobby. Two towering 20 foot trees occupying the lobby floor along with more silver balls than we could count.

Dueling aromas fight for supremacy. On one hand are the two fresh Christmas trees occupying the lobby space. A few steps away, sheets of gingerbread and icing formed into an impressive shed structure complete with red chair for Santa!

Both smells compete for our attention in an equally intoxicating mix. However, the gingerbread wins out primarily due to its proximity to the well stocked gin bar!

Getting Acquainted

A smartly dressed young woman named Alara smiles and warmly welcomes us to Penha Longa. We make our way to the gin bar and sit with Alara as part of the welcome check-in process.

Chatting, we learn that it is her final day of a 6 month internship at the resort. Her bubbly and outgoing personality serve her well for a front of house position, and I have no doubt she will go far in the industry. Even though it is her final day, she dutifully creates a personalized printout of the surrounding towns and amenities for us.

The longer we stay at the resort and interact with staff, it becomes apparent that Penha Longa hires well suited employees, has a rigorous training program, or both!

The Verdict

We strongly identify with old world, romantic wedding venues such as those on offer at the Ritz Carlton owned Penha Longa Resort. The centuries old structures with large, ornate spaces are certainly good value for money. For a medium or large size wedding, you'll be able to craft a memorable wedding experience. The rich Portuguese royal and monastic history of the site is exactly the type of wedding venue we love - its been around for hundreds of years doesn't need much decor accents.

A Honeymoon at Penha Longa is well suited to a wide variety of activities such as golf, hiking, city exploring, or laying on the sandy beaches nearby. Suites are spacious and comfortable with all the amenities you need. Sintra is at your doorstep and offers a fascinating look at the Portugal of days past.

The stand out quality of Penha Longa has to be the dedicated and professional staff. We met a number of employees and had the chance to chat on a more personal level. Each had nothing but good things to say about the resort, and that is evident in their approach to how they play their respective part.

We had a memorable stay (in winter no less!) and can highly recommend Penha Longa Resort & Spa.

Disclosure: As is common in the travel industry, the writer was provided with complimentary accommodation for the purpose of review. While it has not influenced this hotel review, believes in full disclosure of all potential conflicts of interest.

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  1. Great place to get married. Amazing scenes for wedding photography.

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