Bridal Emergency Kit: Ready To Build The Perfect One?

These days, more and more brides are feeling stressed over planning their weddings. Maybe you’re stressed about shelling out on average $26,600 to fund your wedding.

Perhaps you’re super nervous about facing a rainy wedding day, or even just deciding on the right stationery. Or maybe you’re just hoping your two families won’t start feuding during the rehearsal dinner.

No matter what you’re panicked about, planning things ahead of time can help you to manage your stress. Want to know one of the best ways to feel fearless in the face of an unexpected wedding day or week disaster?

By preparing a Bridal Emergency Kit now!

In this post, we’ll tell you everything you need to include in your Bridal Emergency Kit. Don’t let anything bring you down on your big day.


A Mini Sewing Kit


This is the most essential item in your Bridal Emergency Kit. We love this option from NeedleWorks , which comes with a variety of different colored thread. After all, it’s not just a wedding dress rip or button problem you have to be prepared for.

Something could go wrong with your Bridesmaids’ dresses or, even worse, your mother-in-laws attire. You’re not giving her another chance to make your day all about her.

We like that it also has scissors, so you can cut off any loose threads!


Fashion Tape

You don’t need any wardrobe malfunctions to become the most memorable part of your day. Throw a little Hollywood Fashion Tape into your Bridal Emergency Kit to make sure everyone’s girls stay firmly in place.

hollywood fashion boob tape


A Manicure Fixer

It never fails – even on your wedding day, your manicure somehow still manages to chip.

Don’t sweat it! Instead, toss a nail file (to prevent jagged nails from snagging your dress) and your bottle of wedding day nail polish into your bridal emergency kit.

bridal nail polish


Bobby Pins And Hairspray

Your hair will look perfect for your ceremony and pictures, but what about later when you’re dancing the night away with friends and your new hubby?

You don’t want to have to worry about your hair falling out, or keeping hair combs in place. Instead, toss some bobby pins and hairspray into your bag (we love this luxe option  from Miami master hairdresser Oribe.)

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Blotting Papers

Even all the makeup setting spray in the world sometimes can’t keep oil at bay. Toss some Tatcha blotting papers in your Emergency Bridal Kit to make sure that only natural skin glow makes it into your wedding pictures!


A Stain-Fighting Pen

Accidents happen, even on your wedding day – and nothing is more obvious than a stain on a white wedding dress!

If you accidentally drop some sauce or spill a little wine on the dance floor, don’t panic!

Toss a Tide To Go Stain Remover pen in your Bridal Emergency Kit.

Pro Tip: To mask tougher stains, we suggest adding a thin stick of white chalk in your kit. You can just draw over serious stains and get on with your night.


More Earring Backs

These are the kinds of wedding day items that are tiny, but can have big consequences. You know how easy it is to accidentally drop an earring back – and how impossible it is to find it again.

You don’t want to be “rocking” the single earring trend on your wedding day. Instead, throw a few extra backs in your Bridal Emergency Kit.



Drinking Straws

You’ve sat in the makeup chair for longer than you ever have in your entire life.

You don’t want to run the risk of messing up your perfect wedding day makeup by spilling water (or, realistically, champagne) on your face, smudging your lipstick.

Stocking up now on drinking straws ensures the whole bridal party’s lipstick will be on point!




Let’s face it: someone in your bridal party is going to be hungover on your wedding day, especially if you heard that the rehearsal dinner after-party or bachelorette party got a little out of control.

Stashing away some Advil in your Bridal Emergency Kit will make sure that everyone can enjoy your day. Just leave it out on a table, so no one has to feel embarrassed asking for any!



If you’ve splurged on awesome wedding day perfume, you don’t want to ruin it with B.O.

Whether it’s you or a member of the bridal party that really could do with a fresh coat, all of your guests will thank you.

PS: For outdoor wedding you may also want to throw in a few moist towelettes so you and your friends can freshen up quickly during the festivities.


Super Glue

Yes, including super glue in your Bridal Emergency Kit does sound crazy. That is, until the heel on someone’s shoe breaks ten minutes before the ceremony.

To prevent people from having to hobble down the aisle, toss in a little crazy glue.




Even if your shoe doesn’t break, chances are, especially if you’re dancing or on your feet for hours, you might be at risk for getting serious blisters.

Make sure you keep a box of both regular band-aids and blister-healing options on hand for you and your bridal party.


Tampons And Pads

Last but not least, this is a must-have item in every Bridal Emergency Kit.

You never know when Aunt Flo is going to show up – even if she most definitely was not invited to the wedding.

Even if these aren’t for you, remember that the festivities (where women are constantly around each other) can cause periods to sync up, messing with some people’s regular schedules.


Baby Powder

Hot summer day and hefty layered wedding dresses makes for optimum chaffing conditions.  Don’t let this happen, have the baby powder on stand-by.


Tissues or a Personalized Hanky

It’s a big day, there are bound to be tears.

Guaranteed tears…

Personalized Handkerchief for the bride


Granola Bar

If you grew up in an earthquake zone, chances are you’re very familiar with an earthquake kit and granola bars.  Just like school, weddings days can make for a long day. You might need a quick little something to nibble on while you wait to walk down the aisle.

Tip: Just make sure the granola bars are sans chocolate chips!



Makeup mess-ups happen and Q-tips are a God send when they do.


Lint Roller

In case a good bye hug from Fido before leaving the house left you a little harry, lint rollers are always handy.


Breath Mints, Floss, Tooth Brush and Toothpaste

Breath after a granola bar isn’t the most romantic.  Make sure you have something to freshen up with before the big smooch.


Wet Ones

Sweaty palms or sticky messes can happen, freshen up with a wet one to makes everything better.



The good pointy kind that you can literally pick anything with. Whatever you do, stay away from the face!



You convinced your mom in the store you could wear these $500 Jimmy Choos all night long – in fact you promised her that you would, as she reluctantly bought them.

Oops – you may have fibbed just a little!

Lets face it, you’ll be standing most of the day and after sitting for awhile over dinner. The last thing you want to do is dance the night away in those heels. Make sure you have a little something less painful to slip into, just in case.

bride wearing tieks bridal flatstieks bridal flats

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Even if you are ever so careful, they still seem to find a way to run.  Make sure you have a back up pair!


You’re Ready To Build The Perfect Bridal Emergency Kit


Thanks to this awesome list, you know everything you need to throw in a bag to face any last-minute challenges without breaking a sweat.

Although. if you prefer not running around collecting all of this stuff (isn’t that what a maid-of-honor is for?!), you can cheat a little and buy your very own pre-made kit from Pinch Provisions.

One specific kit has 101 wedding day essentials in it.  I’m pretty sure that is a lot more than the above list, so they definitely have you covered!

BRIDETASTIC pinch provision bridal emergency kit

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