Guide to Boho Bridal Accessories: Romantic Beach, Garden, and Forest Looks

It’s no secret that boho-chic has been influencing fashion and beauty trends for over a decade. With everything from celebrities rocking the look to annual festivals like Coachella, boho’s ethereal style has definitely proven that it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

The wedding industry has certainly been no exception to rule with bohemian influence, and we are still seeing more and more drop-dead gorgeous boho bridal accessories, styles and settings for 2017.

Everything old is new again … the old cliche rings true!


Mom’s Dress

Years ago, my mother showed me her wedding dress: Ivory, long-sleeved with lace details and a subtle A-line.

She told me she would save it for my wedding day. At that point I figured I would have to modify it – chop the sleeves off, make it strapless, crinoline underneath among many other things. Essentially, I would be recycling the fabric to make a completely different dress.  Today, her dress looks like something straight off the runway of the latest bridal looks.

In fact, when I saw Kate Middleton’s Alexander McQueen dress a few years back I suddenly had a deja vu of my mother’s wedding photo.


Full Circle Boho Fashion

It makes complete sense – boho draws its namesake inspiration from the 1960s and ’70s when free spirits, gypsies, and hippies alike expressed themselves through beautifully unique styles and clothing.


Boho isn’t just about a look, it’s also about a feeling. A bohemian bride gives off an ethereal, soft, romantic vibe. For inspiration, think of mystery and magic such as forest fairies or mermaids on the beach.

Boho brides aren’t afraid to make a statement with unique or unconventional bohemian accessories. If you play your cards right (after reading this article!) you’ll look back on your bohemian look for years to come with absolutely no regrets. Boho is a timeless look that has future staying power!


Boho Wedding Settings

This incredibly versatile style works in a variety of settings, and finds its organic stride in outdoor weddings beset by  nature.

A beach wedding is perhaps the most typical setting that comes to mind, however, there are a wide variety of locales to  satisfy a bohemian flavor. Some of our favorite themes to combine with a boho-chic style include:

  • Garden parties
  • Enchanted forests
  • Moroccan influence
  • Rustic wineries
  • Scandinavian style weddings


Boho Fashion

A very simple dress can work into boho style with a soft, natural hair and makeup look along with carefully selected accessories. Alternatively, choose a beautiful boho-style statement dress, which only needs a few subtle accessories to complete the look.

The right shoes add that extra touch of boho-chic. Everything from gorgeous flat jeweled sandals to sparkling footchains can take your look up that extra notch.

‘Cara’ Crystal Embellished Flat Sandal BADGLEY MISCHKA
Barefoot sandal, beach wedding foot jewelry, Bohemian wedding jewelry, bridesmaid gift, resort jewelry. MELINDA Silver


Boho Hair & Jewelry

Then of course, there are hair accessories and jewelry – where do we even begin?!

It’s easy to get overwhelmed and caught up in all of the options – from floral headpieces to shoulder chains, from arm cuffs to shimmery gold tattoos. Natural hair often works best, fully down or half up, with beachy waves. Loose braids can also add a beautiful detail.

Hair accessories draw more attention, so you’ll want to keep your hair elegant yet as uncomplicated as possible.

bridal floral head pieces
boho bridal shoulder chains
Temporary Metallic Tattoos Gold Silver Tattoo Festivals and Hippy Tattoo Sexy Boho Jewelry Tatto
Gypsy-Inspired Bridal Veil with Ivory Laces

Boho Styling Tips

Veils can definitely be worked into the boho look, and some companies make beautiful combinations of veils and head-chains like the above veil by LoveSparklePretty. If you already have a headpiece that you want a veil to work with, consider a custom made veil to perfectly feature or attach to your headpiece.

Keep your style unique and your look unambiguous. Don’t go overboard by selecting too many pieces. Instead, choose a few key pieces to complement your hair, makeup and the style of your dress will be the perfect finish to your look.

We’re here to help – we’ve styled three gorgeous looks for our top boho accessory picks worthy of an editorial in the pages of Vogue magazine!


1. The Boho Beach Bride

Boho bridal accessories for a beach bride

For those sun and sand lovers lucky enough to have a beach wedding, this boho look brings together effortless, chic, stylish, and carefree all in one package.

Dress: The look begins with a gorgeous Hollie 2.0 dress by GraceLovesLace that just plain screams beach bride by the sea. We love this dress with natural, wavy curls.

Headpiece: A gorgeous jeweled headpiece doubles as a sash around the waist for a quick look change in photos or for the reception.

Jewelry: With its gorgeous stretch lace bodice and delicate straps the dress speaks for itself around the neckline so we recommend skipping a necklace. This leaves room to have fun with your earrings and jewelry on your arms or wrists. A pair of amazing chandalier earrings look stunning with an unforgettable armcuff statement piece.

Shoes: For my money, the icing on the cake is the graduated center-front split that allows your shoes to steal the show throughout the day. We’re in love with the idea of a beachy-yet-luxurious footchain for the sand, transitioning to exquisite embellished sandals for the evening dance floor!


2. The Garden Party Boho Bride

The Garden Tea Party Boho BrideReiss Earrings

We can’t help but envision a scene from The Secret Garden or a classic bohemian take on Alice in Wonderland. A beautiful floral garden setting is perfect for this twist on traditional Sierra Chiffon Dress by Truvelle. We’re crazy over the rose gold sequin detail in the skirt making a gorgeous, graceful statement!

Dress: Due to the simple bodice of this dress, you’ve got plenty of room for everything from a bold necklace to something a bit more contemporary or unique around the shoulders. We think we’ve come up with the perfect combination that adds a distinctively boho feel without taking anything away from this gorgeous dress.

Hair & Earrings: Since there are no complicated straps or lines on top, any type of hairstyle will work well with this dress. We like the idea of keeping it simple with hair and around the face – perhaps a pair of gorgeous yet subtle earrings.

Accessories: Minimalist on top and a simple dress neckline has us loving the idea of making a big statement with this breathtaking epaulette piece by Gibson Bespoke. A grecian style wrist cuff would be perfection as a complement to the dress and epaulettes.

Shoes: You’ve got plenty of options for shoes, but our top pick is a pair of rose gold crystal satin pumps that look like they were custom made exclusively for this dress.


3. The Ever-After Enchanted Forest Bride

The Ever After Enchanted Forest Bride_100223424

Garden bohemian bride accessories

Remember Drew Barrymore’s fairy tale look in the movie Ever After?

If you’re too young to remember, that’s what Google is for!

We kept the mystical, magical feeling of her look as inspiration and updated for a 2017 enchanted forest boho bride.

Dress: We had to include at least one long-sleeve dress in our favorite looks, mainly for its avant-guard, elegant feeling that fits seamlessly within a boho setting.

We love a dress that looks equally amazing at every angle and this Lisa Lace Dress by DreamersandLovers does just that. A conservative and elegant look in the front is balanced with a note of risque via an open back leaving some interesting accessory options.

Jewelry: Since long-sleeved dresses have more fabric around the top, often a necklace or bracelet can get hidden. So emphasis should be around the hair, face, and in this case, the back. A beautiful crown like this floral garden headpiece gives off that iconic boho feeling while tying in the influence from Mother Nature.

These simple Linnea Dew Drop earrings are subtle but not understated, tying into the gold accessory theme.

Bracelet: Perhaps our favorite place for an accessory in this look is the ultra low-cut V back. The open back allows the perfect canvas for a statement back lace like this one from AMYOBridal. Since the sleeves of the dress will cover the wrists, it’s a wonderful opportunity to adorn the right hand with something a little sparkly like the stunning bridal ring bracelet.

Cape: For an exquisite extra touch, a Rhiannon Cape will not only make for an an airy, unearthly feeling, but also a second look in jaw-dropping photos when it moves with the wind. To top it off, the cape is embroidered with natural ivory blossoms and leaves that will blend right in with your outdoor setting.

Shoes: Last but not least, the shoes! These Blakely sequined sandals couldn’t be more perfect for an enchanted forest with their sequined leaf pattern, open toes and sling back straps. If you are going to be walking on soft ground through the day, consider a backup pair of delicate lace flats.

Bohemian is still having its time in the wedding style spotlight. From themes and settings to dresses and accessories, bohemian gives off a free-spirited and collected feel that breathes calm into what could be an overwhelming event.

pastel wedding with boho bride and bridesmaids
Captured by Lauren Lindley Photography

Accessories bring that boho feeling to the next level with beautiful extra details and elegance. We love the fun factor of unique, unexpected jewelry or the potential to change looks from day to night with shawls and shoe options.

Whether you are saying “I do” on the sand or in the forest, feel the true bohemian spirit with these special accessories. How will you embrace your inner fairy, gypsy, or mermaid with this ethereal look?

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