Captivating Rainy Cherry Blossom Engagement Shoot in Vancouver

We don’t feature many engagement shoots these days, but simply had to make an exception for the very talented ladies from Karizma Photography out of our hometown Vancouver, Canada. We absolutely love the visually striking photography angles, refreshing and rainy cherry blossoms, and the cute couple in today’s engagement shoot!

Photographer’s Remarks: “They say that falling in love is a lot like predicting the weather. You can have a good feeling but it won’t always be right. This certainly was not the forecast for Esma and Robby.

Their Story

“They met during their jobs when Rob, a police officer, came to Esma’s bank to investigate a fraudulent check. From there, sparks few and on December 24th, Esma awoke to the proposal she’d been waiting for.

Engagement Shoot Idea

“Since the proposal, they knew they wanted an engagement session that featured the incredible cherry blossoms in Vancouver. However, Mother Nature wasn’t going to make this easy for them. Historically speaking, this March was one of the gloomiest March months on record since 1951. That doesn’t make anyone’s life easy-especially not a photographer!

couple stand under rainy cherry blossom canopycouple’s reflection on rainy Vancouver sidewalk couple portrait through cherry blossom branch

Cherry Blossoms Galore

“In response to this cold and wet weather, it was a gamble whether the cherry blossoms would be blooming when the shoot was scheduled since it had been planned so far in advance. Yet luck was on our side this day, and oh, how amazing these images turned out. It was still wet and rainy, but we captured all of the glory of this incredible and amazing place with cherry blossoms blooming in the background.

“Esma and Rob had fun playing with the umbrella, snuggling under it to fend off the stray raindrops, and these two looked astounding with the glossy cement and the bright cherry blossoms. ‘Through wind and rain, love will endure’, and this is so true for Esma and Rob. These two are so happy to be together that they probably would have been just as amazing in the pouring rain, but this is a testament to their special bond and that they would literally stand through any element to be together.”

rainy sidewalk with couple’s portraitcherry blossom engagement shoot in Vancouver Indian couple in Vancouver shootstanding under umbrella with cherry blossom raincouple under clear umbrella and cherry blossom tree cherry blossom engagement shoot couple walk on Vancouver sidewalk closeup of her engagement ring photo of couple through cherry blossoms defocussed

Photographer: Karizma Photography


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