11 Bold Black Gemstone Rings – Onyx, Sapphire, and More

Congratulations! You’re finally ready to take the next step in your relationship and get engaged. It is a nerve-wracking and amazing moment in your life. Naturally, you want a ring to match your unique style and aesthetic.

That is why you're reading a post about black gemstones, isn't it?

Black gemstones like ​onyx and tourmaline are unusual, and are often overlooked as an alternative to a traditional engagement ring. Yet browsing online jewellery websites, the black gemstones we found are certainly beautiful and magical in their own right.

​Black Gemstone Meaning

Contemplating a black gemstone for your engagement ring?

​A black ring is a real show-stopper, and chances are that no one else will have anything like the ring you end up buying. If you are confident in your ring choice convictions, and don't care too much about what other people think, go for it!

Who wants a ring that looks exactly like everyone else anyway?

People often associate black with death and grief, but ​don’t judge a book by its cover. As well as being unique, black ​represents ​strength and ​symbolizes self control and resilience (source).

​Fun Fact

If you or your partner are a huge fan of Sex & The City, a black gemstone ring could be a brilliant idea!

Let us remind you that in the second movie, Carrie finally got a ring from Mr. Big – a 5-carat black diamond engagement ring. “Why black?” she asked, to which Big responded, “because you are not like anyone else”.

The engagement ring can be found on the Patricia Field website at a cool $10,000!

6 Black Gemstone Types for an Engagement Ring

​We suspect you’re here because you’ve already decided to go with a black gemstone ring, and now all you have to do is choose your black beauty. 

There are ​different options to choose from to make your ring extra special. We locked it down to six if the most beautiful rings around to help you on the search for the one!

1. ​Black Onyx


Round Black Onyx by Gemvara

​This ring from Gemvara is absolutely stunning thanks to its simplicity. There’s something magical about the curves and the black stone set against the 14k white gold. Though you can get the stone in different sizes, our favorite is still the finer, daintier cut.


Princess Cut Black Onyx by Gemvara

​The Princess Cut is another show-stopper by Gemvara. Although black onyx can be used for a seventh anniversary gift, ​it certainly makes for an unique engagement ring. In this ring, a black onyx center stone is teamed up with two side diamonds, as well as black diamonds around the band for a dazzling finish. Sleek and sophisticated, we have no doubt it will make ​for a happy future spouse!

​2. ​Black Diamond

black diamond engagement ring Etsy

​Art Deco Rose Gold & Black Diamond Ring on Etsy

​This gorgeous handmade ring made from rose gold and black diamonds, the rose gold band adding a feminine touch to the piece. It can be made to order to get the perfect fit for your loved one. The diamond detailing around the band and around the gemstone works beautifully with the black diamond center piece.


Round Black Diamond Platinum Ring by Gemvara

Black diamonds represent passion and energy – the perfect symbol for an engagement ring. For a modern twist, Gemvara have you covered! We love the halo ring setting as it is one that will remain a timeless classic. The diamond band makes it all the more flattering and effortless to wear.

​3. ​Black Tourmaline

oval black tourmaline ring

​Oval Black ​Tourmaline Ring by ​Love by Oh Kuol

​Your future fiancée will definitely love this jaw-dropping ring! The oval-shape with an embellished band screams vintage aesthetics, ​whilst ​the black tourmaline center stone lends an air of stylish sophistication. White diamonds surround both the band and the gemstone for a timeless and elegant feel.

square black tourmaline engagement ring

​Square Black ​Tourmaline Engagement Ring by Love by Oh Kuol

​Another great design by the same 5-star Etsy seller as the ring above, this rose gold and black tourmaline ring makes the perfect modern match. The black square-shaped tourmaline ​appears youthful and feminine, ​while the rose gold band remains thin and delicate. ​Also available in yellow gold or white gold according to your ​preference.

​4. ​Black ​Moissanite

​People often mix up black diamonds ​with black moissanite. To be fair, the two stones do look alike, but moisannite is also a genuine (and very rare) stone, ​making the ring picks below all the more special.​

4 Carat Black Moissanite Twig Engagement Ring

Black Moissanite Twig Engagement Ring by ​​Camellia Jewelry


​Hand-forged with an enchanting, magical feel to it, this ring ​comes with a 4 carat black moissanite stone. That's a lot of ​black gemstone bling if you ask me. The band in rose gold adds a feminine touch, definitely the kind of ring you’d see in a fairy tale!

pear shaped black moissanite ring

​​Pear Shaped Moissanite Engagement Ring by Pristine Custom Rings

​Pear-shape gem stones are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s hardly surprising. This stunning ring is made with black moissanite and white gold for a dreamy, princess-like piece. It is embellished with natural diamonds for a truly unique ring to pop the question!

​5. Black Opal

Vintage Black Opal and Diamond Halo ring

This vintage-inspired black opal ring is so different, your future fiancée is bound to love the various colors reflected in the gem and the delicate platinum band is so flattering. The embellishments around the gemstone give the ring a retro feel, without being over-powering.

​6. ​Black ​Sapphire

​When you think of sapphires, ​I imagine blue comes to mind rather than black. Yet, a black sapphire looks just as elegant in our opinion.

Black Sapphire & Diamond Pear cut Halo Engagement Ring

​Pear Cut Black Sapphire Engagement Ring by ​​​Wan Love Designs


​This beautiful black sapphire ring can be customized to fit your loved one’s taste. We love the yellow gold band with diamond embellishments, as they really make the ring stand out. The band is so fine and delicate, making it all the more beautiful.

Black Sapphire & Diamond Cushion Halo Engagement Ring

Black Sapphire & Diamond Cushion Halo Engagement Ring by ​​​Wan Love Designs

​Another gorgeous designed ring from 5-star Etsy seller Wan Love Designs, this halo engagement ring is dainty and has an art-deco vibe to it. The rounded curves to the square make it less harsh and more feminine. The embellishments can be in white gold or yellow gold according to your tastes, but we think white gold really makes the ring all the more striking. Just imagine yourself popping the question with this black sapphire beauty!

​​There you have it --  six types of black gemstones for rings and some great examples of each!

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