Kate Spade Wedding Shoes: Playful Sophistication

​Anything ​with glitter or sparkles on it makes my eyes wander and hone right in. So when I walk by a rack of Kate Spade shoes, I'm overwhelmed with gleeful joy and don't know where to look!

Known for ​crisp colors, graphic prints, and playful sophistication, the brand does well among non-traditional brides looking to fulfill ​a dream of finding ​that perfect glitzy Cinderella slipper. Now that you've been acquainted, ​let's delve ​a little deeper into the ​company and why you need to wear a pair of Kate Spade wedding shoes on your big day.

crisp color, graphic prints and playful sophistication

Why Choose Kate Spade for Bridal Shoes?

Graphic prints, loads of bright colors and playful sophistication are the hallmarks of Kate Spade. If you need ​more inspiration on what that means exactly, take a look at this Kate-Spade inspired bachelorette party that we featured a couple years ago ​to fully ​understand what I mean.

If you have a little splurge room in the budget allocated toward shoes, ​Kate Spade is a good option. Their shoes ​​make a wonderful transition from wedding day to evening wear, ​meaning you will be able to wear them again and again for special occasions.  

Just keep in mind that plenty of compliments are coming your way, as these are show stopping shoes. Your wedding photographer will probably go gaga over them and want to spend time capturing ​photos of your fantastic pair of bridal heels.    

They were stunners & show stoppers!!! I wore them for my wedding and received so many compliments. My photographer spent an hour taking photos of just my shoes!

Who Started Kate Spade?

Back in 1993, a former accessories editor for mademoiselle named Kate Brosnahan Spade set out to design the perfect handbag -- one that combined colorful palettes, and sleek utilitarian shapes.

From there, Kate Spade was born.

The brand is known for ​kitschy, colorful, modern sensibility and graphic approach, which is all encompassed with their trademark wit ​recognized ​around the world.

If you haven't seen one of their #MissAdventure featuring ​different actresses like Miss Piggy, Anna Ferris, Rosie Perez, and my personal favorite Anna Kendrick, definitely check out the Youtube channel.  You're in for a good laugh, but beware that the videos may really want to ​you ​to shop for shoes!

Best watch them without a credit card nearby. Its a brilliant piece of marketing ​on the brand's behalf as they try to reinvent marketing by creating short fashion films.

Is Kate Spade a High End Brand?

As with premium automobiles, when it comes to the fashion industry there are varying levels of luxury.  Kate Spade ​falls under the entry level luxury category, along with ​brands like Michael Kors ​or Coach. ​Kate Spade in particular has long been ​an affordable luxury brand of choice for the aspiration shopper.  You can pick up a pair of beautiful Kate Spade shoes ​ranging in price from $100 to $500. 

​I mentioned above, if you have some wiggly room in the budget and want a pair of shoes that make you feel like you are buying a luxury brand (without spending a complete fortune), the price point ​for Kate shoes is spot on. 

product price points

Are they Comfortable to Wear for a Wedding?

​Ordering Kate Spade shoes online leaves some ladies ​waffling between selecting their true shoe size or a 1/2 size larger.  A lot of reviews we read ​suggested that ​the shoes do tend to run a half size smaller ​compared to other brands.  

A good tip to follow ​when ordering evening shoes: order 1/2 a size up ​because European made shoes tent to run smaller. And if necessary, you could always add an insole to make them fit nice and snug.  

When in doubt though, buy through Zappos. They are a long established seller of shoes online and offer a fantastic return policy -- free shipping both ways!  That makes it easy to order shoes, try them out at home, and return if you don't like them without unnecessarily wasting time, gas, or money. 

After perusing online reviews of Kate Spade heels (in particular - the charm heels below) the consensus seems to be that their shoes are comfortable and very well constructed.  And if you are concerned that any of the sparkles are going to fall off, rest assure they won't. 

Kate Spade Sparkly Black bridal shoe Peep Toe Heels.jpg

Kate Spade Bridal Collection

Kate Spade doesn't have a bridal collection per say, but Zappos ​put together a great selection of bridal worthy shoes and ​created a nice little wedding section of their own.

Lets check out some of our favorite picks below. 

1​5 Show Stopping Kate Spade Bridal Shoes

Kate Spade Glittery Heels

Kate Spade Ankle Strap Stilettos

Kate Spade Sparkly Heel Pumps

Kate Spade Sparkly Gold Peep Toe Heels.jpg

Kate Spade Metallic Heels

Kate Spade Bridal Sandals

Keds X Kate Spade Bridal Flats

Finally, if you already have ​wedding ceremony shoes chosen, but you're thinking ​you might want to change into something with a little less height, we have just the shoe for you! 

Pink and gold Keds x Kate Spade New York. 

Iconic Keds shoes has partnered with Kate Spade New York to bring these glittering pink sneakers to the wedding runway. Browse a selection of Keds on Zappos and see if a pair of Keds catches your eye.

Iconic Keds shoes has partnered with Kate Spade New York to bring these glittering pink sneakers to the wedding runway. Browse a selection of Keds on Zappos (our recommended online shoe store because of their insanely good customer service) and see if a pair of Keds catches your eye.
What do you think about me getting these gold and pink kjeds for my reception shoes??? I will be wearing gold glitter heels for the ceremony. These are my wedding colors too!

If Kate Spade is not the bridal shoe designer for you, check out our 

Ultimate List of Popular Designer Bridal Shoes

to find your perfect pair!

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