Leather Anniversary Gifts for Your 3rd Year

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Three years have ​flown by and it ​likely feels like a lifetime. I should know, my third year anniversary was this year and I absolutely loved it.

​The honeymoon period ​may have lost its luster by now, but who says ​time has to go away for good? The third anniversary can be an excellent opportunity to extend ​your post-wedding glow just a little bit longer.

I bet you've accomplish a lot together, and now ​it is important to take the day and reminisces about all the wonderful times that have passed. Enjoy the day and evening together. If there is room in ​your budget, ​buy your sweetie a little something special.

Let's jump right in and find out what the 3rd anniversary theme is all about as well as inspire you with ​our roundup of gifts. 

What’s the Traditional First Year Anniversary Gift?

At this point in ​your marriage, you'll be aware of the durability of your relationship. ​Habits and patterns formed early in the relationship ​are solidified. It is also the time in ​a relationship where couples appreciate the security that ​a long lived bond provides -- knowing a lot about each other and being at ease with ​anything that comes your way.

​Perhaps that is why the traditionally the 3rd wedding anniversary gift in the US is leather. Leather is a material that is strong, flexible, and very durable.  ​A resilient and rugged material that reaffirms how much you value ​your life partner.

Modern Third Anniversary Gift

For a modern twist on the third wedding anniversary gift, both crystal and glass are given which symbolizes reflection and beauty. 

Gift Ideas for Your 3rd Anniversary

Lucky for you, gift giving options are literally endless when it comes to the 3rd year wedding anniversary gift theme.

I actually had to stop myself from adding more to this post. There are SOOO many great leather gfits out there.

Here are ​my best 3rd wedding anniversary gift ideas ​for all budgets. Hopefully you are able to choose the perfect gift ​for your beloved on their third marriage anniversary.

8 Leather Anniversary Gifts For Her

1. Leather Ballet Flats

My ​most favorite leather gift to give (along with Oprah) has to be a pair of tieks.  If your lady didn't ​wear them on ​her big day, now is a good time to gift a pair. Made of the finest Italian leather, and taking 3 days and over 150 steps to make one pair, these leather shoes ​are the perfect flats to wear all day, every day. 

Tieks for leather anniversary gift for her

2. Leather Earrings

by AvaGraceCreations

If your budget is a little smaller and you just want to give a token leather gift, think about leather jewelry. There are all sorts ​to wade through, but we love these cute double layered metallic leather leaf earrings in shades of gold.

layered gold metallic leather leaf earrings for 3rd anniversary gift

3. Leather Poof

Any interior designer lovers out there?

We had one of these leather ottoman's growing up and I still remember it as a comforting companion for my feet.

If your loved one is looking for that global inspiration to complete a room, this distinctive Moroccan leather pouf ​could be the perfect finishing touch. 

Pouf+Leather+Ottoman anniversary gift

4. Personalized Leather Tray

Most people take their rings off every night before bed, but have nowhere to put them.  So why not give a beautifully personalized genuine leather tray to store all ​your jewelry bits and bobs ​to thoughtfully solve this problem. 

Personalized Leather Tray 3rd anniverysary gift for her

5. Leather Designer Handbag

From Michael Kors, Coach, and Kate Spade to Tory Burch and Rebecca Minkoff, a leather designer handbag is not only a practical gift it is very functional as well.  

Of course, updating ​an everyday purse makes for a satisfying shopping trip. Saving up to buy that affordable luxury designer handbag is very exciting, but surprising ​your loved one with ​a coveted dream designer handbag​ will just blow her out of the water.

It's your 3rd anniversary -- kind of a big deal. Surprise her by ​spending a little extra and splurge on ​that dream leather hand bag. 

leather designer purse for 3rd wedding anniverysary gift

6. Leather Gloves

With fall and winter ​just around the corner, a pair of lovely leather gloves are always handy to have on standby. Splurge a little and gift ​a feminine pair that she will thank you for when it starts getting chilly.

3rd anniverysary gift Button leather gloves for her

7. Photo Print on Leather 

​I love getting a framed photo to remember special moments in time.  ​Go a step further and have ​yoru photo uniquely printed on leather. 

3rd anniversary gift Photo printer on leather

8. Leather paddle 

Speaking of leather, is it just me or do sexy toys come to mind?!

 Oh c'mon, its been 3 year. Time to spice things up in the bedroom!

This one could be for her or him, hence why we put this gift smack in the middle (no pun intended). Made of genuine leather, this sexy spanking paddle will not only lead to exciting things in the bedroom, but leave a small trace in the form of heart. 

Leather paddle for 3rd wedding anniversary gift

9 Leather Anniversary For Him

1. Personalized Bracelet for Him

Masculine. Leather. This handcrafted leather bracelet for men can be engraved to make a beautiful and very personalized gift. 

Personalized leather Bracelet for Him 3rd wedding anniversary gift

2. Leather Trim Pen

​One of THE manliest pens we've ever seen (we did a fountain pen gift post, so we've seen a few). Covered in brown leather and gun metal trim, if you hubby ​desires a new precision writing instrument, I think you have yourself a ​winner!

pen covered in leather for 3rd wedding anniversary gift for him

3. Leather Camera Strap

Any photographers ​in our midst? Everyone seems to be toting one around these days.

This could ​make a nice gift for either him or her. Ditch the ​ubiquitous fabric camera strap ​and upgrade to a beautiful personalized leather one. Unique, original, ​and one-of-a-kind. 

Leather camera strap for 3rd wedding annivery gift

4. Leather Sport Collectibles 

A sports fan would be thrilled to receive a collectible autographed ball from their favorite player. It just so happens that baseballs and ​(most) basketballs are made of leather. Lucky you!

Signed Autographed Baseball 3rd wedding anniversary gift

5. Leather Bow Tie 

If you man likes to wear a bow tie, then why not get him one of these eye catching leather ones?

Leather Bow Tie for 3rd wedding anniversary gift

6. Leather Office Chair

Perhaps he wants to refresh ​a drab office space.  What better time to upgrade with an iconic mid-century leather office chair.

Cooper Mid-Century Leather Swivel Office Chair 3rd wedding anniversary gift

7. Leather Journal Writing Notebook

A beautifully crafted and unique gift, this genuine water buffalo leather notebook ​can record all his thoughts, plans and ​dreams.

LEATHER JOURNAL Writing Notebook for 3rd wedding anniversary gift

9. Leather Weekender Travel Bag

Every man needs a ​sturdy weekender travel bag made form ​rich leather.

If there are a lot of mini holidays in your future, this ​is a great gift. 

Cenzo Duffle Vecchio Brown Italian Leather Weekender Travel Bag for 3rd annivery gift

10. Leather Cuff Link Box

After the wedding, he may have a few extra pieces to add to his collection ​with nowhere to put them. ​A cuff-link box ​takes care of his small jewelry storage needs. Add a monogram to make it his own.

BECKETT LEATHER CUFF LINK BOX 3rd wedding anniversary leather gift

11. Leather Pillow Cover 

Last but not least, if he needs some new cushions ​that scream man cave​, these authentic leather patchwork ones will do nicely. 

PIECED LEATHER PILLOW COVER 3rd leather anniverysary gift

Leather Gift Inspirational Shoot

leather chair and serving cart at Texas venue

A Styled Boho Third Anniversary Session with Leather Details

​​Love this featured couple ​from Texas who put together a wonderful styled anniversary shoot for their third anniversary!

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