Gold-Renaissance Inspired Bridal Boudoir in Tuscany


We rarely feature boudoir shoots on the blog, but this one from Tuscany really spoke to us. Enjoy!

“Echoing the immaculate, free-spirited mood of Spring, and channeling the portraiture of Boccaccio’s maiden-like femme- demure, affectionate, soft- we get caught up in an era-defining romantic vision: a delicate figure, shawled by an ethereal, embellished, sheer flowing maxi veil.

“Aside from a time to pause, between bridal routines and customs, and perhaps rollick with refinement in heavenly textures, boudoir photography is a sincere, gender fluid art. What is interesting, what singles it out, is not its conductivity to sensuality and passion, but how through its soft dynamics a woman perceives her own natural beauty, her character and eventually herself.”

Then, when I find a flower that seems

Like to the object of my dreams,

I gather it and kiss it there,

I flatter it in accents fair,

My heart outpour, my soul stoop down,

Then weave it in a fragrant crown

Among my flaxen locks to wear

— excerpt from Giovanni Boccaccio’s ‘Balleta

“We love to capture these moments when a bride realizes how spell-binding she actually is, and allows for her body, spirituality, and beauty-conscious personality to unfold. Bridal boudoir photography creates a new legacy for women to accept and love who they are, a gift of empowerment that does not spell coquette, but a woman who (thoughtful as she is of her beloved) dares to be her own open, gorgeous self.”

boidoir model in libraryboudoir model on couch closeup of modelhand held vintage mirror holding white flowermodel in boidoirmodel looking out window model under veiloutdoor villa in tuscany perfume bottle on tablepink rose on veil view of Tuscany countryside from Villa il PozzoVilla il Pozzo building Villa il Pozzovintage bottle of flowers


Photographer: Sandy and Odysseas Photography
Event Venue: Villa il Pozzo
Other: Carmencita Film Lab
Cinema and Video: Eric Frank Cinema
Other: Happy moments collector
Professional: Evgeniya Dragun
Professional: The Cablook Fotolab
Model: Linnea Mansson
Calligrapher: Sasha Bublik
Veils and headpieces: SIBO Designs Handmade Bridal Hair Pieces
Lingerie: Elvira Basko
Floral Designer: Bianco Weddings
Hair Stylist: Lidija Malinovskaja

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