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Saying “I Do” in Style

In this post, we’ll be taking a closer look at Valentino wedding shoes, what’s behind the brand, and whether or not they’re really worth splashing your hard-earned cash on! Beware: there’s some serious swooning about to go down!

Designer wedding shoes are back with a bang, and it seems like more and more brides are starting to save up considerable amounts of money so that they can afford to splurge on their favorite brands.

Why Choose Valentino Wedding Shoes?

Valentino is a designer footwear brand that doesn’t draw attention; it demands respect. Since launching in 2010, Valentino’s Rockstud heels have been selling out season after season, and even though they retail at around $700 a pair, the more embellishment you choose, the higher the price you’ll end up paying. We reckon that if you’ve got a little extra to spend, you may just end up making the fashion statement of the year on your wedding day!

These shoes have all the timeless quality you want and need to see in a wedding shoe, whilst also offering that edge you need to make a subtle statement strutting down the aisle. Rocking a pair of Valentino’s on your wedding day is about more than just showing off those platinum-studded heels, it’s about feeling like you’re the queen of the world, even if it’s just for one day!

Who Is Valentino?

He goes by just his first name (think Cher or Madonna), but Valentino Garavani is the mastermind behind Valentino wedding shoes. Garavani is well-known for his exquisite shoe and clothing creations, and even though he’s now in his 80’s and officially retired, Valentino Garavani’s legacy will remain as a legend in the world of fashion.

The brand might have been established in 1967, but even now, it still offers women across the world a sense of old-school sophistication with a touch of modern flare.

Why Are Valentino Wedding Shoes So Expensive?

To start off with, all Valentino shoes are studded with real platinum, which is a crazy-expensive product to begin with. Then there’s also the fact that all the shoes in Valentino’s collection are uniquely designed, manufactured, and finished off with the utmost care to every detail — whether it’s lace-up shoes or a pair of killer high heels.

Valentino wedding shoes are extremely durable, and when compared to most other designer footwear brands, they’re also super comfortable to wear. Taking all of this into consideration should give you a clear answer: value. You’re paying for value and that’s why Valentino wedding shoes are so darn expensive!

Are Valentino Wedding Shoes Comfortable to Wear?

Look, we all know that heels are not the most comfortable shoes out there. So, if you’re insisting on splurging on a pair of to-die-for Valentino sandals, you’re bound to experience slight to mild discomfort as the wedding party draws to a close (and you’ve been on your feet ALL DAY LONG).

Luckily, Valentino has an extensive variety of shoes on offer, catering to even the most non-heel-slaying women out there, which might be a better investment for the sake of your wedding day comfort.

Valentino Bridal Collection

Unlike most other major designer footwear brands, Valentino doesn’t have a dedicated bridal collection of shoes. However, as far as choice goes, you’ll always be spoiled. The brand stocks at least 78 different types of high heels, 68 pairs of pumps, 30 ballerinas, and 31 slide-ins, among many other designs.

This means that although you won’t be making a selection from a certain online collection, you’ll have the ability to pick and choose from the widest range of shoes, all of which can be the perfect addition to your wedding attire.

Valentino Bridal Shoes We Love

What If I’m Not Satisfied with My Purchase?

Sometimes in life we buy things impulsively, we splurge and then end up having issues with the products we spent thousands of dollar on. Like most other designer brands, Valentino will be more than happy to refund or exchange your shoes if you’re not 100% happy with the product. Keep in mind that you’ll have to return the shoes, in their original condition with the tag still in place, to the store within 30 days of having it delivered to your door (as of the publication date of this article).

Shopping tip: If you need more time with your new found beauties, Nordstrom’s carries Valentino’s shoe collection as well, and have a very fair return policy.

How and Why Valentino Thrives on Service Excellence

As if assisting brides-to-be with their every command isn’t challenging enough, the customer care team form Valentino go above and beyond what’s expected, providing brides with advice far beyond the shoe store. You can get in touch with a service consultant should you ever need help with the customization, fitment guide, or just a few pointers when it comes to what the best colors are for wedding shoes.

Vow to Go Valentino

Valentino is a designer footwear brand that has thoroughly withstood the test of time, and we’re betting it’s a brand that will be around for a long time to come.

Thanks to their elegant touch and modern finishes, Valentino wedding shoes are a must for every bride with a budget that caters to her needs, because there’s just nothing like tying the knot in a pair of platinum studded heels!

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