Matte Foundations That Actually Work for Oily Skin: They DO Exist!

matte foundation makeup brush with rear view mirror

With a change of season it’s important to not only switch up your outfits, but also your beauty regimen. And to help you better understand the importance of investing in a great matte finish foundation for all seasons, we’ve created this handy guide to answer the following questions:What is a …

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Cute DIY Christmas Wedding in Washington

christmas themed bridal bouquet

In about a little over a months time, all you’ll here from friends, neighbors, and work colleagues is, “Merry Christmas!” Or is it now politically correct to only say Happy Holidays? We’re old fashioned and love the sound of Merry Christmas, so we’ll stick with that one. No matter what …

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Elegant Snowy Wedding Day with Luxe Details

groom with bride in white shawl as snow falls

Our featured real wedding couple today (Joseph & Gianna) had an amazing winter wonderland day, at a spectacular looking venue that we just love.  It snowed to perfection and their wedding was almost out of a movie scene, all the way down to each and every decor and fashion detail. We’ll …

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Elegant Outdoor Wedding at the Biltmore, NC

bridal party stand in front of Biltmore Hotel

Its not hard to see why a bride and groom would choose to get married at the historic Biltmore estate in North Carolina. Descending from the famous Vanderbilt family, the estate now offers wedding ceremony and reception packages as well as accommodation. We love the elegant nature of this fairytale …

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Kate Spade Wedding Shoes: Playful Sophistication

kate spade wedidng shoes

​Anything ​with glitter or sparkles on it makes my eyes wander and hone right in. So when I walk by a rack of Kate Spade shoes, I'm overwhelmed with gleeful joy and don't know where to look!Known for ​crisp colors, graphic prints, and playful sophistication, the brand does well among …

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