Each year we will join with a select number of clients to plan and execute an Irish destination wedding worthy of being called memorable. Just like Love & Lavender's blog, we don't like drab and dull banquet halls or hotel weddings. We love exhilarating vista views, architectural wonders, or historic and charming B&Bs. Our wedding planning service is all about:


We have access to a personal network of world class wedding professionals. More specifically, these are the outstanding photographers, venues, florists, and other vendors that you see featured on our blog week in and week out. Along with some vendors that you may not find on our site, but who we have personally interacted, vetted and approved.


Venue Search

Have you spent countless hours trying to find the perfect wedding venue in Ireland?

Castle after castle all start to look the same, turrets blend seamlessly with arches and stone starts to look like wood. You have reached a point of venue fatigue. We know, we've been there too.

When we say, "We are here to help", we mean it. A venue is an important component of your overall wedding day. It should fit with your wants, desires, style, and budget.

Impossible task? Not for Love & Lavender's destination wedding planners. We'll find that venue of your dreams and have you gawking at stone turrets in no time.


Scenario A

You = Always known you wanted an extremely intimate wedding somewhere special

Us = Will give you that extremely intimate elopement experience in Ireland

* * *

Scenario B

You = Fed up with everyone's opinion, advice, and drama for your wedding.

Us = We hear you loud and clear. We'll make your Ireland elopement uniquely special.

* * *

Either way, we identify with those couples who choose to elope and need a little extra help to plan and execute a truly wonderful day.

Day-of-Wedding Coordination

You have Two Choices:

  1. Do everything yourself. Enlist your friends, family, and even wedding guests to execute your wedding day dream. Sweaty guests that work for their meals are not happy guests. Plus, you don't want to be the last one at the wedding venue taking down streamers and packing leftover champagne bottles ... you want to be with you one you love most for your first night together.
  2. Outsource. Let us handle all the nitty-gritty details on your wedding day. Your guests can relax, you can be less stressed, and everyone is joyous.

* * *

What option do you think makes the most sense?

Full Wedding Planning

Destination wedding planning can be a painful experience. Contacting unkown vendors in strange lands, with different time zones, who sometimes speak withreally thick accents ... not a recipe for wedding success.

Lucky for you, the Love & Lavender plannign crew is on the ground in Ireland ready to assist in planning your destination wedding from start to finish. We have built connections with some of the best and memorable venues in this picturesque country - castles, manor houses, B&Bs and more. We can do the leg work to arrange vendors on your behalf and get the best deal possible. All you have to do is make your way over here and get ready to party.

Warning: Delightful Ireland hospitality is well known around the world.

Welcome to Ireland friends!

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