Le Creuset Skillet Review – A Gift for Gourmands

In this article we take a look at an iconic cookware brand (Le Creuset) to review and highlight one of the workhorse culinary tools: the skillet.

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Fretting about cooking pots and pans may seem like a mundane worry to some, but to actual homemakers, it’s a legitimate concern. If you enjoy cooking, the quality of your materials matter a lot, from the smallest kitchen tools to the actual items you’ll be using to prepare the food.

Why Invest in a Quality Skillet?

Picking the best cookware is important as it can affect the quality of your dishes and even the health of your family. If you’re going to choose one with a protective coating, it shouldn’t peel or melt easily as that may transfer discarded debris to your food.

Choosing quality pots and pans are a great investment for your home kitchen. ALthough, these items are definitely not cheap, even the ones that tend to disintegrate and warp over time. Having to buy a new one every so often can be costly. If you can spring for a high-quality unit now, even at a steeper price, its likely worth it in the end.

Why do top chefs and gourmands prefer cast-iron skillets and other cookware over modern, non-stick options?

Here are a few reasons:

  • Skillets can be as slippery as non-stick options
  • They heat up evenly, and won’t get chemicals into your food
  • A very versatile option – use them on stove tops and transfer to the oven for baking
  • They tend to last a very long time if properly maintained
  • Reasonably priced given the usage over a long time frame

What are the Disadvantages?

In one word: cleaning.

A major issue some people have with cast-iron pans and skillets is that the material is quite fussy. You actually have to take good care of the skillet or pan in order to avoid rusting.

Cleaning is tricky, and there are varied opinions as to how to clean your cast iron skillet. Some say that you should never wash a cast-iron skillet and only wipe it clean. Others recommend washing it with a mild soap and water, and then oiling it afterward. Some say rubbing it with coarse salt followed by wiping it down with a paper towel should get the job done. All of which will require a good amount of effort.

What about Enameled Cast Iron?

This is where enameled cast-iron cookware enters the equation. Thanks to modern technology, you can now enjoy cast-iron products without the hassle of the past.

If you’ve ever looked up a good brand that makes modern cast-iron cookware, you’ve likely stumbled across a Le Creuset skillet review or two, as this brand is one of the most popular names in the industry.

What exactly is a Le Creuset skillet, you might be wondering?

Le Creuset is one of the most reputable brands in enameled cast-iron cookware – a household name in many parts of the globe as it has been offering quality pans for years. In particular, Le Creuset’s skillets are some of the most highly coveted kitchen items … and we think they’re perfect as gifts for newlywed couples, or any cook in your life!

Le Creuset Skillet Review

​Is a Le Creuset skillet worth shelling out a decent amount of cash? Love & Lavender certainly thinks so. Andrew actually bought his brother a Le Creuset skillet as a wedding present, and the pan still makes amazing meals nearly 10 years later! That, and the chef of course

Pictured above is that same pan hard at work this past Christmas season cooking up ​a ​wonderful taco dinner!

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  • Unlike other cast-iron pans, the Le Creuset requires little maintenance
  • Requires less oil and no additional seasoning, making it a cost-efficient kitchen item
  • Fuss-free maintenance since you don’t have to worry about rusting, thanks to its enamel coating
  • As cast-iron cookware can effectively retain temperature, this Le Creuset skillet will help you keep your food hot or cold for longer periods
  • Very energy efficient as it evenly distributes heat, ensuring evenly cooked food every time
  • Cast-iron cookware is versatile in either stove top cooking or baking situations
  • Modern looking and attractive so you can also easily use it to serve food.
  • Unlike other cast-iron cookware, you don’t have to worry about scratching your glass stovetops with this skillet.
  • You’re guaranteed that it will last a long time, making it worth every last penny that you’ll pay for it.
  • It can be the perfect gift to give to relatives and close friends for Christmas, anniversaries, birthdays, and housewarming parties.


  • Like other cast-iron cookware, it’s quite heavy. Keep this in mind if you have trouble lifting heavier cookware.
  • Pricier than bare cast-iron skillets.

Who Should Buy A Cast Iron Skillet?

While every household can benefit from owning a skillet. However, price can be a deal breaker for those on a tight budget. If you’re ready to invest in a high-quality kitchen item, this product is a great option.

Love to have a cast-iron skillet, but are not willing to go through the hassle that usually accompanies such cookware?

Thanks to its special enamel coating, you won’t be encumbered by the many steps of maintaining a cast-iron skillet. We think it’s great for first-time cast-iron cookware owners as an introductory product to the many wonders of cooking with such a useful material.


You might think that bare cast-iron skillets cost a fraction of this product, so why buy the Le Crueset skillet​? One good reason is the fact that it will save you from having to do hard labor in keeping bare cast-iron skillets in good shape. If you value kitchen time and effort, then Le Creuset proves to be a better overall pick.

With its superior quality, the Le Creuset skillet is a solid addition to any kitchen. If you’ve never cooked with cast iron before, you might just end up changing the way you prepare meals!