Looking for a winter wonderland for your weeding? Discover inspiration among these real winter time weddings with their decor, flowers, venues and more.

Cute DIY Christmas Wedding in Washington

christmas themed bridal bouquet

In about a little over a months time, all you’ll here from friends, neighbors, and work colleagues is, “Merry Christmas!” Or is it now politically correct to only say Happy Holidays? We’re old fashioned and love the sound of Merry Christmas, so we’ll stick with that one. No matter what …

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Elegant Snowy Wedding Day with Luxe Details

groom with bride in white shawl as snow falls

Our featured real wedding couple today (Joseph & Gianna) had an amazing winter wonderland day, at a spectacular looking venue that we just love.  It snowed to perfection and their wedding was almost out of a movie scene, all the way down to each and every decor and fashion detail. We’ll …

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DIY Harry Potter Inspired Army Wedding

first look outdoors

Okay, Harry Potter hasn’t left wizard school for the army. I realized after hitting publish that the title of today’s feature wedding may suggest that! Loving the groom in uniform along with the bride’s dress/veil combination. Photographer’s Comments: “Dalton is my brother-in-law. I’ve known him since he was age eleven. …

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