11 Top Wedding Umbrellas to Buy for Your Big Day – Rain or Shine!

In this article we take a look at a selection of our favorite oh-so-cute wedding umbrellas for you and your guests. The very thought of rain on your perfectly planned wedding day could seem like a disaster. However, there are actually a few things to be said for rain on your wedding day:

  • First, it is a sign of good luck. In many cultures, wedding day rain is said to bring good luck and represents things like fertility, cleansing, unity, renewal and tears.
  • Secondly, rain can be used to your advantage! An experienced all-weather photographer can capture gorgeous artistic photos with rain drops – really quite a stunning effect. You can also have a little fun with umbrellas props during photo sessions.
  • Finally, it rained on my wedding day – luckily only in the wee hours of the morning – so you will be in good company if you do get rain for your day! 😀

We have scoured our back catalogue of real weddings along with our bookmark favs to share cute wedding umbrellas you can have on hand come rain or shine.

couple kiss while holding umbrellas

Clear Wedding Umbrellas

When I think of a wedding in a place like California, I usually don’t associate the word rain. Seattle on the other hand …

A wedding day shower can happen no matter where you live. Less so if you plan an elopement or destination wedding to Marseille in the south of France – one of the sunniest places in Europe!

If the weather reporter says that this fall, winter, or spring season is going to be a bit wetter than usualy, make sure to plan ahead by purchasing a few classy clear umbrellas (like below).  In fact, you can see that the real wedding couple below even bought wedding umbrellas for their bridesmaids. I love the fun photos that capture a intimate newlywed moments!


Real Wedding Captured by Sarah Tamagni Photography​

Totes Clear Umbrella
Even with rain you can still take great photos on your big day. A clear umbrella lets you capture all the smiles and smooches!

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kissing under clear wedding umbrella
newlyweds kiss under clear umbrella

​White Wedding Umbrellas

Purchase a pack of white wedding umbrellas for both your ceremony and reception areas. Mother Nature can be temperamental at times. If she decides to change course and rain down upon your guests, at least they will stay somewhat dry. Although, I can foresee a scene that entails an all-out race to the woman’s bathroom in order to fix hair and makeup!

white umbrellas in basket
basket filled with wood handled white umbrellas
Anderson Wedding Umbrella - 10 Pack
This 10 pack of wedding umbrellas each come with a 60 inch umbrella span, auto open, and are made from Nylon and Polyester Fabric.

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​Match Your Wedding ​Colors

​Clear umbrellas are perfect because you can hide underneath while still capturing great photos. Why not incorporate your wedding colors with a clear umbrella? A colored trim adds a bit of pop.

newlyweds under clear umbrella with yellow trim

Real Wedding Captured by Cory Ryan Photography

Clear Bubble Umbrella with Colored Trim
  • Clear Bubble Rain Umbrella
  • Constructed with a Resistant Vinyl Canopy and Reinforced Steel Ribs
  • Windproof Umbrella
  • 35-in. Long Steel Sword Pole with Durable Plastic Hook Handle.
  • 100% EVA Plastic

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newlyweds walking under clear umbrella

​Pagoda Parasol

A pagoda parasol adds a little Asian flare to your wedding ​day. Nowadays, these elegant ​looking pagoda shaped umbrellas are popping up more frequently. ​They still ​charm ​mainly as fashion umbrellas with their distinctive curved contours and pointed tops -- so don't plan to use them for any heavy rain!

I can see how they would not be to certain bridal tastes or styles, yet I think they are quite pretty with their unique shape.

Pagoda parasols come in many different colors, which means you can match and match to your overall wedding colors and vibe.

newlyweds walking with black pagoda umbrella

Real Wedding Captured by Angela and Evan Photography

Nylon Pagoda Parasol Bridal Umbrella
  • Stylish pagoda umbrella with trimmed edge; the tiny round dot may be either white or pink
  • Approximate 35'' in diameter
  • Folded length: 34''
  • PU leather hook handle
  • Perfect gift for wedding, christmas, birthday and other events

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​Mismatched Ruffle Parasol

​Rather than mismatched bridesmaids dresses, why not mismatch your bridal accessories with an assortment of sweet, feminine, ruffle parasols.

gals holding ruffled umbrellas

Real Wedding Capturd by Lindsay Murphy Photography​

​Windproof Umbrellas

Who said you can’t wear black on your wedding day?

Okay, so technically you won’t be wearing black if you decide this ​highly rated windproof umbrella will do just the trick. The contrasting dark umbrella with white wedding gown can make for some pretty photographs. 

The umbrella is rated for ​46 MPH ​storm weather. Although, with wind at ​46 miles per hour or more, do you really want to be standing outside on your wedding day? Let's be honest, at ​that wind speed I'm not sure your hair will stay in place for you to take too many frame-worthy pics ... just sayin’

Procella - Wind Proof Umbrella
62 Inch large oversize windproof & waterproof umbrella. It has an automatic open and comes with vented double canopy, sturdy design and HIGHLY RATED on Amazon. Check it out.

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bride with black umbrella in field
newlyweds with black umbrellas in field
bw photo of couple under umbrella

​Polka Dot Umbrella for Weddings

​If a black umbrella is too sullen, lighten up the mood with some fun white polka dots!

Real wedding captured by Almira B Photography

Leighton Polka Dot Umbrella
Polyester umbrella with Pinch proof closure to protect fingers and a plastic crook handle to hold onto.

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​​Lace Parasol for Weddings

A warning with number seven on our list: a lace parasol is not going to keep you dry at all!

Thank you Ms. Obvious.

Vintage, lace, and 100% wedding worthy – the Battenburg Lace parasol are just too pretty not to add to my list. I would say this parasol is perfect as a sunny afternoon bridal accessory (see ​below).

bride holding parasol
Vintage Battenburg Parasol
Diameter approx 31 inches (80cm). Length top to bottom 26 inches (66cm). Wooden handle with metal ribs. Not waterproof!

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couple hide behind lace parasol
closeup of white lace parasol

​​Heart Shaped Umbrella

​I love a good geometric shaped wedding object – hearts even more so! If choosing classic white is more appropriate for your wedding day, this fun heart shaped umbrella makes a nice addition.

Heart Shaped Bridal Umbrella
Add a bit of red color to go with your snazzy heart shaped umbrella.

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Umbrella Photo Props

​Another option is to use umbrellas or parasols as photo props at your wedding. A paper parasol with “Just Married” written on it can make for a unique accessory.  This is definitely a sunshine only umbrella not to be used in the rain!

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Umbrellas for Wedding Guests

​Depending on the weather, it is always a good idea to provide guests with parasols for shade from the sun or umbrellas to protect them from the rain. Here are a few ideas to keep your guests happy during any wedding weather mishaps.

A gift that keeps on giving. Offer your wedding guests a pretty paper parasol to protect themselves in the heat of the sun. The parasol can double as a wedding favor that guests can take home and cherish.

pretty parasols in basket for wedding guests
wedding guests wait in sun with parasol

​Like Getting Caught in the Rain?

Jimmy Buffet may have said it best. And yes, we think the following should be included on a wedding day:

  • Pina Coladas
  • The feel of the ocean
  • The taste of champagne
  • Making love at midnight

Make sure that you don’t get caught in the rain without a wedding umbrella, especially if you are planning to host a wedding anywhere on the Westcoast (Washington State, Oregon, British Columbia), Ireland, the UK, or in a climate that is known to have a shower or two.

Purchase a classy umbrella ahead of time just in case your wedding day decides to bring you a sprinkle of good luck.

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