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Love & Lavender began ​as a hobby blog in 2010 featuring real weddings to inspire bridal couples. Over the past few years, ​it has morphed into a top wedding media company focused on helping couples plan a unique wedding with pizzazz.

We do this by creating original content, showcasing professional real wedding photography, posting wedding product/service reviews, or by answering questions (no matter how weird) that might arise during a bride or groom's wedding planning process.

Site Statistics

Accurate as of ​November 2017

  • Monthly Visitors: 49,300
  • Monthly Pageviews: 72,000
  • Twitter Followers: 8,896
  • Facebook Fans:  8,476
  • Pinterest Followers: 10,599
  • Instagram Followers: 545

Site Demographics

Data gathered from Google Analytics, Alexa, and internal reader surveys shows that Love & Lavender’s audience consists of highly educated women between the ages of 22 and 36 who primarily read our content from work. A majority of readers hail from the United States (58.5%), United Kingdom (9.3%), Canada (5.8%) and Australia (3.3%).

Search Friendly

Love & Lavender articles rank well in organic search results. We understand SEO and work hard to make sure our content ​stays on the first page of Google. Our website targets people interested in wedding planning and advice, wedding stationery, honeymoon travel, and wedding product reviews among others. 

​Did You Know ...
​there's a list of top 100 wedding blogs?

​​Yikes! As an advertiser that is a lot of advertising options.

Make sure you choose a wedding media company who knows what they are doing, and not one who simply accepts your precious marketing dollars.

Available Advertising Options

No more useless ads! That is our advertising mantra.

We think contextual ads and editorial content provides way more value for both the advertiser and the reader. Check it out, we even wrote a blog post about it:

Advertising and the Wedding Blog Industry

We don't like to waist your time and money, nor annoy our readers with popups or cluttered banner ads.

Traditional sponsored posts and online advertising is all about getting the right message in front of the right person at the right time. Unfortunately, the fast paced nature of blogs and traditional sponsored posts means content last for a day to a week on a website homepage before it gets relegated to the archives with all the other articles. A short term goal with no guarantee.

Custom content creation could be the answer you need to maximize your marketing ROI. We provide clients with a way to build incoming links as well as improve search engine optimization (SEO). More importantly, we offer clients the ability to leverage our team's writing ability to rank articles in search engines ​for targeted keywords.

Unlike a sponsored post, you gain recurring benefits over time for top ranked articles.

One BIG caveat:

​We have to make this point up front so that there is no confusion.

We follow Google's guidelines and only use "Nofollow" links within our paid content. Google is quite clear that paid content links should be "NOFOLLOW", so please don't waist time contacting us to convince us otherwise.

Note on Content Creation Price:

​Question: "Why does it cost so much for ​one of your content creation options below?"

​Answer: "Like most things in life, its all ​how you look at it"

​Okay, that answer is a bit philosophical. The truth is that we don't actively seek out sponsored posts, primarily because its ​not part of our core business model anymore.

We enjoy writing and creating content for our authority wedding website. It occupies 99% of our available time. That being said, we also enjoy working with great brands and individuals. It is great ​to be able to pick and choose who we work with.

Instead of working with a client just for the money, it means we actually want to work with you, and vice versa.

If ​you think ​you're brand and our platform are a good fit, please reach out. We ​consider working ​with others who know the value of creating great content, that ranks organically, and has a backlink strategy to boot.

If you're not at that level yet, no worries. Reach out ​in the future and have a chat.

​Andrew S.

CEO, Love & Lavender Weddings

Option 1: Custom Content

Starting at $799

Custom content creation means leveraging our domain authority and writing ability to create and rank a keyword targeted article. Obviously we don't have the secret key to unlock Google's algorithm. If we did, we'd be able to rank #1 guaranteed every time ... and probably wouldn't be sharing the secret with anyone!

However, our consistent ability to rank articles in Google sets us apart as SEO experts in the wedding industry.

Example custom content: Vistaprint

When Vistaprint approached us ​to create custom content we said, "Definitely."

Working closely with members of Vistaprint's team, we crafted an article with targeted keywords about 'choosing paper for your wedding stationery' that has proven to rank in the #1 or #2 spot on Google for a long time now.

Yup, there it is above in a screenshot from November 1, 2017.  Still going strong nearly 33 months after publication!

In fact, as you can see from the next screenshot, we received over 1670 clicks in a 90 day period from organic search for keywords in that target group.

What does this mean for you?

Think of custom content creation as a one time investment whereby you can reap rewards for much longer than the usual one or two weeks that a sponsored post will provide exposure.

You could pay Adwords, banner ads, or other Pay-Per-Click online advertising method, but we think our custom content creation option provides better value.

Option 2: Traditional Sponsored Post

Starting at $499

A sponsored post is similar to custom content creation, but without the additional research and time involved. Hence the lower price.

Sure, a sponsored post can still rank high in Google or other search engines. However the clear focus of a sponsored post is on brand benefits.

Recent sponsored post example: PaperRamma


We've worked to help some of the most innovative wedding and travel brands to achieve their marketing goals. Below are a few of the companies we've had the pleasure of partnering with over the past several years.

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Love and Lavender has a variety of wedding advertising opportunities. 

If you’d like to partner with Love & Lavender simply send us an email at and we’ll come up with options to suit your needs!