Love & Lavender presents a balanced view on wedding planning & style through the eyes of seasoned husband and wife bloggers, Meredith and Andrew. The digital nomad couple strive to showcase epic bridal experiences from around the world to help brides, grooms and vendors alike. As a leading voice in the wedding industry, the blog focuses on unique how-to guides, product reviews, and roundup lists on topics such as bridal fashion, jewelry, decor ideas, wedding stationery & honeymoons.

Husband & Wife Team

Elena and Daniel are the husband and wife team behind Love & Lavender.

Between their digital nomad travels they enjoy cheese and cows in the wonderful land of Switzerland, where Daniel was born and raised.



Love & Lavender started as a hobby wedding blog in Seattle Washington by founder (Ellen) in January 2010.


Meredith and Andrew acquired Love & Lavender in early 2014 and grew it to be the wedding and gifting industries.


Elena and Daniel acquired Love & Lavender in 2022 with the intention to grow Love and Lavender even further.


Meredith met her true love, Andrew, in 2012. After getting engaged in Florence, Italy, the newly engaged couple realized it was time to get down to the business of planning their upcoming nuptials.

The wedding process is a real relationship tester for you and your partner. Not to mention the involvement of all your family and friends, and all the little details in between.

Let’s just say the wedding planning experience gave them a lot of writing material for future blog posts!

In August 2014 they were married at a beautiful Victorian style mansion in their hometown of Vancouver. Realizing life is meant to be lived free from the constraints of a cubicle, they each made an escape from career malaise. They set out on a multi-year travel adventure throughout Europe, and have turned a hobby blog into a full time business.


Meredith is a cheerful perfectionist by temperament and holds a degree in Crime & Intelligence Analysis, which helps her as one of the best wedding researchers around! She contributes to content management, copywriting, is a social media wizard, wedding trend watcher and receptionista!

She runs her own online wedding ecommerce site called Classicveils.com. Utilizing her experience and knowledge of the wedding industry, she aims to guide you through your wedding planning process with straight-to-the-point, well researched answers to all your wedding planning queries.


Andrew is self-admittedly unemployable, which is likely why he finds himself running a budding wedding website! An entrepreneurial spirit at a young age means Andrew enjoys the exciting challenges, freedom, and creativeness that owning a business offers.

His technical ability keeps the website alive. Along with managing content, he sets the strategic direction to ensure L&L will be around for years to come.

If he had to choose a motto it would be: “Create and deliver value everyday; live life on your own terms with zero regrets.”


Elena met her true love, Daniel, in 2002. Elena proposed 7 days later, and they got married 3 weeks later. When you know, you know.

They did not have a wedding, there were no guests, and Elena did not get to wear a wedding dress.

Can you blame her for being obsessed with all things wedding and running a wedding blog?


Elena has logic-driven personality type with a talent for solving problems and a focus on accomplishing goals (yes, we did copy this from per MBTI personality profile). She has created her first website in 2006, and made websites her full time job in 2011.

Elena manages content, social media, and strategic partnerships.


Daniel loves being successful in helping organizations to activate untapped opportunities for profit and growth by providing analytical, forward-looking, and sustainable strategy consulting and executive advisory services. At least, that’s what his Linkedin says.

Daniel has over 25 years of experience in senior management and as a board member in an international environment but he left the corporate rat wheel to enjoy unregular work hours and a digital nomad lifestyle.

Daniel helps Elena with strategic decisions, finances, legal, HR, and anything that has the word “spreadsheet”.