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23 Pear Shaped Engagement Rings for Non-Traditional Brides

The sweeping curves and elegant tips of the pear shape have made it one of the most coveted cuts of diamond for engagement rings. Not only are they timeless, elegant, and eye-catching, but they bring a neat visual trick to the table. Anyone sporting one of these beauties can count on them to elongate their fingers, adding slim lines as well as sensational sparkle. 

If you’re in the market for a pear shaped diamond engagement ring but aren’t sure what’s out there to choose from, this is the article for you!

We break away from the conventional today to bring you 23 spectacular pear shaped rings to delight any heart – from the dark and mysterious to the delicate and dainty. You’ve fallen in love with your sweetheart- now it’s time to do it all over again with these showstoppers!

23 Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

These 23 rings will walk you through the dazzling array of possibilities pear shaped engagement rings bring to the table. No matter your tastes, you’re sure to find a few sensational candidates to add to your engagement ring shortlist and inspire your engagement dreams.

Without further ado, let’s dive straight in!

  1. The Penelope Hidden Halo Pear Shaped Ring

  2. 5.0

    If you’ve ever wanted to grab a chunk of the glittering night sky and pin it to your finger, this is the ring to consider. This is a modern take on the classic halo engagement ring that made me look twice.

    The micro pave halo is so subtle that, instead of a clear surrounding design, you get a sparkly cascade for the focus stone to nestle in. While I’ve always favored flatter settings, the prongs set the central pear shaped diamond off beautifully, and I’d make an exception for this one.

    This is one of the most unique pear shaped engagement rings I’ve ever seen. Best news of all? There’s a matching wedding band if you’re looking for a stacked wedding set.

    Get it from Keyzar
  3. The Lindsey Hidden Halo Engagement Ring

  4. 5.0

    OK, I couldn’t resist showcasing another of these beauties. If the Penelope option was a little too clean-cut and modern for you, try this one for a softer, near-vintage aura.

    Vine-like intertwining marquise and round-cut diamonds on the band lend some floral-inspired flair, and the same subtle micro pave halo adds sparkle to the statement stone. It’s a bold hidden halo pear shaped ring with a lot of ‘bling’ factor but manages to balance it with restraint and class.

    Get it from Keyzar
  5. You Are The World Halo Ring

  6. 4.9

    I love it when rose gold pear shaped engagement rings play with the contrast between the softness of the rose gold and the brightness of the diamonds.

    With not one but two rows of halo diamonds surrounding the central pear, this creates a hypnotic, exquisitely balanced ring that plays with the pear shape of the central stone in the best way possible.

    Get it from She·Said·Yes
  7. The Scarlett Triple Stone Engagement Ring

  8. 5.0

    The fleur-de-lis has become synonymous with royalty and courtly valor. This reinvention of the classic triple stone setting brings you a stand-out pear shaped solitaire paired with a cluster of three round-cut diamonds to flank it, echoing this timeless royal touch while remaining coolly modern.

    This is a white gold pear shaped engagement ring fit for a queen overlooking her kingdom.

    Get it from Keyzar
  9. The Five Stone Band Engagement Ring

  10. 5.0

    If you’re a non-traditional bride who wants to play with the whole idea of pear shaped engagement rings, your ring awaits you! Forgoing a traditional central focus stone for five perfectly matched, diagonally-set pear shaped diamonds in sequence, this is a sophisticated and deceptively simple design.

    I want to particularly highlight the diagonal settings of the pear shaped diamonds here. This is a newer setting option from jewelers that reinvents the way we wear the pear- and this is a spectacular way to marry that modernity to a classic setting without being in your face.

    Get it from Vrai
  11. The Eve Solitaire Pear Shaped Ring

  12. 5.0

    For many brides-to-be, the diamond solitaire engagement ring still can’t be beaten. The Eve brings you a new take on this classic design. The heart-catching simple pear shaped solitaire stone absolutely steals the show. But there’s a soft and sumptuous bamboo-inspired band design to bring a touch of nature to the party, too.

    This is a beautiful fusion of unusual and expected. Catch the eye with a perfectly set traditional engagement diamond, then let the novel band woo everyone around you. With a hidden halo, this engagement ring is full of surprises, too. The more you look, the more you’ll fall in love.

    Get it from Keyzar
  13. The Toi et Moi Emerald and Pear Two-Stone Ring

  14. 5.0

    Why settle for one when you can have two? This is a twist on the solitaire engagement ring I haven't seen before. With a chunky emerald-cut diamond right alongside an equally powerful pear-cut sharing center stage, I think this ring is the perfect embodiment of ‘me and you,’ as in the name.

    This two-stone pear shaped engagement ring fits seamlessly into your plans to showcase your love for each other and the differences that make you stronger.

    It’s a ring that celebrates everything weddings embody- two becoming one, the power of love between two different souls, and a union that lets both partners be their own unique selves but better together.

    Get it from Vrai
  15. My Soulmate Pear Cut Side Stone Ring

  16. 5.0

    Brides who like plenty of bling that retains character and elegance, this could be the ring you’ve been looking for. It’s a very traditional ring at heart, with the customary appearance of a solitaire.

    But oh, does it know how to sparkle! With a band dripping in ice and a single frozen teardrop of joy at its heart, it’s one to beat for sheer shine alone.

    Get it from She·Said·Yes
  17. Claw-Set Garnet Cocktail Halo Ring with Diamonds

  18. 5.0

    Dark romance with a twist has come home to roost! With gothic overtones evocative of the whisper of velvet dresses on castle floors, this ring reinvents vintage pear shaped engagement rings for a new generation.

    A dazzling cascade of discrete pave diamonds envelops the blood-red central pear cut garnet in a swathe of glittering stars for a touch of modernity, echoed again in the crisp, clean lines.

    Brides who love the dark and dangerous, offbeat brides looking for something colorful to stand out from the crowd, and gothic brides planning a dream wedding swathed in lace and velvet will all love this one- and so do I!

    Get it from Angara
  19. French Pave Inverted Pear-Shaped Ring

  20. 4.9

    Picture this: You’re a trendsetter. A go-getter. You love to reinvent old classics with new modern twists. You want to stand out from the crowd with your taste and elegance. And you’re about to say yes to the love of your life.

    Flip the classic upright take on the solitaire pear shaped engagement ring on its head and make a subtle statement. Unlike most pear shaped engagement rings, this ring places the band more equally between tip and bottom, allowing added versatility and a unique ring placement for a stand-out statement.

    Get it from BlueNile
  21. Chevron V Solitaire Pear Cut Ring

  22. 3.5

    I’m a sucker for that perfect fusion of band and bling. In engagement rings, pear shaped stones have such a graceful balance of shape, with that smooth round bottom and elegant elongated tip.

    They’re begging for a band that caresses and worships that uniqueness- and this ring does that seamlessly. The cascade of rose gold sinuously twines around the sharp tip to create the V-shaped chevron band…and it’s a showstopper!

    So elegant, so simple, and yet so eternal, this engagement ring catches the eye through grace and passion, just like your love for your special someone.

    Get it from Amcor Design
  23. Cheek to Cheek Pear Cut Ring

  24. 4.9

    Imagine yourself honeymooning in Kyoto in spring. Delicate, soft cherry pearls cascade down around both of you, evoking the coming cherries themselves.

    You’re dressed in a wedding gown Disney Princesses would die for, and your Prince Charming is right there with you. Now trap that moment in a flawless drop of ice… and you have this ring.

    Another stunning option for those who prefer colored engagement rings, this rose gold engagement ring is delicate, feminine, and soft without being childish. It’s pure romance in a ring.

    Get it from She·Said·Yes
  25. The Charlotte Solitaire Engagement Ring

  26. 5.0

    Sometimes true elegance lies in stunning simplicity. The perfect little black dress. An upswept French twist that radiates cool class. A classic pearl necklace. And this ring.If you’re an ultra-modern woman who wants a statement piece that’s understated and easy to wear, be sure to add this one to your shortlist.

    With a neat and clean bezel setting, this pear shaped solitaire engagement ring lets the diamond speak for itself- and boy, does it have a lot to say. It loses no style and no drama with that simplicity. An icy drop of pear-shaped perfection with achingly crisp lines showcasing it. Gorgeous!

    Get it from Keyzar
  27. Badgley Mischka Colorless Bezel-Set Solitaire Ring

  28. 5.0

    Some girls are all about the gem, while others are all about the metal. What’s a girl to do if she wants both to pack a punch? At first glance, it’s a classic solitaire engagement ring with a stunning pear cut. But look closer.

    An unusually thick bezel setting lets the metal you choose have its moment in the sun. And the simple but graceful, raised neck gives you no-frills, no-fuss depth for visual intrigue. It’s funky and fashionable but tasteful and discerning too.

    Get it from Grown Brilliance
  29. Double Shank Halo Engagement Ring

  30. 5.0

    I’m not sure why we don’t see more of the double-shank engagement ring. They’re a personal favorite- and this little gem (pun fully intended) showcases exactly why. The double band means double the sparkle, for one.

    But it also allows for a unique and dramatic look that’s understated but noticeable.If like me, you like to reinvent the classics while keeping their timeless appeal, this is one to add to the shortlist.

    Get it from Grown Brilliance
  31. Bezel Set Garnet Ring with Diamonds

  32. 5.0

    While diamonds are a girl’s best friend, that doesn’t mean they need to be your only one! I’m also a sucker for a beautiful colored stone that adds intrigue and drama to the affair.

    If you’ve always fancied yourself as a Victorian beauty swooning on a plush chaise lounge as your suitor sits at your feet, you might want to nudge your fiance toward this arresting ring.

    This is an engagement ring for a wild soul who wouldn’t mind a backdrop of wolves howling in the hills as you tie the knot. A lot of sophistication, just the right amount of drama, and a deep, burning jewel as fiery as your love for each other.

    Get it from Angara
  33. Traditional Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

  34. 5.0

    Sometimes the wheel doesn’t need reinventing to be just perfect- and this achingly simple traditional solitaire engagement ring demonstrates it. It’s the ring that’s been doodled in a thousand wedding planning books, and it exudes timeless grace and simple style.

    Get it from WithClarity
  35. Basket Set Accented Pear Cut Ring

  36. 4.5

    I’m a bit of a clutz, so I’ve always been afraid to wear more open settings like the basket. However, this gorgeous take on the classic solitaire engagement ring has wooed me hard.

    The more central-than-usual band brings a glorious symmetry to the table, creating a regular, energizing feel that’s somehow both classic and modern- just like many brides-to-be!

    Get it from Diamond Nexus
  37. Delilah Light Amethyst Moissanite Ring

  38. 5.0

    Amethyst brings grounding, clarity, balance, protection, and calm to the table. What a wonderful stone to symbolize love and the start of a new life together (and get you through your wedding day)!

    Flanked by moissanite, this pear shaped amethyst engagement ring is light, delicate, and feminine, making it perfect for a bride of similar taste. Pear shaped moissanite engagement rings are having a moment in the sun, and this ring deserves its spot on your list.

    Get it from Gemvara
  39. Toi et Moi Double Stone Pear Shaped Ring

  40. 3.5

    Two hearts are better than one. Two’s company. Double the love, double the laughter. What do you get when you pile all that delightful duality in one spot and add two stunning complimentary diamonds to the mix? Take a peek!

    This is a delightfully different band with a thicker, almost retro, look that will turn heads. One cushion diamond and one pear diamond show how opposites attract and how two different people can bring out the best in each other. It’s understated, unusual, and richly symbolic- I love it.

    Get it from Mejuri
  41. Twig Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

  42. 5.0

    Did I mention I’m also a sucker for unusual bands done well? While the pear cut stone is a stand-out, I can’t help but drool just looking at this deceptively simple band design.

    Evocative of the branches of the new family tree you’re building together, it’s described as ‘rough’ but is anything but.

    It’s elaborate but elegant, stylish and suave, and utterly delicious. I’d actually love to see this one with a raw diamond center, too- but the cut pear is an utter sensation.

    Get it from Keyzar
  43. Modern Fine Line Hidden Halo Engagement Ring

  44. 5.0

    You shouldn’t keep secrets from your sweetheart- but having some private little mysteries between you two alone is part of the magic of being in love.

    This quirky take on the standard halo nestles partially under the raised neck of the pear shaped solitaire central jewel for intriguing visual elegance that’s deceptively simple until you look more closely- just like your love for each other.

    Get it from WithClarity

Pear Shaped Engagement Rings FAQ

Hopefully, you’re feeling inspired and energized with your walk through the world of possibilities pear shaped diamond engagement rings offer. From offbeat to elegant, timeless to thoroughly modern, we’ve seen the best of the best- and we bet you’re just a little curious, too.

Here are some of the most common FAQs about pear shaped cuts we see at L&L to whet that curiosity- remember, our helpful team is always willing to help if there’s anything else you’d like to know, too!

1. Do all pear shaped diamonds have a bow-tie effect?

Yes, they do! The bow tie effect, a tiny shadow at the heart of the pear cut, is created by the stone’s unique shape, so there will be little in any pear cut diamond. However, with a smart eye like yours, you can choose a stone that minimizes the effect, so it isn’t noticeable.

2. How much should you spend on a pear shaped engagement ring?

Ah, the ultimate question! Knowing what to pay for a ring is highly dependent on aspects like the metal (and karat value, for gold) used in the ring, the carat size of the diamonds (and equivalent for other stones), how they rate on the famous 4C’s, and whether the ring has a brand name jeweler or is a custom design just for you.

Luckily, our L&L team has compiled a series of helpful guides to walk you through it, and you’ll find them all on our site. Here’s our guide on the price of 14K gold to get you started, and there’s plenty more too! You’ll soon be a confident expert!

Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

3. Do pear rings look bigger?

Yes, pear shaped rings look bigger than the classic round brilliant cut- partially because they are! Due to the unique way the shape is created, they have about 8% more surface area visible to the eye than on the round brilliant cut of the same carat value.

Yet because the pear is something of a fusion between round brilliant and marquise, they carry the most facets of the fancy cut diamonds for sparkle appeal, too. Can you say perfection without pear?

4. Which way should you wear a pear shaped ring?

The short answer here is, “Any way you choose!” While tip up, and round down is the most used, it isn’t your only option. However, we know this is a question that worries many brides-to-be, so we have a helpful and in-depth article on how to wear a pear shaped ring, so check it out too!


As luscious and lovely as a pear at the peak of perfection, pear cut engagement rings are a timeless, elegant, and eye-catching choice to celebrate your coming union and the bond of love you share. Now you’ve seen these 23 unique pear shaped engagement rings up close and personal, we hope you feel much more empowered to find the perfect ring for your unique nature, too. 

How to Wear a Pear Shaped Ring and Is There a Right Side?

Fancy-cut diamonds and gemstones, of which the pear shape is one of the most popular, are having a heyday. With a unique shape to catch the eye alongside the brilliance of your gem, it’s the perfect choice for an elegant, jaw-dropping ring you will love wearing for a lifetime.

But the very thing that makes a pear shaped ring look so stunning- its asymmetrical shape- can also make it intimidating to wear. Which way around should it be? Can you make a gauche mistake positioning it? Is it different for wedding and engagement rings?

Luckily you have us to help! Today we will walk you through everything you ever wanted to know about wearing a pear shaped stone, so your precious ring will always radiate class and style.

Why Go for a Pear Shaped Ring?

The curvaceous, sweeping line and eye-catching asymmetry are what draw people to the pear shape over other gemstone cuts. The classic pear cut echoes the fruit- with an elegant thin, and pointed top that extends into a generous rounded bottom. This is why you’ll sometimes see it marketed as the ‘teardrop’ cut, too!

Among the technicalities of diamond cuts, it’s also a hybrid of two other popular cuts- the marquise and the classic round brilliant. This allows your gem to maintain many of the benefits of the round cut- including a ton of sparkle- while bringing its unique allure to the table. In fact, the pear cut is one of the most sparkling of the fancy cuts!

They will typically have 58 glittering facets to throw light around spectacularly. This makes the pear shape one of the most coveted fancy cuts, which should also increase the value of your ring.

So this is a cut with the aura of romance built in. Additionally, the taper of the cut is a great way to slim your fingers and even make them appear longer to the eye. You will find some rings have a broad, fat body, while others have a longer taper and thinner line.

Why Go for a Pear Shaped Ring

Classically, jewelers use a width-length ratio of 1.5 to 1 or 1.75 to 1, but it is highly dependent on the brand and personal preference. Remember that an ideal pear shape should showcase only the intended horizontal asymmetry of the cut- so you want the vertical symmetry of the stone to be impeccable.

If this is off, you may find that the stone looks ‘strange’ without being able to put your finger on why. 

Pear shaped stones also have something called the ‘bowtie’ effect built-in by the nature of the cut. This is a small, bowtie-shaped shadow towards the center of the ring. While all pear shapes have it, you may want to choose a ring that minimizes this for the best visual effect.

Regarding band metals, you can choose whatever you please- but consider their worth and durability and how well they match the stones in the setting. Platinum and white gold allow a crisp modern vibe, while traditional gold is timeless, and rose gold allows for greater warmth.

Pear shaped rings are best worn with the stone (not the band) positioned impeccably between the knuckle and first joint for visual balance. Lastly, remember that a pear shaped ring needs to fit well, as this is a heavy stone that could otherwise ‘spin’ on the finger if the fit is too loose- the last thing you want!

Which Way Is a Pear Shaped Ring Supposed to Face?

Here’s some fantastic news for those of you worried about styling your brand new pear shaped ring. There’s no wrong answer! So if your heart is set on a specific orientation for your ring, don’t overthink it and wear it the way that pleases you most. However, the asymmetry of the cut means there are pluses and minuses to each orientation. 

While the pear shape can symbolize tears of joy, there’s no inherent symbolism in your chosen direction. Just go for what you love visually and what is most practical for you.

Most folks choose to orient the ring with the softly rounded bottom towards their wrist and the tapered tip facing their fingertips. Not only does this look like a drop of water when you glance down at your hand and give your fingers maximum elongation, but it is also one of the most comfortable ways to wear a pear shaped ring with other jewelry on the same finger (more on this in a minute). 

Additionally, while it is up to the jewelry designer’s discretion, it’s common for the ring’s band to be set across the widest part of the pear shape, so it sits more towards the round side than the tip. Many people like having the band itself lower on the finger and the delicate triangular side free higher on the finger.

Additionally, when you bend the knuckle of your finger, this means the longer, sharper side will move up and away from the bend, ensuring there’s no interference with your movement- so no unexpected ouch!

Which Way Is a Pear Shaped Ring Supposed to Face

If you like to break away from the crowd, however, you can choose to point the sharp tip down toward your wrist and the rounded bottom to your fingertips. This gives a dramatic and unusual statement to the piece.

While this fractionally increases your chance of the tip pricking you (it depends on how expressive you are with your hands and other factors unique to your hand anatomy), it, in turn, reduces the chances of the tip catching on clothing when you dress. Experiment with which looks best to you.

Like to be completely different? There’s an increasing trend among jewelers to set the pear horizontally– so both the round end and the pointed end lie across the width of the finger from each other. This is a fantastic way to highlight the asymmetry of the cut and create a piece that will stand out wherever you go, but some people don’t like the unbalanced aspect.

It’s more common in statement rings than wedding or engagement pieces. It also better suits a small stone than one with a high carat value, which could be uncomfortable in this orientation. This style is best worn on the index finger (or pinky), and the sharp tip will need careful placement to avoid aggravating.

You can even amp up this uniqueness a little bit more with one that lies neither horizontally nor vertically but at an angle. Picture a square on your finger- the gem would have the round bottom in one corner and the tip in the diagonally opposite corner.

While both of these options are incredibly unique, they’re not for everyone. If you choose the diagonal setting, you’ll face the same decision- round up or round down. Again, it’s purely up to you.

What About Pear Shaped Engagement Rings?

“How to wear a pear shaped engagement ring?” is a question we see surprisingly often. At heart, however, there’s no real difference. The pear shaped cut is not like the Celtic Claddagh ring, where direction indicates marital status or a promise, so you’re free to style your ring however you like.

Typically, the largest stone you will wear belong to your engagement ring. This is why so many people worry if they’ve spent enough on the engagement ring they gift their loved one!

While promise rings have a similar meaning- lifetime commitment to each other- they’re usually given before any official partnership plan is announced, so they tend to be smaller and more discreet.

What About Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

The engagement ring is traditionally given as the countdown to the big day starts and is often your most glamorous piece of jewelry with the highest carat stone. This means the size of your pear shaped engagement ring may play a role in your decision of how to style it. 

If you’re looking for inspiration, take a look at the staggering variety of pear shaped engagement ring designs Keyzar Jewelry offers! You can also build the engagement ring of your dreams by picking every individual aspect of it – the band, diamond cut and shape, the material, and more. 

Lastly, keep in mind that the horizontal and diagonal designs we mentioned will likely be impractical and would be best for a non-sentimental ring. We share some great tips below if you’re hoping to wear your engagement ring daily as a set with your wedding band.

How to Wear a Pear Shaped Ring With Wedding Band

Wearing your wedding band and engagement ring together on the same finger is known as ring stacking. If you’re worried that you can’t do this with a pear shaped engagement ring, think again! You most certainly can. Ultimately, if you plan on wearing your two most treasured rings, it’s smart to opt for a pair designed for that purpose. 

Remember when we mentioned that the band part of a pear shaped ring is typically at the broadest point of the stone, thus a little nearer to the rounded end of the stone?

This means most stacked wedding and engagement rings tuck the wedding band into the sharper side of the stone- so the two bands lie neatly one on top of the other, with the pear shaped stone covering both.

How to Wear a Pear Shaped Ring With Wedding Band

If you dare to be a little different, however, it is possible to wear a wedding band on the round side of the pear. Not just any band will do for this, however! You would need a jeweler to create a curved wedding band to accommodate the pear’s round bottom so the two rings nestle together perfectly.

If you fancy having a few discrete gems on your wedding band, this is a spectacular way to showcase them. You can flip this and use a V-shaped chevron band to fit snugly around the tip if you wish, but this may separate the two rings too much. Your style, so wear it your way! 

A little more avant-garde in nature, we’ve also seen open-face wedding bands, typically terminating in two small diamonds to echo the setting of the pear shaped engagement ring. It’s an interesting but highly non-traditional choice for unconventional brides.

How to Protect Your Pear Shaped Ring From Damage

Now that you know how to wear a pear shaped ring with a wedding band, let’s finish off with some tips to care for your new precious. While a ring’s value is always closely tied to the carat value of the stone, the pear shape is one of the most coveted (and expensive) fancy cuts there is, coming in closely behind the classic round brilliant cut in value, so you want to keep it safe.

How to Protect Your Pear Shaped Ring From Damage
  1. Consider the setting of the ring carefully. There will be a balance to strike between practicality and your desired design, but settings like the closed bezel are less likely to snag or break than raised settings like the prong.
  2. How prone to scratching the metal is should also be considered- this is why engagement and wedding bands are often 14 karat gold instead of 18 karats. Despite its higher value, 18k gold scratches more easily.
  3. Always get your ring sized to your finger properly by a jeweler. A ring that fits perfectly- snug but not tight- is much safer than one that’s too loose. It’s perfectly natural for your hands to swell during the day (don’t feel bad, we’ve all been there), and you may find your band size changes over the years due to age and arthritis, too. If the change is permanent, get your ring resized to fit comfortably again.
  4. Remove your rings when you wash your hands to prevent the chemicals and moisture from damaging the ring and setting. Remember to put them down safely and pick them up again once your hands are dry! No one wants an oopsie with their gems.

What to Do if My Pear Ring Becomes Stuck on My Finger?

To remove a stuck ring, either try dunking your finger in ice water (if your ring and stone are water-safe) to reduce swelling or try to ease it off with a little lubricant. Windex, believe it or not, is perfect for this!

If it is tightly stuck, try to work some thread or floss under the ring, then wrap the finger tightly (and briefly) with the floss to compress the tissue and allow you to work the ring up the finger.


A sassy-but-lovely pear shaped ring makes a statement of love like no other. Eye-catching and dazzling to behold, it symbolizes joy, love, and timeless elegance. If you’re looking for a ring that stands out from the crowd, this is the choice for you- and now you know how to wear it like a rock star, too.

How Much is an 18k Gold Ring Worth? [Full Pricing Guide]

18K gold jewelry is seen as the supreme choice for engagement and wedding rings. Rich and warm, it’s a durable and classic option. Today, we’re going to dive deep into everything you need to know about 18K gold and how pricing works for 18K gold rings.

We’ll walk you through essential factors to consider when selling (or buying) 18K gold rings and how to ensure you snatch the best deal. Let’s begin!

What Is 18k Gold? 

Humanity has been making stunning jewelry for millennia. We’ve found gold jewelry dating from 4000 B.C.! Even if you’re not one to wear a lot of ‘bling,’ you know its rich yellow hue and the substantial value we attribute to it. So it’s natural that it would be one of the most timeless and popular wedding and engagement jewelry choices.

Not only is it exquisite to look at, but the high value of gold means it can be seen as an ‘investment’ piece that retains value, too. In fact, this is why more primitive societies used so much gold jewelry- it was a little like a personal bank you could wear and sell if needed!

What Is 18k Gold? 

Gold is rated on the karat system (we’ll explain more about this in a minute). You’d imagine the very best jewelry would be made from 100% gold, which rates at 24K. However, pure gold is exceptionally soft and warps and scratches easily.

And thus, the beauty of 18K gold, the purest you’ll find used in high-end jewelry, was born. It is rich, warm, and gorgeous to the eye, with a notable luster instead of the dullness some lower karat values have.

18K gold means that your ring is composed of 75% gold mixed with 25% of other metals, including copper, silver, and alloy. In comparison, a 14K gold ring would have about 58.3% pure gold in the mix.

Such consistency makes your 18K gold ring immensely durable, unlikely to cause any allergic reactions, and, most importantly, a piece of true value and beauty.

How Much Is an 18K Gold Ring Worth?

18K gold rings are rather valuable and can be an excellent investment, too. However, understanding the actual worth of your ring is tough. Let’s see how we can help you understand more about 18K gold ring pricing.

First of all, there are two general factors to pricing a ring – intrinsic and resale (or retail) value of the piece. The intrinsic value focuses only on the current price of the materials in your ring, including metals and precious stones. On the other hand, we have the resale or retail value of the 18K gold ring, which evaluates it in terms of style and appeal; basically, is it trendy or not? 

Generally, the retail value will combine intrinsic value, styles and trends, and the ring’s artistry. The brand name of the jeweler or being a limited edition piece can factor into this amount too. Last but not least, you have to consider the market price of gold which fluctuates on a daily basis. You can monitor gold prices and daily changes here.

An 18K gold ring will cost you somewhere between $500 and $1,100. Let’s break down essential factors that will determine which price point will your 18K gold ring land on.

Gold Prices

Investment-savvy readers have likely already realized this key aspect of the worth of 18K gold rings- the gold price. Gold is sold and traded globally (as 24K ingots) on commodity markets, like most other precious metals. This global price sets the basis for what jewelers pay when they purchase the gold that will soon become your perfect wedding or engagement ring. 

The market’s gold value is calculated in ‘Troy Ounces.’ One of these ounces is 31.3 grams of pure gold. However, prices are not fixed as anything to do with investment. Sometimes they can rise and fall rapidly- even by the hour.

It is affected by current currency values but also by market ‘speculation’- which is pretty much what it sounds like. The great news, however, is that gold is one of the least volatile commodities and has always retained a high value, even if the exact dollar cost fluctuates. 

At the time of writing, the price of gold is $59.00 per gram, which is a $0.74 decrease from the previous day. As we explained earlier, your 18K golden ring contains 75% pure gold, which will always have a “raw” value. 

The equation to use for estimating the value of an 18K gold ring is as follows: (weight of ring x gold content) x current price of gold + labor. On average, an 18K gold ring contains 7.5 grams of pure gold.

So, with the current price of gold at $59.00 per gram, an 18K gold ring would be worth a little over $440 just for the gold. Then, we have labor, design, gems, brands, etc., further boosting the ring’s price.

One thing’s certain – an 18K gold ring will most certainly retain its cost over time. In fact, the price is expected to skyrocket in 2023 on a worldwide basis. It might not be the best time to buy, but if you’re trying to sell your old 18K gold ring, now it’s the perfect time to!

Gold Color 

18K gold isn’t as garishly orange as pure gold and is not as light and white-toned as gold with lower carat values. It comes in yellow color, while gold and rose gold varieties allow for stunning combinations with gems of various colors and styles.

An 18K gold ring can come in different colors because of the alloys added to the gold. Now, the amount of gold remains the same – 75%; however, it’s how jewelers allocate the rest. 

Let’s take a look at some gorgeous examples of 18K gold rings of different colors. Remember, color doesn’t impact the price as much as you think.

For instance, the gold band of this absolutely gorgeous Heiress Halo Diamond Engagement Ring from Blue Nile remains $1,690 regardless of what color gold you select.

Heiress Halo Diamond Engagement Ring
Blue Nile Studio Heiress Halo Diamond Engagement Ring
Price: $1,690

In this case, you can go for either rose or yellow gold. 

Remember, fake gold can look whiter and more “silvery” than real gold- although some very good dupes are out there! If you want to be sure your ring is genuine gold, it’s smart to take it to a jeweler and allow them to test it for you.  

Other Factors that Determine the Price of an 18K Gold Ring

Now that we’ve covered the basics, a.k.a the intrinsic value of an 18K gold ring, what else is there? Well, a lot. When it comes to the retail (or resale) value, we have to look at factors like shape, artistry, brand name, and more. Those are heavily influenced by trends, unlike the value of “raw” gold.

Who doesn’t remember the Victorian-inspired domed-oval-shaped white gold ring Edward gave Bella in the Twilight Saga “Breaking Dawn”? Years after the movie’s release, the demand for similar-style rings can still be felt across jewelry stores worldwide. 

Now, let’s go through some other price-determining factors. 

Vintage vs. New

Unlike numerous metals that form in the Earth’s crust, gold comes from space. Therefore, all gold is old. Putting the buzzword “vintage” in front of an 18K gold ring listing doesn’t necessarily mean that the ring is worth an enormous price tag.

What can boost that price tag, though, is if it’s made by a renowned company (like Tiffany) or if it’s a one-of-a-kind, jaw-dropping piece. (On a personal note, old 18K gold rings have a lovely warmth and a subtle blush tone, and many prefer it to the bright yellow of a newly-made 18K gold ring.) 


Round is the classic ring shape and will always be popular and sought after. However, there are so many different shapes to choose from these days, and yes, they affect the final price. For instance, this classic 18K gold band is $600.

Classic Four Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring
Classic Four Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring
Price: $600

Meanwhile, this more unique 18K white gold band of this Split-Shank ring is $2,790.

Split-Shank Diamond Engagement Ring
Split-Shank Diamond Engagement Ring
Price: $2,790


Some jewelers go above and beyond to create a unique-looking piece that, although jaw-dropping, it’s so custom that it becomes difficult to sell. A vintage one-of-a-kind 18K gold ring, although of greater value than mass-produced jewelry, might be off-trend.

This can lower the price. Also, sellers would probably have to wait a little longer for the right customer.

Precious Stones

We love traditional simple wedding bands; however, for most people, gold is just the background of a stunning centerpiece, which greatly affects the final price of the ring.

For instance, if the center jewel stone of your 18K gold ring is opal, the price will be different than an 18K gold ring with a centerpiece that’s one of the four precious stones (ruby, emerald, diamond, or sapphire). This classic Petite Twist Diamond Engagement Ring with Emerald-Cut Amethyst in 18k Rose Gold is $1,950.

Classic Petite Twist Diamond Engagement Ring Amethyst
Classic Petite Twist Diamond Engagement Ring | Emerald-Cut Amethyst
Price: $1,950

Now, if you change the center jewel from amethyst to sapphire, the price goes up to $9,750. 

Classic Petite Twist Diamond Engagement Ring Sapphire
Classic Petite Twist Diamond Engagement Ring | Emerald-Cut Sapphire
Price: $9,750


Ultimately, an 18K gold ring is an excellent investment! Not to mention that wedding bands or engagement rings are not going anywhere, meaning there’ll always be a market for selling and buying rings.

Gold has historically increased in worth and remains one of the most valuable precious metals in the world. You can trust the intrinsic value of a gold ring to at least stay steady, if not rise.

So, if you’re buying, it is worth picking yourself a stunning piece of jewelry you can wear and enjoy for its beauty and quality, too. And, if you’re selling, we hope this guide helped you get a sense of what you need to consider before listing it online.