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12 Jimmy Choo Wedding Shoes: Sassy Style

​Picture it: you find yourself at Neiman Marcus with bridesmaids in tow, trying on a most perfect pair of shimmering Jimmy Choo heels. Taking them out the box is an almost religious experience,  and you swear there’s an angelic humming sound emanating from above. Sliding your foot effortlessly into the heel – like Cinderella with […]

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16 Stunning Bridal Headpiece Alternatives To A Veil

I’ve always been drawn to period movies, especially ones that take place in The Renaissance. Whats more, there is something unique about bridal headpieces (hair chains, hair vines and hair halos) that makes them emit a romantic, medieval feeling. My mind wanders to visions of fair maidens adorned with enchanting ribbons, along with headpieces perfectly […]

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