Wedding Fashion

Reviews of all the latest wedding fashion trends and products.

How to Hang a Wedding Dress Before the Ceremony

gown hanging at gates of winery

You’ve sent out your invitations, booked your honeymoon, and finally conquered the seating chart. The big day is almost here! But, you’re still finalizing what you need to do to keep your dress looking gorgeous for your big day. Perhaps you’ve spent years dreaming up the perfect wedding dress, and …

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16 Stunning Bridal Headpiece Alternatives To A Veil

bridal headpiece alternative featured

I’ve always been drawn to period movies, especially ones that take place in The Renaissance. Whats more, there is something unique about bridal headpieces (hair chains, hair vines and hair halos) that makes them emit a romantic, medieval feeling. My mind wanders to visions of fair maidens adorned with enchanting …

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