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meredith-and-andrew-from-love-lavenderWelcome from Meredith and Andrew, the husband and wife team behind Love & Lavender and creators of this wellness guide!

Wedding planning doesn’t have to be complicated. Nor does it need to be a stress-induced excercise that keeps you awake at night.

Yet, our experience tells us that with so many different personalities types, opinions, and expectations involved the whole process can quickly go from Royal Wedding Bliss to A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Who is this guide for?

  • Newly engaged couples who don’t know where to start in the wedding planning journey
  • Those who desire a smooth, happy, and healthy engagement period
  • Those who want the least amount of wedding day stress!

Why a Wedding Wellness Guide?

The topic really resonates with us, especially after our own stressed filled wedding planning period. We’ve been blogging on Love & Lavender for over 4 years now, and thought it was about time to give back in a more meaningful way.

The engagement timeframe leading up to your wedding day is supposed to be one of the happiest and best times in life.  After all, that is what we’re all lead to believe from our parents, mainstream media, and the wedding industry as a whole. For the most part, wedding planning and the wedding day are amazing!

But here is the realist in us coming out: Don’t you get the feeling that there is an overwhelming amount of energy directed at (taking as much money from the bride and groom) the bride and groom?

Not all comes up rainbows and kittens in the land of fairytale happily-ever-afters. Read most wedding blogs, magazines, or attend a bridal show and you’ll certainly experience a high amount of positivity. After a while it becomes painfully obvious that such a hightened state of bliss is masking something deaper. There is a boogeyman lurking in the wedding planning shadows that not many are open to discussing —  a boogeyman whose name is STRESS!

Survey Says

A recent survey asked 500 engaged couples about their wedding planning stress levels. It is the type of survey that really opened our eyes. It told us that there is indeed a huge stress mess around weddings in general.

A few results from that survey:

  • 96% of respondents find wedding planning stressful
  • 40% of respondents specifically used the terms “very” and extremely” to describe wedding planning stress.
  • 86% of respondents suffered on average 3+ stress-induced symptoms, including skin breakouts, hair loss, loss of sex drive, insomnia, headaches

Love & Lavender’s own wedding week was far from the calm oasis of wellness that many envision. It included bouts of acute and excessive stress during our 16 month engagement. Stress-induced symptoms like trench mouth — look it up and you’ll agree that no bride should have to endure excessive stress levels.

After reviewing the numbers from the survey above and spending many hours discussing the results, we realized wedding stress is common. We think it is totally rediculous that 86% of couples beginning a new life together are brought to unnecessary levels of stress.

In writing this guide, we want to create a complete guide designed to make your planning process relatively painless. A simple wedding planning checklist is great and all (you can get that here), but we thought brides and grooms deserve more.

That’s why we strive to give you a full fledged roadmap through the wedding planning journey. Sure, you could search online and get 5 different answers, each with their own agenda and possibly without listed sources. You need the right answers from an impartial source. Who has time to check and verify sources when they’re wedding planning?!

Love & Lavender is a small wedding media company that aims to give you the best advice for your situation from authoritative sources.

As we release new chapters of this guide, we hope to encapsulate every major section of the entire wedding planning process such as the engagement, budgeting and finances, the ceremony, and all the nitty gritty details you might not think about.  

It is vitally important to touch on wedding topics that aren’t discussed in great detail. Much of what you read in the wedding media is painted with a swoon-worthy over-the-top rainbows and unicorns brush. 

We love inspirational wedding ideas and topics as much as the next person, and provide a lot of it on the blog. However, we also want to be realistic and give newly engaged couples as much valuable advice as we can.

After all, life does continue past your wedding day. If you haven’t managed the process properly in terms of personal or relationship stress, you may be left with a massive emotional/financial hangover post wedding.

Among other things, this guide will show you where the key ignition points of stress can creep in during wedding planning, as well as discuss all the emotional highs and lows that wedding seems to bring on.

Wedding Wellness Guarantee?

Not exactly. No two situations are the same, and there are no guarantees when it comes to dealing with other human beings — especially in a wedding context. However, armed with the right tools, frameworks, and information, you stand a better chance to navigate around those roadblocks loved one may put up.

Our hope is that you enjoy a harmonious engagement period and wedding day, one that allows you to manage any little stress that may arise in a healthy way.

This guide is for every couple planning their wedding, no matter what budget.

How to Use this Guide

It’s up to you how you proceed. Read chapter by chapter, or pick and choose a specific topic that you need help with. We know that many readers won’t be skimming this massive guide from start to finish.

We speak from our personal wedding planning experience, along with the thousands of real weddings we’ve published here on the blog. Learning and engaging with hundreds of brides over the years puts us in a unique position to distill information and give actionable advice.  In addition, we will be reaching out to authoritative experts in the wedding field to further add value to the guide.

Whatever wedding related issues your’re struggling with currently, we want to help you as best we can. We hope you’ll join our Love & Lavender Wedding Wellness community and take a bit of the stress out of planning your wedding!

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As a wedding blogger, wedding planner and previous bride myself, I have used a lot of planning related tools. There a loads of them out there, some of which are amazing and others not so much.

To try to help you separate the good from the not-so-good, we’ve curated a list of companies, tools, links and resources that we strongly recommend to couples planning their big day.

I’ve personally used each recommendation on our Wedding Resources page. Many of the resources listed are companies that I have worked with personally, and that I highly recommend. In some cases, the products were crucial to planning my own wedding!


Like I said above, wedding are pretty straight forward, so long as you have a good strategic plan and stay organized.  So to get you started, here is our FREE Wedding Planning Checklist of the good, the bad, the I don’t want to but have to, and personal tid-bits that will help smooth out the process and get you thinking of things you might not have otherwise thought about.


Engagement Shoots

The engagement shoots on L&L usually have unique elements like decor details or props that are fun, have a touch of pizzazz, and show off personality! Either that, or I picked the engagement shoot because I fell for the puppy they used – gets me every time! Engagement shoots are a sneak peak into an engagement story, and a way to compare the engagement ring to your own. No fibbing, we all do it!

Styled Shoots

Styled shoots are a great resource for themed weddings as they are full of ideas for decor, details, attire, or floral arrangements. They are over the top Magnificent with a capital M. If money was no object, I would host a styled shoot everyday and live in a constant state of styled wedding shoot bliss for the rest of my life.

Real Weddings

We have over 8 years worth of amazing real wedding that incorporate unique and eye catching decor.  That’s a whole lotta weddings for you to fantasize over. Go ahead and fall in love with the styles, fashion, and venues, then recreate the same look and feel for your own wedding day.

To make it quicker and easier for you to find the weddings that you are most drawn to, search all our weddings by:

  • City
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Vendor Guide


**COMING SOON** Our vendor guide works hand-in-hand with all of our real weddings featured on the site.  Find a vendor you like a on certain real wedding click through to view their profile, what they offer and any other weddings that they have been a part of.


Love & Lavender is proud to have been one of the first wedding blogs to offer high quality free wedding invitation printables.  Our printables are both our own unique L&L designs and designs from our wedding invitation partners.

We are super excited to be launching our new interactive platform for our printables.  No more downloading a PDF and just adding your name.  You will now be able to easily move text around, change the font including the color and size, add icons and truly make the invite uniquely yours!  Practically the same functionality like what you would find from a real online stationery company – but FREE!


When it comes to wedding registries, there is an endless selection to choose from.  From home decor registries and crowdfunding for your honeymoon to money and charity registries, it can all be quite over whelming to know which is the perfect fit for you.  There is no longer the one-stop-shop that everyone goes to, and besides online make adding items you want a snap, saving you loads of time for other wedding planning. Sorry if you had visions of running around the stores with a handheld scanner.  

We review each wedding registry from top to bottom, picking out the pros and cons of each, so that you can find the best wedding registry.


Honeymoons come in all shapes, sizes and budgets, but so do travel destinations. To help you decide which location best suites your honeymoon destination wish list, we break down all the go to honeymoon hot spots.

We dish on all the pros and cons of each destination to help you make the right decision on where you want to spend your romantic getaway as newlyweds!

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We Appreciate You!


We’re here for you as both as guides and as friends.

We want to hear your stories. We want to know how else we can help you. We want the Love & Lavender experience to be our experience, together.  Because as you know, managing everyday stressers don’t just stop after you say your I-Dos. That’s how we all learn and grow, including us.

We do our best to respond to emails. We hope that the skill you learn from this wedding planning guide are ones that not only help you have a happy, healthy engagement period, but that you can also move forward with in life. In everything we do here with Love & Lavender, we truly want to make your engagement period, wedding day, your relationship with each other and all the relationships that surround you, as strong and meaningful as they can.