First comes Love.

Then comes Lavender (at your wedding).

Then comes the question:

“What type of honeymoon should we take?”

That’s what this page is all about! Check out our honeymoon travel destination section below for a few ideas to get you started.


What is a honeymoon?

A vacation for strictly two people with the express purpose of romance, experiencing something new, a time to relax, a time to further grow as a couple with no one else around, and a time to think about the next chapter in your life together. There are other definitions, but that is what we see as a honeymoon.

We think honeymoons come in all shapes and sizes with unique aspects for each newlywed couple. Some focus on trying to focus a zen-like state of relaxation somewhere on a beach in Bali. Others want complete luxury and pampering in a villa in Hawaii.

Check out our guide to types of honeymoons to see what type of honeymoon you identify with the most.



Value-for-Money Honeymoon

Everyone likes to get a good deal. Honeymoons shouldn’t be any different!

We suspect that you (like us) are not independently wealthy. If you were, you’d probably not be reading this blog and planning your own travel arrangements! That’s what personal assistants are for, aren’t they?

We specifically avoid the overused term ‘budget friendly’, as it brings up images of cheap and frugal. That is not what we mean at all. We think you can have an absolutely amazing honeymoon in many locations around the world, without going into huge debt. You need to find the right value for what you hope to achieve on your honeymoon.

We take the same perspective on our slow travel, mobile creative lifestyle. We love to experience the sights, tastes, and people of different travel locations in a value conscious way. We’re past the backpacking stage of life, but we are not at the stage where we can spend frivolously either. We always seek good value.


Budget: $2,200 CAD

Love & Lavender went on a mini-moon after we said, “I do.” We both agreed that it would not be considered our official honeymoon, and in many ways we were proven correct.

Our 8 night cruise in the Caribbean after our wedding was more of a recovery travel break than anything else. We were both exhausted from planning and executing our wedding and needed a rest.

The cost of our post-wedding vacation included return flights for two and an inside cabin on the Carnival Freedom cruise ship.

Sorry Carnival, Andrew loved his first cruising experience in 2001 on one of your ships, but a Honeymoon worthy cruise line you are not. Carnival is called ‘the Fun Ship’ for a reason. Lots of loud, slightly inebriated-at-all-hours-of-the-day, cheap fare cruise goers of all ages and demographics who pile onto a ship for 7 days at a time.

Needless to say, romance can be illusive.


Since becoming professional honeymooners, I’m not sure that we will ever take an official honeymoon in the future. Maybe one day …

Until then, Love & Lavender is excited to review and create amazing honeymoon guides and itineraries for our audience. Here are top honeymoon destinations we would love to experience in the next 6 months:

Tuscany, Italy

What’s your ultimate honeymoon destination wish list?