When it comes to honeymoon options, the choices are endless.

Do you want to go on a trip of a lifetime to climb Mount Kilimanjaro? Or perhaps you have always wanted to experience the great American road trip and see the majestic Grand Canyon. And then there are those newlyweds looking to sit back on a white sandy beach, with a strawberry daiquiri in hand, and let the rolling waves take away your worries?

A honeymoon should be a different kind of vacation. A honeymoon encapsulates that feeling of je ne sais quoi – magic in the air, moments of romance, restful relaxation, uniqueness, adventure, and accomplishing one of your bucket list to-dos. The cynic in me thinks that is just what we are made to believe from the movies. Either way, a honeymoon is a special and memorable time in your life.

The wedding planning and stress is over. Now it is time to reminisce about your beautiful wedding day, and dream about your future together as husband and wife.

To narrow down the style of honeymoon you would both enjoy, I’ve created a mini guide to 10 types of honeymoons. This guide may help you figure out where you and your better half fit and what honeymoon is most inspiring.


1. City Honeymoon

Waltz down the Champs-Élysées in Paris, take a stroll through Hyde Park in London, or grab a cab in New York for an evening performance of Phantom of the Opera.

A city honeymoon has endless possibilities: museums, art, history, markets, shopping, fine dining, and big budget shows. Find a great city that you both have never explored and plan your city honeymoon.

Potential Drawbacks: Big cities can be pricey and include busy streets, crowded sidewalks, and large city blocks. Its a balancing act between wanting to see and do it all, and taking time to relax together.


2. Beach Honeymoon

Calling all sun worshipers, beach bums, and anyone in need of rest and relaxation! A beach honeymoon is my idea of a relaxing honeymoon option. Probably the most stereotyped hot spot for any honeymoon is a sunny beach getaway. Most honeymooners stick to typical beach resort destinations such as Hawaii, Mexico, and the Caribbean. If your budget allows, fly off the beaten track to the beaches of Koh Toa in Thailand, Fernando de Noronha in Brazil, or Nantucket, Massachusetts. White sand, waves, sun, and an ice cold bevvy? Need I say more.

Potential Drawbacks: For those of us in cooler climates, beach destinations often come with long flights and multiple connections. Also, make sure you do your homework and that you love the resort you select. Otherwise, it could be a long two weeks of poor quality food, service, or sleep!

3. Adventure Honeymoon

If you are both adrenalin seekers, and laying on a beach all week is not going to do it for you, then find something adventurous and bucket list worthy that you can both checkoff. Perhaps a trek across the Gobi Desert in Mongolia, an African Safari, Zip-line in a rain forest in Costa Rica, or climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Adventure honeymoons can provide spectacular photo memories and stories that will last a lifetime.

Potential Drawbacks: Adventure honeymoons usually include long flights and and lengthier trip time. They often cost more money too. If budget is a constraint, think about honeymooning in a shoulder season when prices may be lower.

4. Theme Park Honeymoon

Do you both have fond memories of your childhood vacations to Disneyland, and just can’t wait to get back on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride? A honeymoon to Orlando or Anaheim awaits. Walt Disney, Universal Studios, Sea World, and Harry Potter theme parks will keep both of you laughing and enjoying the good times together – newlywed fun for kids at heart. Both California and Florida are super close to the beach and city. If you would like to take a day off from the theme park fun to walk on the beach at sunset, you can.

Potential Drawbacks: Theme parks are great fun, but if you go in the wrong season there will likely be long lines, too hot or too cold weather, and little kiddies running around everywhere.

5. Old World Romance Honeymoon

Candles, rose petals on the bed, and love notes galore! A romantic old world European location is just what you need for your fairytale romance honeymoon. Set the perfect atmosphere d’amore and stay in a medieval castle, take romantic strolls down cobble stone streets while feeding each other chouquette, or simply listen to the soothing language of the locals. France, Italy and Spain top the list of old world romance honeymoon destinations. Find a charming town, rent a vintage convertible, and explore.

Potential Drawbacks: Smaller towns (especially in Europe) mean less options for things to do. Shorter trips may be more suitable for some. In addition, getting to Europe usually requires long flights and a lengthier trip time. Costs can add up in high season, so plan accordingly.

6. Vineyard and Winery Honeymoon

From Syrah to Chardonnay, Gruyère to Gouda, wake up your pallet with a vineyard honeymoon to remember. Explore over 4,000 local wineries in Sonoma Valley and Napa Valley, or push the limits and head to the old growth wine regions of Europe. A vineyard honeymoon is both educational and social at a relaxed pace. Many wineries have accommodation onsite – B&B rooms, full kitchen condo style suites, or just a place to rest. In addition, once you have had your fill of wine tasting, head to nearby attractions or cities to take in the nightlife.

Potential Drawbacks: Visiting several wineries in a day can mean frequent car rides, navigating unfamiliar territory, and an afternoon nap due to imbibing too much wine! Better yet, rent a limo to whisk you from winery to winery and avoid a designated driver.

7. Road Trip Honeymoon

Grab a map, throw a dart, and get going. This is for the spontaneous couple that enjoy the wind in their hair and the horizon in the review mirror. Rent a convertible sports car (or an RV) and plan to stop along the way at all your sightseeing checklist spots. Or be spontaneous and drive wherever the road takes you.

The United States is a great place for a bespoke road trip honeymoon. Stay in one place if you really enjoy it, or hit the asphalt and find greener pastures for honeymoon bliss.

Potential Drawbacks: Unless your road trip honeymoon is planned in advance, you may have to put extra thought into your plans each day. Constantly driving will allow you to see many sights, but you may not find it fully relaxing.

8. Cruise Honeymoon

Enjoy a sample of everything on your honeymoon: vast food choices, white sand beaches, historic sights, Broadway worthy entertainment, and time alone with your significant other. A two week cruise can accommodate most of your honeymoon must-haves.

Cruise honeymoons are great for couples that like different degrees of activity. He can put his feet up and relax with a good book the whole time, while she wakes up early to follow her daily paper to the next scheduled activity. Need a few beach days, and not an entire two weeks at the beach? A cruise in the Caribbean or Europe is a great option. Turn your brain off and prepare to be pampered with gourmet food, exciting entertainment, built-in accommodations, casino, full service bars and unique itineraries.

Potential Drawbacks: We’ve been on enough cruise ships to know the potential pitfalls – thin walls in your stateroom, a growing waist line, exorbitant costs for alcohol and soda pop, or not having enough time in a port that you love. Nevertheless, do your research on different cruise ship lines, vessels, or itineraries and you should be fine.

9. Ski Resort Honeymoon

If a day together on the ski slopes followed by a night at your chalet is more your style, a honeymoon at a luxury ski resort is the way to go.The famous ski areas of Aspen, Colorado or Whistler, BC come to mind. However, you could go a little further afield and ski the famous Swiss alps – romance potential written all over it! Either way, cozy up to each other in front of a roaring log fire whilst laying on a faux bear skin rug and drinking hot cocoa, then relax in an outdoor hot tub amid falling snow.

Potential Drawbacks: Cold fingers/toes, bad weather, and hefty prices at famous ski resorts are the usual pitfalls of a ski destination honeymoon.

10. Hobby Honeymoon

Hobbies tend to drift to the wayside as we get older. We seem to forget, or don’t have time, to do the activities we once loved. Reconnect with past passions and grow the bond with your significant other by taking a hobby honeymoon. Travel to a new country and submerse yourselves in their culture; learn or re-learn a new skill. Depending on your budget you could: Learn Italian cooking in Tuscany, take an oil painting class, improve your photography skills all around the world, or take a cycling tour in France.The options are limitless.

Potential Drawbacks: Compromise is the name of the game for a hobby honeymoon. Likely, you each have different interests or hobbies and may have to take turns choosing what to do next on your honeymoon.