How To Become A Wedding Blog Guest Contributor

We’re currently accepting wedding blog guest submissions from awesome writers like you!

At the Love & Lavender wedding blog we sometimes need a little help to fill out our content schedule. We know there are amazing writers – either experienced or just starting out – who would love to submit work to broaden their online exposure. That’s why we are seeking high quality original articles from guest contributors.

We think its a win-win.

If you’d like to be considered as a guest blogger for Love & Lavender, please carefully read through the following information. Fill out the form on this page near the bottom, and then click submit.

Note: Real Wedding / Styled Shoot

This page is solely for submissions of articles from guest contributors. Please click the following link if you are looking to submit a real wedding or styled shoot for consideration.


Why Write For Us

Love & Lavender has been one of the top wedding blogs online since our virtual doors opened back in early 2010.

We love featuring rustic, vintage, or whimsical styles the most — especially outdoor weddings. That being said, our posts range from how-to guides, reviews, advice, and even opinion pieces on a wide variety of wedding topics.

It takes many talented writers to keep an online media property alive with fresh content these days. We welcome top notch wedding writers to contribute original work to round out our content schedule. Whether you only want to submit one article or form an ongoing relationship with us by submitting many articles, we’d love to get to know you better.

All posts published on our wedding blog are promoted via social media channels.


Types of Articles We Look For:

Our audience consists of bridal couples and wedding vendors from around the world. Obviously the wedding industry is massive and there are too many topics to list on this page. Here is a small sample of the types of articles our readers enjoy:

  • How-to articles that definitively solve a bridal problem
  • DIY tutorials for favors, decor, or other wedding projects
  • Advice on the wedding planning process
  • Wedding fashion trends
  • Wedding stationery guides, styles, or how-to articles
  • Wedding recipes or food topics

We WON’T Publish Articles That:

  • Have been previously published online
  • Are advertisements for a product or commercial service
  • Are vendor reviews
  • Are Press Releases
  • Are fiction, poetry, or otherwise not a format we publish
  • Are NOT well-researched
  • Include overly personal family issues (perhaps without family member consent)
  • Are too similar to a recent post or a post that we already plan to publish
  • Are too short (we rarely publish guest posts shorter than 750 words)

Note for wedding vendors: If you’d like to promote a wedding business or product to our readers, please join us as a sponsor.


An Overview of the Process

  1. Read these guest contributor guidelines.
  2. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page. If your draft article is already finished, you may submit it. Otherwise, provide us with a brief outline of your intended post and any key takeaways. Please allow 5 business days for us to review and provide feedback.
  3. Send us a draft in Google Doc format. Include any images that you want for the post. We check to make sure images comply with copyright laws (i.e., you must be able to grant permission to us for use of the image). Please allow 5 business days for us to review and provide edits/feedback.
  4. After final edits to the post, we will schedule your guest blog article. We publish no more than one guest blog post a week. Our content calendar is subject to change, which means guest posts are sometimes rescheduled.
  5. We’ll let you know the publish date/time so you can promote as well.

Submission Disclaimer

When you submit work to Love & Lavender:

  • You grant your consent for us to publish your wedding blog submission on Love & Lavender and associated media properties.
  • You also grant your consent to let us edit your submission for length, tone, and clarity.
  • We can’t publish every article we receive and there are lots of factors that go into how we choose content to feature. Don’t be offended if your article doesn’t get published.
  • We don’t have a budget to pay guest contributors. However, we do link to your personal website if you wish. We do NOT link to a business’ website.
  • We do NOT accept submissions from SEO firms, or writers representing commercial websites.
  • We don’t mind posts written for your own blog or website — just be sure to let us know where it originally appeared. We generally don’t publish posts that have already appeared on other wedding websites.
  • While we love reading each submission, we’re not able to publish every guest article that’s submitted. We aim to email you within two weeks if we are not able to use your article!

Only submissions via this page are considered for publication.


Guest Article Submission