A Garden Bridal Session at Furman University

gazebo at Furman University

Ashley’s Bridal Session took place on the grounds at Furman University. The shoot started at the Rose Garden and then made its way to the Susan Shi Garden, ending in the forest area overlooking the iconic Furman Clock Tower. We love the gorgeous bridal look and wonderful sculpted garden grounds! …

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Classic Church Wedding in Fairhope, Alabama

gray bridesmaid dresses

Photographer’s Comments: “Jonathan and Caroline’s Fairhope, Alabama wedding was such a wonderful day! They are such a sweet couple, so laid back and up for anything. I can tell that they are loved by many. “The ceremony location at St. James Episcopal Church was beautiful. I love locations where I …

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How to Change your Name After Marriage (with Zero Stress)

Custom word bridal hanger

In all the excitement of planning your wedding, it can be easy to overlook the less glamorous aspects of starting married life. Getting ​paperwork in order doesn’t compare with cake testing or trying on dresses, but it is just as important to pull off a perfect wedding day.If you’re planning …

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Gold-Renaissance Inspired Bridal Boudoir in Tuscany

model looking out window

  We rarely feature boudoir shoots on the blog, but this one from Tuscany really spoke to us. Enjoy! “Echoing the immaculate, free-spirited mood of Spring, and channeling the portraiture of Boccaccio’s maiden-like femme- demure, affectionate, soft- we get caught up in an era-defining romantic vision: a delicate figure, shawled …

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The Best Tattoo Cover up Makeup: Hiding Ink on the Big Day

tattoo on hands

Your wedding day is fast approaching, and you’re stuck wondering how to hide or cover up your tattoos. We get it: Permanent tattoos are becoming more and more acceptable (even in the workplace). However, for a formal, momentous life event such as your wedding day​, you might ​consider covering up …

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Airbrush Makeup vs Traditional Makeup: Battle of the Beauties

traditional makeup-brush-and-tools

Your wedding date is fast approaching, and you still can’t seem to decide between going with airbrush makeup vs traditional makeup on the big day.Not to worry, you’ve landed at the right place!  In this article, we’ll take a look at the exact differences between airbrush makeup and traditional makeup. …

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