10 Custom Wedding Cookie Favor Ideas (Will You Buy or Bake?)

One unique treat that many guests attending a wedding look forward to are favors. And a scrumptious treat I look forward to eating (whenever they are in the house) are cookies. Put the two together and you get to the heart of today’s article – custom wedding cookie favor ideas!

Now the only question is will you buy or bake cookies?



What’s a Wedding Favor?

Fair question for the newbie wedding planners among us!

According to one of our primary sources (Wikipedia), a wedding favor is a small gift that is given by the bride and groom to their guests. This gift serves as a simple gesture of appreciation and gratitude. Usually, the wedded gives the favors to their guests during the wedding reception.


Edible Wedding Favor Trend

These days, more and more couples are giving away edible treats like cookies or brownies as wedding favors. No wonder, the great thing about cookies is that they can replace the usual multi-layered wedding cake. The bad part: your guests will likely consume said cookie on the car ride home from the wedding!

In fact, a recent Daily Mail article reports that instead of the traditional wedding cake, couples are now opting for a full-on dessert table that includes cookies, cupcakes, doughnuts, and tarts among other treats.


Why Give Cookies as Wedding Favors?

Love & Lavender enjoys cookies, a lot. Andrew still holds onto his longtime dream of starting and running a cookie empire utilizing an old recipe passed down through generations in his family. Perhaps one day! 🙂

Out of the many options available, what makes cookies a great choice as wedding favors? Let’s get into that a bit more. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider giving away cookies at your wedding:

  • Cookies taste amazing – In most cases, the wedding favor trinkets that we give away just end up in a closet or storage box somewhere. Nobody really needs or wants a cheap pair of $2 sunglasses as a wedding favor. But, you can be sure that a cookie will not go to waste!
  • Cookies are practical – Rather than spend a lot of money on items that people are not going to use anyway, bake cookies instead. They don’t have to be expensive; as long as they look good and taste good, your guests will appreciate them!
  • Cookies are adaptable – You can decorate a cookie in different ways. You can make a cookie sandwich, put them in a jar, or pair them with milk.
  • Everyone loves cookies – Who doesn’t love cookies? From your ring bearer to your maid of honor to your mother in law – everyone is bound to gobble them up!
  • Cookie jars are reusable – After eating every last cookie crumb, your guests can re-use the cookie jars. No wasted materials!
  • Fun to choose cookie jars – Perhaps you have a special family heirloom that you want to include as a cookie jar at your wedding. Or maybe you enjoy hunting through vintage shops to find a few cookie jars that will make for a real statement piece on your dessert table. Either way, choosing the right cookie jars to house your delectable morsels is fun!

Will You Buy or Bake?

We like the design flexibility and creativeness that personalized wedding cookies offer. Gather a group of friends and have a fun time baking your wedding treats into various shapes, sizes, and tastes. You can also wrap or package them using different materials.

We scoured our favorite online haunts to source our 10 best personalized wedding cookie ideas that you can either DIY at home, or buy online as wedding favors.

1. Tuxedo and Gown Cookies

tuxedo-and-gown-cookiesOne of our favorite designs has to be the tuxedo and gown cookie, mainly because that’s what we had for our own wedding day favors. Andrew spent time baking molasses cookies using his family’s recipe – a nice homage to long departed relatives who passed on the baking tradition. Meredith assembled her decorating crew and designed wonderful tuxedo and gown icing shapes on the round cookies. In the end, everyone enjoyed their wedding cookie favors!

If you need professional baking help and like the idea of tuxedo/gown cookies at your wedding, head over to Etsy and check out their wonderful selection of cute cookies like the one pictured from TheBakedEquation.



2. Custom Wedding Fortune Cookies

custom-wedding-fortune-cookieThe traditional Chinese fortune cookie can be adapted for your own wedding. Whip up some chocolate dough and mold them into a fortune cookie shape. Fill each cookie with a handwritten or printed poem – love this idea!

Aside from poems, you can also use romantic movie lines or make up your own funny fortunes. Just make sure that the strips of paper will fit into the cookies … and that guests don’t accidentally consume the paper! Measurements will vary by the size of the cookie, but generally each strip should measure about four inches by one half inch.

Don’t have the time to DIY? Check out these custom wedding fortune cookies from a recommended Etsy seller.


3. Colorful Wedding Cookies

If you do not have time to bake cookies, you can buy different brands instead. Then, assemble similar colored cookies together into one bunch. Even if they come in different shapes, having the same color will create an eye-catching blend.

Think back to your youth and chances are you can remember your favorite store bought cookie. Maybe buy the two varieties that both you and your future spouse each enjoyed most as kids, and add a few well-known classics to the mix.

Store-bought cookies are a wise option for a budget-conscious couple. Custom wedding cookies can add up for a larger wedding party, whereas the store bought route is usually much more affordable. Your guests will never know the difference … and if they do, I’m sure that’s not what is top of mind at your wedding!


4. Sandwich Wedding Cookies

Sandwich cookies make for a unique cookie favor. You can choose from chocolate, vanilla, and other flavors. Wrap them in a cellophane packet together with a romantic quote and you’re all set.


5. Champagne Shaped Sugar Cookie

champagne-shaped-sugar-cookiesBy themselves, sugar cookies look plain and simple. But, when you lay some icing on top using your design skills, you can turn them into a miniature champagne bottle. Add a brand name and vintage to complete your sugar cookie bottles.

Place the sugar cookie cakes into transparent boxes and then wrap with ribbon. I’m sure each of your guests would be happy to take home their own mini champagne shaped cookie.

Don’t have the time to DIY? Check out these custom champagne bottle wedding cookies from a recommended Etsy seller.



6. Mexican Wedding Cookies

mexican-wedding-cookiesAt Mexican weddings it is customary to serve cookies as a dessert. Mexicans call them pastelitos de boda, which literally translates to “wedding cookies.” These cookies include almonds, pecans, and walnuts as the main ingredients.

You can plunk Mexican wedding cookies into a jar or a box along with a sweet message. Guests can eat them right away or choose to take them home. Give your guests a taste of Mexico with this custom cookie idea.

Short on baking time? Buy your Mexican wedding cookies from a top Etsy seller.



7. Wedding Cookies with Milk

cookies-and-milk-styled-shootMilk and cookies, cookies and milk — these two make one of my all time favorite taste combinations! It may seem unusual to serve milk at a wedding, but who cares? Non traditional weddings are all the rage. The cookie-and-milk combination is a childhood favorite and is bound to be a hit with both kids and adults.

Check out our own L&L milk and cookies styled shoot for more inspiration.




8. Monogrammed Wedding Cookies

kelley-hart-monogrammed-cookiesI love the classic look of monogrammed cookies as wedding favors. Place cookies back to back and add your initials in icing. These cookies will add a touch of elegance to your wedding. Easy to bake and decorate yourself. Or, if you are strapped for time then get one of Etsy’s wonderful cookie creators to whip up a batch of monogrammed cookies for you!



9. Wedding Cookie Stamps

If you loved playing with rubber stamps as a kid, then you’ll love this idea. Turn ordinary cookies into beautiful wedding favors by stamping them with your initials, floral designs, or other patterns.


10. Wedding Macaroons

pumpkin-spice-macaroonsMacaroons not only look divine, they taste good too! What’s more, they come in different colors and flavors. Choose one that matches your color theme and place in a unique jar, box, or other container.

I’ve never attempted making macaroons myself, but have much experience in eating them! Try these pumpkin spiced macaroons that caught my eye from top Etsy seller SplendidSweetShoppe.


Final Thoughts

Anyone of these custom wedding cookie favor ideas will make a sweet ending to your special day. They are delicious, affordable, and unique. Wedding cookie favors are a wonderful parting gift for your family and friends.



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