Toms Wedding Shoes – The Comfortable Flat for Every Bride

When most people think about comfort, wedding day attire doesn't normally come to mind. There's no reason ​it shouldn't! Sure, those sky high crystal embellished heels that you couldn't afford (​and bought anyways) make you feel sexier, stand a little taller, and ​​maybe even accentuate your tush ...

However, after standing during the ceremony and then more standing at a ​guest receiving ​line that may stretch on for hours​, a pair of light weight lace slip-ons may ​be just what your bridal tootsies ​need.

​Enter Toms shoes. You've likely heard of Toms​ as the shoe ​company that keeps on giving, literally.​

What we love is that the price of a pair of Toms bridal shoes won't make a huge dent in your wedding budget. That and the delicate ​classic lace ​makes for a fantastic shoe shot. Hello -- look at the gorgeous pics below!

Toms also make a wonderful bridesmaid thank you gift. What could be better: give a gift ​to your bridesmaids and ​give a new pair of shoes to a child in need.

I am convinced that this is the perfect wedding day slip-on. I've seen tons of real brides featured on L&L who opted to wear them on their wedding day. If you aren't convinced, let's delve a little deeper and explore ​the company, their shoes, and why you should ​purchase these delicate gems for your big day!

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Why Toms for Bridal Shoes?

Why Toms for
Bridal Shoes?

Blake Mycoskie Ring Any Bells?

Didn't think so. To make a long story short, he is the founder of Toms shoes and a pretty ingenious guy.

After a trip to Argentina ​in 2006, ​when he witnessed the hardships faced by children growing up without shoes, he was inspired to create a for-profit company that was sustainable and didn't rely on donations.

From ​that point, the idea of One for One® was born. A business model that helps a person in need with every product purchased. So far they have provided over 60 million pairs of shoes to children since 2006.

That's just amazing!

Are Toms Comfortable to Wear for a Wedding?

When looking at reviews from Amazon or Influenster, most reviewers agree that ​Toms are great shoes.  With an average rating of 4.5 out of 5, you can almost guarantee that your tootsies will be thanking you at the end of the night. 

You might not know that TOMS actually has a bridal collection, that a LOT of brides opt to wear on their big day. And while you might be inclined to think of back-breaking stilettos when it comes to choosing your wedding shoes, just think about all the reason to wear TOMS instead.

Like, why wouldn’t you want to wear a comfortable shoe? You’ll be on your feet ​all day, followed by dancing all night. You want it to be the happiest day of your life, not the one filled with the most blisters.

Also, it’s really hard to say “No” to TOMS wedding shoes when they look as good as they do on the bride and groom 

white crochet toms for bridal shoes


​According to Toms' website, their shoes run true to size and are only available in a medium width.  They do recommend ordering the size you would normally wear in a casual shoe.  As their shoes stretch slightly, if you are typically an in-between size shoe wearer, they suggest choosing the smaller size. 

bridesmaids holding TOMS shoes

Toms as Bridesmaids Thank You Gifts

​Want to ensure that all your ladies are up on the dance floor? Gift them a cute pair of TOMS to slip into after the ceremony.  They make a fantastic gift for long after the wedding, and they are much more conducive for dancing the night away.

​Toms for Groom and Groomsmen

​Don't forget about the groom and his groomsmen. For some grooms its all about the ​suit, but for others its all about the footwear.

How about gifting a pair of Toms to all your groomsmen, and get them to wear them for the big day -- like the fun photo below from one of our real weddings.

This groom found himself a pair of tan leather Toms that were a little fancier than the traditional canvas Toms. And the rest of the tribe wore the tan traditional style of canvas Toms. Paired with fun socks, it makes for a great look!

groomsmen in Toms wedding shoes

Toms Wedding Collection

Featuring styles for brides, grooms, and the entire wedding party, the range boasts fabrics like petal grosgrain for women and black velvet for guys. Plus lots of sparkles for kids.

​Free shipping on all purchases over $64+ and free easy returns within 30 days make it a no brainer.  And, if you're lucky you might even get a popup while on their website offering a 10% discount. 

Toms Customized Shoes

Toms doesn't offer any service to customize their shoes. (Although that would be a fantastic service - hint hint Blake) There are however, many sellers on Etsy who do offer customization services like hand painted or and to Toms 

​Enough info, let's get to the fun part and ​shop the wedding​ shoe collection!

Toms Classic Bridal Flats



Women's Espadrilles

Toms lace shoes

Toms Burlap Bridal Shoes

Tom's rose gold bridal sandals


Rose Gold Suede


Grey Leather

Toms Women's Classics


Canvas Women's Classics


​Canvas Women's Classics


Jutti Flats

Toms Wedding Collection Sandals


Grosgrain Women's Lexie Sandals

​Toms Wedding Collection Wedges


Women's Clarissa Wedge


Women's Stella Peep-Toe Wedges

Pair of Jimmy Choo shoes

Toms Wedding Collection For Kids

Don't forget - Tom's has cute shoes for the little ones in the party too!


Glimmer Youth Classics

Before you go....

If Toms is not the bridal shoe designer for you, check out our 

to find your perfect pair!

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