16 Romantic, Thoughtful & Practical Cotton Anniversary Gifts for Him & Her

If you are getting close to celebrating two years of wedded bliss, and you're panicked on what to get for your other half, fear not. We’ve pulled together some of the best cotton anniversary gift ideas for both him and her.

​The big wedding anniversary milestones -- like 10, 25, 30, or 50 -- seem to get the most attention ​and and biggest ​presents! But we believe that EVERY wedding anniversary deserves to be as special and unique as the last. Anniversaries are a time to celebrate​ the union you have built together. ​After all, 24 months of marriage is a big accomplishment that deserves ​recognition.

First, ​we'll briefly discuss what the second anniversary traditional gift (cotton) is all about.

​What is the Traditional 2nd Anniversary Gift?

Traditionally, the second-anniversary gift is cotton.

Depending on where search online, you may come across a few different meanings for what cotton is supposed to symbolize. Some people believe that it represents that you've become more comfortable with each other. I ​tend to think this is a more modern representation.

Others think that the fibers of the cotton fabric represent how your lives have come together. As the interwoven fibers of cotton signify a couple growing closer as their lives become increasingly intertwined.

Modern 2nd Anniversary Gift

​Modern lists mark the second anniversary gift with fine china, which is fragile and can easily be broken. A gift of china emphasizes the need for ongoing care of one another and the relationship.

Cotton Anniversary Gifts for Her

​The honeymoon stage ​doesn't have to end after the first anniversary, it can continue on ​past the 2nd anniversary too! Keep the spark alive ​with these soft, romantic, thoughtful and practical cotton gift ideas for her.

​1) Custom Typewriter Wedding Vow Print

Custom Typewriter Wedding Vows Print

This would make a very romantic and personal gift for any occasion, but especially perfect for your 2nd year cotton anniversary.  Have your vows or love letter typed and displayed on this gorgeous handmade cotton paper with deckle edges.

​2) Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets

Egyptian Cotton sheets as 2nd wedding anniversary gift

​After two years of marriage, chances are your wedding registry gifts have found a particular spot where they belong. And, hopefully you've returned the ones you that didn't quite fit into your style! 

Now it's time to add ​a few extra items that will make your home feel oh so good.

​We think it is important to have a really cozy bed to retreat to at night. One of the easiest ways to do that, is update your sheets.

In honor of your cotton anniversary, what better present (and excuse) than to buy a set of really good quality Egyptian cotton sheets.

Cotton is the most popular fabric used to make sheets, and for good reason. It’s soft, breathable, easy to care for, and durable.

​3) Personalized Cotton Pillow

Personalized pillow made of cotton for 2nd wedding anniversary gift

​If luxurious cotton sheets are already checked off your list of things to buy for your home, why not personalize your bed with a cute throw pillow made of textural cotton fabric.

​4) Cotton Table Cloth & Matching Napkins

Frayed Edged Cotton Napkins
Frayed Edge White Cotton Tablecloth

​Many couples love to entertain friends & family at dinner parties or seasonal occasions. If you have an avid dinner entertainer in your house, than a 100% cotton tablecloth will add easy elegance to everyday meals or dinner parties alike. Don't forget matching cotton cloth napkins ​to really up your tablescape game!

​5) Cotton Candles

Yakee cotton candle for 2nd wedding anniversary gift

​I just love a good candle on my fireplace mantle to really set an inviting and warm atmosphere. Admitedly these are not necessarily real cotton​. Nonetheless a romantic fragrant candle with notes of fresh cotton and white florals made with the world's finest scented oils will make for a beautifully anniversary gift.

​​6) Cotton ​Flower Watercolor

Cotton Flowers Watercolor Painting

​Simple yet elegant. These cotton flower watercolor paintings have a certain appeal that makes this wall really pop with design style.

Bonus: What a beautiful story to tell guests who inquire where you received them.

​7) Cotton Lingerie Set

Lingerie set Babydoll and Panty Organic Cotton and Soy set

​With a beautifully soft fabric feel, who wouldn't want to get comfy in this organic babydoll and panty set. This anniversary gift may be as much for him as it is for her. 😉

​8) Personalized Anniversary Cotton Blanket Throw

Personalised Anniversary Cotton Blanket Throw

​An elegant adornment over a bed or ideal for freshening up sofas, this cotton throw blanket can be embroidered with your names, a date, or a cute message.

Curl up on the couch ​with your new personalized throw (and spouse!), pop some bubbly, and throw on a good movie. You've got yourself the perfect anniversary date night!

​9) Macrame Plant Hanger

macrame plant hanger

Did ​the macrame trend from the 1970s ever go away? Yes, it most certainly did.

Macrame is back with a vengeance as this article explains -- it was Instagrammed back into revival! Surprise her with a new potted plant that she can hang in this beautifully handmade macrame plant hanger.

Cotton Anniversary Gifts for Him

​The end of your second year of marriage is a milestone to be enjoyed. Here are a few simple and afforadable cotton gifts for him we really like.

​1) C​otton Hammock

​on Amazon

Cotton Hammock as anniversary gift

This first ​gift suggestion is as much for her as for him!

​Backyard hammocks are such a treat. I remember as a child having a hammock in my backyard and spending countless hours swinging in a hammock, lulled into a state of relaxation. If your husband likes to ​sit in the backyard ​or take an outdoor snooze here and there, this two person soft woven cotton hammock is a great idea.

Star gazing 2nd anniversary date night anyone?

​2) C​otton Chef's Apron

Custom Cotton Apron

​Is there a budding gourmet chef in the house? 

If your ​spouse loves to cook and doesn't already have his own personalized apron, ​this could be the anniversary gift to really spice things up ... in the kitchen.

​3) ​His & Her Plush Bathrobes

Personalized Turkish cotton bathrobe

​For both him and her, I for one would love to discover a personalized soft cotton luxury bathrobe on the morning of ​my anniversary. I do own a bathrobe, but a personalize one would be like being at a posh spa everyday!

​4) C​otton Leash

Cotton dog leash

Sometimes a gift that is for him and his best pooch friend is a good idea. Made from pre-dyed cotton, this exceptionally soft three-strand dog leash can make for a practical and well themed gift.

​Can't see how a dog leash is a ​gift for him?

While at first glance it could be similar to getting your mom ​a pair of ovenmits (so she can cook dinner for you), I had a ​second idea for this leash on your anniversary. ​Let's just say perhaps both of you could use it the first time, before the pooch gets to try it out. We'll leave the details ​to another ​​book -- 50 shades of dog leashes​?

​5) C​otton ​Tie Tack and Necklace

Cotton Style Jewelry as anniversary gift
Cotton Anniversary Gift for him Cotton Tie Tack -Lapel Pin

​If your loved one is into unique jewelry and statement pieces, ​any of these would be standout gifts to mark and symbolize ​a 2nd wedding anniversary.  A cotton shaped tie tack can also be worm as a lapel pin for him, or a beautiful necklace with matching pendant for her.

​6) C​otton Necktie

Cotton Necktie

​Neckties are a staple in ​many men's wardrobe. This cotton tie could add a stylish addion to his collection of silk & microfiber ties.

P.S. Dog leash comment above could apply to this item as well 😛

​7) Men's C​otton ​Pyjamas

mens cotton pajamas in red and black

​Definitely a practical gift. But if your husband is anything like mine, some weekends he lives in his super soft 100% cotton flannel Pjs. Nothing beats lounging around in absolute comfort on the weekends!

​Thanks for checking out our list of cotton anniversary gift ideas. Congratulations on your second anniversary and we wish you all the best ​in the years to come!

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