Welcome to Love & Lavender

My name is Meredith McIntosh. I took over Love & Lavender as editor-in-chief in March of 2014 from the long time curator Ellen. She did such as wonderful job with the site since starting it back in 2009. Now she has passed the torch onto me and tried to instill as much knowledge and know-how about blogging, the wedding industry, and what makes Love & Lavender tick. I plan to take that torch and run as fast and as far as I possibly can!

LoveandLavender Engagement


My Background

I started out wanting to be a teacher, next a police officer, then a crime analyst, and finally I dabbled in the insurance industry! Now, here I am an owner and blogger of a wedding website and I am absolutely loving every moment.

I met my true love, Andrew,  in  2012. We have accomplished a lot together over the past 2 years, and I have learned a ton about myself in the process. I believe that all good things come to those who wait. Sometimes it just takes longer for some of us.

My fiance Andrew is in the Florence photo above. He is the new personal assistant at Love & Lavender and gets to call me boss! ;-) Just kidding, he does have a day job and plans to contribute a lot both on the technical side of the website as well as blogging from a groom’s perspective.

I love a great cup of coffee in the morning, fantasizing over nail polish, an avid shopper, animal lover, and if I could be a full time jet-setter I would. One can dream!


Why take over a wedding blog?

After getting engaged on in Florence, Italy it was time to get down to business of planning our upcoming nuptials. I realized that the process of weddings is a real relationship tester between both you and your partner. Not to mention the involvement of all your family and friends.  My goal for Love & Lavender is to inspire brides through beautiful wedding photography. I also want to engage, connect, and provide valuable tools to help you through the ups and downs, road blocks, tears, and unknowns of planning your once-in-a-life time event!

When the opportunity presented itself to take over Love & Lavender, I jumped on board. I love the approach and content this wedding resource offers and I want to keep building on that.


Love & Lavender in 2014 and beyond

My vision for Love & Lavender is to offer a unique sense of style around the little details that will make your wedding day extra special. Sometimes it is hard to describe in words why a wedding is extraordinary, inspiring, or a magical occasion. Like a great piece of artwork that is hanging in a gallery, a wedding will be your day to paint that masterpiece as a couple. Don’t be afraid to show off your true colors! All the time, effort, details, and money go into just one day to celebrate what makes the two of you unique and wonderful.

Love & Lavender is also about saving money while getting married in style. What exactly is that style? It is the continuation of the style that Love & Lavender has always tried to encapsulate: rustic, vintage, whimsical, DIY, homespun, backyard, outdoors, wineries & vineyards, beaches and beautiful weddings. These are the types of weddings with pizzazz that I identify with and find inspiring too!

I am sure every bride and groom experience a few of the wedding land mines listed below:

  • Finding your own wedding style
  • Keeping your family and friends informed and on board with your wedding plans
  • Compromise on venue choice – originally Andrew and I wanted a destination wedding in either an Irish castle or a winery in Napa Valley!
  • Narrowing down the guest list so that it is reasonable
  • Buying the wedding dress that will be YOURS
  • Decorating details that both the bride and groom will find inspiring … all while trying to stay on budget.

I want to integrate some tips, advice, and know-how to show all of you that it is possible to save money while getting married in style. So watch out for a wedding newsletter coming soon to an inbox near you!


I hope you will stick with me as I evolve Love & Lavender into one of the best wedding resources around. Drop me an email and let me know what you think:

info [at] loveandlavender.com


P.S. Don’t forget to “Take some time to stop and smell the Lavender!”