Welcome to Love & Lavender

My name is Meredith Shackleford. I took over Love & Lavender as editor-in-chief in March of 2014 from the long time curator Ellen. She did such a wonderful job since starting it back in 2009. She passed the torch to me and tried to instill as much knowledge and know-how about blogging, the wedding industry, and what makes Love & Lavender a unique outdoor wedding resource for brides and grooms.

My Background

I met my true love – Andrew – in the year 2012. He is the personal assistant at Love & Lavender and gets to call me boss! Just kidding, he contributes a lot both on the technical side of the website as well as editing.

I love a great cup of coffee in the morning, fantasizing over nail polish, am an avid shopper, and animal lover. If I could be a full time professional honeymooner - a job title I invented for myself – I would. One can dream!

LoveandLavender EngagementAfter getting engaged in Florence, Italy it was time to get down to the business of planning our upcoming nuptials. I realized that the wedding process is a real relationship tester for you and your partner, not to mention the involvement of all your family and friends

The Love & Lavender Vision

My vision for Love & Lavender is to offer a unique sense of style around the little details that will make your wedding day extra special. Sometimes it is hard to describe in words why a wedding is extraordinary, inspiring, or a magical occasion. Like a great piece of artwork that is hanging in a gallery, a wedding will be your day to paint that masterpiece as a couple. Don’t be afraid to show off your true colors! All the time, effort, details, and money go into just one day to celebrate what makes the two of you unique and wonderful.

I am sure every bride and groom experience a few of the wedding land mines listed below:

  • Finding your own wedding style.
  • Keeping your family and friends informed about your wedding plans.
  • Compromise on venue choice. Originally Andrew and I wanted a destination wedding in either an Irish castle or a winery in Napa Valley!
  • Narrowing down the guest list to a reasonable number.
  • Buying the wedding dress that will be YOURS.
  • Decorating details that both the bride and groom will find inspiring, all while trying to stay on budget.

I have been a bride and have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to wedding planning. I look forward to helping you through your own wedding day hurdles so that you can have a spectacular wedding day too.

Why take over a Wedding Blog?

When the opportunity presented itself to take over Love & Lavender, I jumped on board. I love the approach and content this wedding resource offers and I want to keep building on that.

Want to see what Love & Lavender is all about and how to navigate? Check out our new to L&L visitor page.

If you have any questions, comments, or otherwise, please send me an email at: info [at] loveandlavender [dot] com


P.S. Don’t forget to “Take some time to stop and smell the Lavender!”


Since taking over Love & Lavender, Andrew and I have been busy expanding into other wedding niches!

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