Sew in Love: Part 2

Welcome back to our Sew in Love photo shoot. We know you are all chomping at the bit (or so we would like to think) so we won’t make you wait any longer!

Our table was probably the most difficult area to put together. We wanted something simple, but beautiful and creative. We used Aileen’s table from Pottery Barn and some white chairs she found at thrift stores. We DIY’ed the chevron table runner…which was super easy! All you do is take a white runner (in our case a table cloth that we cut down to size and hemmed), then with painters tape create the chevron pattern. Next take your favorite spray paint and go to town painting—remove the tape and you have yourself a super chic table runner!

To make the centerpieces more sewing-ish we wrapped tin cans with fabric and lace, then glued them in place. We loved the final result and it’s super budget friendly! We made the table number by embroidering it. The plate chargers were an easy DIY project that we did while watching TV. Cut cardboard to the dimensions you want, then wrap yarn around them! It was another budget friendly idea (which we are all about!). We also made the pin-cushion name card holders (as you can see we were busy with little projects).

Our favorite part of the shoot was the dessert area–not just because we are junk food addicts, but because it turned out perfect! We used Aileen’s hutch which was a thrift store find and two night stands as the foundation of the area. Like we said yesterday, we wanted the shoot to feel warm and cozy, and what makes you feel more warm and cozy than a steaming cup of hot cocoa and cinnamon rolls (yummy)! We decided to make an assortment of hot chocolates–peppermint, raspberry, and peanut butter, as well as an assortment of cinnamon rolls–caramel pecan, mixed berry, and regular.  We filled fabric and lace wrapped tin cans with the ingredient that defined what each item was. We also made a little embroidery menu to set against the furniture. On top of the yummy hot cocoa and cinnamon rolls we had a fabulous cake decorated with doilies made by the talented ladies at Baked!

For decorations we made tons of wire yarn balls, as well as a fabric backdrop and fabric strips  hanging down from the nightstands.

We had such a great time putting together this shoot—the vendors were amazing to work with! We are looking forward to the next one!

Photography: Simply Rosie Photography
Cake: Baked
Dress: Sarah Seven
Shoes: Shop Ruche
Jewelry: Vatne Designs
Hair Accessory: Lo Boheme
Hair and Make: Erin Skipley

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  1. All of these details are AMAZING! Oh my gosh, I’m a bit speechless right now. Very, very well done!

  2. Love those floral arrangements-how gorgeous!

  3. SEW (lol) BEAUTIFUL! I love it! I am a major sewer, and I have to say I have had fantasies for a long time about using colorful wooden bobbins as name card holders. I love taking this to a whole new level! So awesome! Logistically I wonder how the hot cocoa bar would work… You couldn’t display it all cute in the open like that or it would get cold. Maybe cute swizzle sticks in the cups so they look cute on the table? I LOVE the centerpieces- so beautiful, and all my favorite flowers!

  4. So pretty! You guys did a great job. I think I’m going to make a cup of hot cocoa now 🙂 Love all the little projects!

  5. What a beautiful concept. Love the colors!

  6. Love the colors! The chevron table runner is fantastic.

  7. A lovely set of photographs with beautiful styling in every detail from the colours to the super-cute cake topper! Fab work by all involved!

    Catharine x

  8. Loved it so much… I had to blog about it!
    I love that you guys are sisters in law! I find it too cute 🙂
    I need to find myself one asap!! Haha


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