Casper and Carin’s Wedding Weekend

We are ending the week with a really long wedding—it is way to amazing to leave any details out! Carin and Casper live in London where they run Shotopop, but decided to get married in Cape Town, Africa. The location of the their wedding weekend was at the Old Mac Daddy Luxury Trailer Park which is so unique and fun looking–perfect for them and their 40 guests! Their wedding weekend was all captured by the fabulous Welovepictures!

The weekend started off with a BBQ and a movie–My Fair Lady! It looks like such a cozy, inviting scene with popcorn, cotton candy and loads of pillows and blankets!

Carin’s dress is incredible—we are blown away with how great it looks!

Guests were treated with a pre-ceremony cocktail hour on the lawn. With games and yummy food (chocolate milk and donuts). Carin and Casper joined in on the fun as well!

Everyone headed down to the dock for a sunset ceremony that looks truly breath-taking!

To get the reception started guests were treated Jack & Gin—a drink the couple came up with that is served in tea cups. The recipe for The Jack & Gin is as follows:
–    3 parts Hendricks Gin
–     3 parts Vanilla infused Jack Daniels
(the day before, add a split vanilla pod into the bottle of JD.
It imparts a delicious vanilla hint)
–     2 parts iced Chai tea
–     1 part simple syrup
(400ml water to 800g plain white sugar)
–     a generous squeeze of lime
–     a good sprinkling of cinnamon
Mix these all together, then add to teapot with dry ice just before serving. Serve in teacups. Each teacup should have a slice of cucumber, a cinnamon stick (or piece of) and 2-3 blocks of ice.

Their wedding had no formal structure—no dinner hour or anything like that. Guest could just mingle and eat when they felt like it.

For dinner there was not only yummy burgers and fish and chips, but also make-it-yourself pizza!

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  1. Wow, this is fabulous!!! Love the unique style!!

  2. I love the food at this wedding- the cotton candy, little sliders, and make-your-own pizza station are all fantastic. I love the bride’s dress, too, and I’ll definitely be looking for a reason to make their Jack & Gin!

  3. Where did she find her dress?! She is gorgeous in it! The whole wedding is so beautiful and happy!

  4. how do i know where she buyed that wonderful dress ???


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