Black and White Striped Wedding

Okay, so I know it is practically summer (might I add that I love how the days are getting longer and longer) and this is undoubtedly a fall wedding, but there are so many unique decor ideas that I just had to share.  It’s a little Kate Spade meets The Nightmare Before Christmas with a punch of color and a whole lot of creativity. The black and white striped wedding theme is perfect!

A thank you to the lovely bride, Sarah, who was gracious enough to answer in some questions about her wonderful day and how she pulled it off.

Black and White Striped Wedding ~ Bride’s Comments

What was the overall theme for the ceremony and reception?

“We wanted the day to be fun and relaxed with a little whimsy and glitz to make it a real celebration, so this was the essence of our theme.  It ended up being old Hollywood/vintage-meets circus-meets modern, all rolled into one.  After first, we chose black and white stripes as a base, and everything else snowballed from there.  I chose a bunch of items that  I thought were pretty and weaved them together to make it cohesive – a little backwards in the process but amazingly it all came together in the end.”

DIY Wedding Invitations

Did you have your wedding invitations made or make them yourself?

“We made them ourselves!  They took forever but in the end were well worth the effort.  We designed them ourselves, hand stamped the gold confetti (on the invitations and response cards), made our own envelope liners, created and painted a custom map, designed the monogram stamp and embossed all the tags by hand.”

Gold Bridal shoes in leaves

colorful bridal bouquet and wedding dress

What was the best advice you received when you were planning your wedding

 #1. Get a videographer – A couple who had recently gotten married told us that a videographer is a must, even if you get the most basic/cheapest package.  We had a tight budget and a videographer seemed like an added luxury — but we’re so glad we listened.  Pictures are a wonderful keepsake, but a video lets you relive it all over again.  It all goes by so quickly, we’re glad we can travel back to that day anytime we want.

#2. Incorporate a new scent – During the wedding weekend and throughout our honeymoon I wore a new perfume (Dolce & Gabbana “The One”) which I had never used before then.  I find that scents can leave a strong imprint on your memory.  Now when I use it for special occasions and date nights, the scent transports us back.  It will always be my “wedding perfume.”

Dolce and Gabana wedding purfumeColorful wedding bouquetBride and Groom first look
Bride and Groom first look with balloons1
Letting go of balloon for first look
First look for bride and groom
bride and groom holding peach color geronomo balloons
Bride and groom riding and kissing on a carousel

Describe the bride/bridesmaids’ Attire

“The bridesmaids all choose their own dresses, so they are from everywhere. My dress was made by a small boutique designer, which I had found at Marry & Tux in New Hampshire.”

bride with her bridesmaids in peach colorBride and groom with bridal party on a caroueselgroom with groomsmen on a carousel

Any tips or tricks that you learned along the way and want to share with brides planning their own wedding?

“Planning a wedding is exhausting and can be all consuming – start early!  The more decisions or DIY projects you can check off towards the beginning, the better!  That way you can enjoy the days leading up to your wedding instead of rushing to finish your to do list (this was my plan, which didn’t happen so much for me but I have faith in you!)”

Ceremony program
Bobbles for guests at ceremony

What were some challenges you faced planning your wedding?

“I found that DIYs might not always be the most cost effective option.  All the supplies add up and it might take more than one try to get it right and an even more important factor to include in your calculation besides money, is time.  I tried to do it all and if I were to do it over again I think I would choose a few meaningful DIY projects and ‘outsource’ the rest.”

Chalk board wedding welcomeRed Lion Inn 1704 Resort - ceremony altar with back and white stripes and pumpkins

How many guests were invited and what was the final guest count?

“We had a great turnout, especially since it was on a Sunday.  We invited 108 people and had 97 attend.”

Was it difficult to narrow down your guest list?

“We wanted to celebrate with everyone and our motto was ‘the more the merrier!’ But, we quickly realized that adding one name seemed to lead to ten more.  When each person equated to a high price tag, the easiest way to keep the budget in check was to limit the guest list to our closest friends and family.  We used a basic rule to help us keep our numbers down: if you’re coming to our wedding we shouldn’t have to be  introduced to you, which limited a lot of plus ones.”

carved pumpkins for wedding ceremonyExchanging rings during wedding ceremony

What were the highlight from the ceremony & reception?

Ceremony highlight “The vows! We both wrote our own vows and in our own way essentially said the same thing. At one point we both referenced the same inside joke about time zones (We’re seriously random).”

Reception highlight “At the end of the night we released 20 wish lanterns into the sky.  Not only was it beautiful, but it also made us pause and really enjoy the moment.”

Black and white striped wedding altar at the Red Lion Inn 1704

Which pieces of music did you use during the ceremony? (Processional, Brides Entrance, Interlude, Recessional)

Processional – Home, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros 
Brides Entrance – All of My Days, Alexi Murdoch
Interlude – None
Recessional – You Make My Dreams, Hall & Oates
Entrance – Some Nights, f.u.n.
First Dance – Sweet Disposition, Temper Trap
Fun song we had to play – Thriller, Michael Jackson (from the night we met, Halloween!)

bride and groom kissing during ceremonyClothes line with Escort cards for wedding receptionEscort cards for wedding receptionGet to know your wedding guestsLeave a note for the bride and groomLeave the bride and groom a note
Bride and Groom reception tablebride and grooms table 

What types of flowers did you have?

We had all different kinds of flowers as we wanted the arrangements to be as eclectic as the wedding itself.  I went with my mom to the flower warehouse and we went nuts picking out all different kinds of hydrangeas, dahlias, spider mums, snap dragons, roses, snowberries and many others in hues of pink, orange and white.”

Bright color floral center pieces at wedding receptionBlack table numbers with bright flowers and gold mason jarsRhino and colorful flower place settingThank you table with wedding favorsWedding favor table with paper pinwheels 

What was your budget? Did you go over or stay under?  Where did you save money?

Our budget was $27,000 and we miraculously stayed right on par with that amount.  This was a difficult task with me at the helm but it was a Bryan’s mission that he did not take lightly! (Good thing someone was on top of it).  We came to that figure by doing research and asking around, but naturally less would have been even better, Boston is expensive! Our most significant savings was on the flowers, which my incredibly talented friend, Elayna, did for us.  We got all of the flowers from a wholesale market and Elayna arranged everything, including our bouquets.  We bought some mason jars and rented a bunch of small vases from  In the end we spent maybe a quarter of what we would have spent if we had used a professional florist.”

black and white striped wedding staws with engagement ringWedding thank you cardWhite wedding cake with paper decor
Bride and groom feeding cake to each other
Photobooth props at wedding

Where did you go on your honeymoon?   

“Santorini, Greece – it was unbelievably perfect!”


Photographer:  M.Studios
Cake Designer: Konditor Meister
Event Venue: The Red Lion Inn 1704

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