A Collection of 30 Wedding Bow Tie Ideas

A butterflies and bowties styled shoot got me thinking about the different neck wear options grooms have beside solid color neckties. Let’s face it, skinny ties have definitely taken a back seat for groom-wear.

How about a neck warmer?

Not unless you are planning to get married in Antarctica.

However, bow ties are still making a resurgence and grooms everywhere love them! In fact, my husband wore a classic black bow tie on our big day, and so did his best man.


Tip for future bow tie wearers: know how to tie a bow tie long before you walk down the aisle!

There was minor panic for my groom and his best man 5 minutes before our wedding ceremony was slated to start because neither of them knew how to tie their bow ties!

Andrew’s new father-in-law came to the rescue thank goodness, and the whole episode made for a good laugh later on. Definitely not the sweat you want to feel right before you walk down the aisle.


Wedding Bow Tie Ideas

Let’s look at our photo collection of the best Love & Lavender bow ties in solid colors, pattern, paisley, classic black, or even polka dot! And for those men that find themselves in a necktie 5 days a week, this is a great way to change up your everyday appearance.



Classic Solid Bow Tie

1) Classic Black Bow Tie: A classic black bow tie with a tuxedo will never get old. My husband loves the formal look and wore a classic black bow tie with wingtip shirt. He liked the idea of our 1920’s theme as it reminded him of one of his favorite books – Hello Great Gatsby anyone? A wedding is the groom’s moment to shine too. Go classic if you wish or add some color to your attire like the gentleman in the following sections.

Wedding bow tie ideas - classic black

2) White Bow Tie by Wingedbowties: Usually when you hear white tie your immediate thought is probably starched shirt, waistcoat, wing collar and white bow tie for the gentlemen, which is usually the case.

groom wearing formal White Bow Tie

But white bow ties can also be dressed down too. And look how fab this groom looks in his plaid shirt and suspenders.

Groom wearing a white bow tie
3) Silver or Grey Bow Tie by Banana Ribbon: Black suit with a silver or grey solid colored bow tie can look striking and sharp.

 Silver or Grey Solid colored bow tie

Bow tie with Patterns

Wedding don’t have to be traditional and stuffy, for the majority of us this is not a high class societal event. Therefore wear whatever you want! Spice it up a bit and have some fun by adding a pop of color with different patterns, designs, or match your neck wear to your wedding theme.

4) Polka Dots by Ties by BartekDesign

Navy Blue Bow Tie with White Polkadot

5) Striped Ties by CCADesign

Men’s Bow Tie in teal and aqua stripes


6) Gingham by Me and Matilda

Groom with groomsmen wearing purple Classic Gingham Bow ties


7) Plaid Men by Clip A Bow Tie

Men’s Plaid Bow Tie


8) Floral Men Bow Tie: Check Etsy for all sorts of floral pattern bow ties

Groom wearing a black and white floral bow tie

9) Paisley Patterned Bow Ties: Found off Etsy

Bride holding orange and yellow paisley pattern Bow ties

10) Musical Note: Men’s musical note patterned bow tie from Etsy

Groom wearing a musical note patterned bow tie

3 Common Bow Tie Shapes

When choosing a bow tie, not only do you have to choose the right color or pattern, you also need to be aware that bow ties come in an array of shapes and sizes.

11) The Butterfly from The Tie Bar

The butterfly style is one that everyone will be familiar with. On average it’s 2.5 in height and will fit most face shapes. The butterfly bow tie also comes in a larger size, which is known as The Big Butterfly. They are usually 3 inches in height and would normally be worn for very formal events with a tuxedo.

A Butterfly shaped bow tie

12) The Batwing (aka skinny) from Ties

Batwing ties are 1.5 inches – 2 inches in height or less and work well with solid colors or small patterns. A batwing bow tie should be worn by men with narrower faces and small collar sizes.

An example of a men's batwing bow tie

13) The Diamond Tip Bow Ties from The Tie Bar

Not often seen, the diamond tip bow tie is gaining popularity. The edges are pointed to give it the diamond shape and when wore gives off an asymmetrical style.

Example of a Diamond Tip Bow Tie

Standout in the Crowd

14) Another option for the groom to standout is for groomsmen to wear all the same color bow ties (or neck ties) and then have the groom wear a different bow tie in the same color palette.

Groom wearing a different colored bow tie to groomsmen

Solid Colored Bow Ties

Maybe you are a little traditional and not ready to rock the pink bow tie or a bold pattern, but you can still wear a bow tie with a solid color. Just think how it will make your eyes pop.

Popular Solid Color Bow Ties for Weddings

15) Men’s Navy Blue Bow Tie

Men's Navy Blue Bow tie

16) Men’s Red Bow Tie
Men's Red Bow tie

17) Men’s Yellow Bow Tie

Men's yellow Bow tie

18) Men’s Green Bow Tie
Men's green Bow tie

19) Men’s Purple Bow Tie

Men's purple Bow tie

20) Chocolate Brown Bow Tie

Men's Chocolate Brown Bow tie

21) Men’s Aqua Bow Tie

Men's aqua colored Bow tie

22. Men’s Pink Bow Tie

Men's Pink Colored Bow tie

Alternative and Unique Bow Ties

23) Burlap off Etsy

Groom wearing a burlap bow tie


24) Wooden bow ties from By Nordvik

Mens wooden bow tie


25) Leather: Leather Bow Tie by SewMiracle

Leather mens Bow tie

26) Reversible: Men’s Reversible Bow Ties from Freestyle Bow Ties

 Men’s Reversible Bow Ties

27) Velvet: A Velvet Bow Tie from The TBB

 A man's Velvet Bow Tie


28) Feathers: Feather Bow tie from Feather Game Birds UK

Men's feather bow ties


29) Transparent: Steampunk bow tie with gears and cogs By Emily Ray

steampunk bow tie with gears and cogs

30) Leopard Print: Leopard print bow tie found on Etsy

leopard print bow tie for a wedding

Great wedding bow tie ideas like the ones above can really personalize a groom’s attire. Let me know how your wedding incorporates a bow tie in the comment section below!



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