The Ultimate Guide to Lavender Wedding Ideas

I thought it was about time that I put together an amazing guide on ways to use lavender for your wedding! In this article we’re going to get intimate with our namesake flower and show you how to dress up your reception, decor, and even attire using lavender.

Over the years we’ve seen playful engagement sessions that capture a couple frolicking through lavender fields. Case in point: Hichen Lavender Fields.

Andrew and I vow that we’ll go to France and experience the true Provence lavender fields one day. Until that day comes, we will have to make due by indulging in photo fantasy and get inspired by all the different ways to use lavender within your wedding.

It is said that lavender is a symbol of love and devotion, but it is also said to bring good luck.  If that is the case, why wouldn’t couples use lavender within their wedding decor? It has calming properties that can help sooth wedding day jitters with a few sniffs.

The biggest bonus of all is that it is an inexpensive flower, making it a favorable choice for brides on a budget.   Whether you incorporate a few sprigs into a boutonniere, mix up a personalized cocktail infused with lavender, or choosing to use the beautiful hue as your primary color choice, below is a list of ideas for using lavender within your wedding.


34 Ways to Use Lavender for Your Wedding


Our main reason to create such a massive list of lavender ideas & products is due to our namesake plant – lavender. That and the fact that we recently viewed a movie called ‘Perfume: The Story of a Murderer’ – a fantasy/thriller set in Grasse (France) that provides spectacular views of sprawling lavender fields. While perfume, lavender, and murder don’t sound like an ideal script plot, it wasn’t the worst movie we’ve ever watched!


Lavender Wedding Stationery Ideas

1. Invitations & RSVP

Stationery is usually the first thing that guests receive. It is what sets the tone for your big day, so a good way to introduce a lavender theme is through your wedding stationery. Check out some of the talented artists on Etsy who provide a range of unique lavender stationery designs like the one below.

unique lavender wedding invite and rsvp design
lavender themed wedding stationery example

2. Lavender Color Ceremony Fans

Try adding hints of lavender color through out your wedding decor, like these ceremony program fans.  Adding touches of the actual lavender color will help ensure that all your decor seamlessly works together.

lavender color wedding program fans


Lavender Colored Wedding Attire

3. Lavender Colored Ties

You can easily add the color lavender by incorporating it into the groom and groomsmen’s attire (ties, pocket squares, and vests).

by Groom Ties

4. Lavender Color Sneakers

If you’re a little less traditional, the groom can have fun with his attire by wearing lavender colored All Stars!

lavneder color Converse all-star sneakers

5. Lavender Bridesmaids Dresses

Get your girls strutting their stuff in beautiful lavender colored bridesmaids dresses. Visit our recommended dress partner Dessy to buy stunning and reasonably priced bridesmaids dresses.

two bridesmaids in lavender dresses hold a wood sign

6. Lavender Colored Bridal Sash

Don’t be afraid to incorporate some lavender into your own attire, by wearing this beautiful two-tone crystal dress sash by Blair Nadeau Millinery.

two tone crystal dress sash in lavender

Photo by Blair Nadeau Millinery


Lavender Wedding Flowers

7. Lavender Bouquet Ideas

Opt for a simple yet stunning bouquet of lavender, or mix lavender stems amongst other beautiful flowers to make a full bouquet. Either way, the visual is eye catching and the scent will calm your nerves as you make your journey down the aisle. Bonus: dry out your lavender bouquet as a beautifully preserved keepsake.

bride holds fresh lavender bridal bouquetfresh-lavender-bunch
mixed lavender floral bouquet

8. Lavender Flower Crown

Do we have any rustic boho chic brides in the crowd? A simple yet stunning lavender flower crown can adorn both you and your flower girl’s head as a beautiful finishing touch!

bride wearing lavender floral crown

Photo and crown by Woodl and Secrets

bride holding dried lavender floral crown

9. Lavender Boutonniere Ideas

Match your bridal bouquet with a beautiful DIY or florist made boutonniere with lavender.  The natural twine brings the arrangement together beautifully and creates the perfect rustic combo.

dried lavender boutonniere wrapped in twine

Photo and boutonniere above by LumilinA

dried lavender and white rose boutonniere4 fresh lavender boutonnieres wrapped with twine


Lavender Ceremony Decor

10. Wedding Ceremony Chairs

Lavender is so versatile and can be mixed with many different flowers like baby’s breath or wheat.  DIY small arrangements in mason jars and hang them from the ceremony aisle chairs.

wheat and dried lavender in mason jar hanging from chairwheat and dried lavender in mason jar photo

11. Outdoor Ceremony Decor

Potted lavender plants are the prettiest way to add natural decor to your outdoor wedding. The best part is that you can plant the hardy lavender plant in your back garden to admire it every season and reminisce about your big day.

lavender plant in burlap atop wine barrellavender plant in burlap with bow atop wine barrel

12. Lavender Toss

Rice and paper confetti may not be allowed anymore, but loose lavender buds for guests to toss at the newlyweds after the ceremony is most definitely still on the table!

Photo and lavender by BlueMountainLavender


Lavender Wedding Reception Decor

Centerpieces, escort cards, or even table cloths, here are some great ways to add lavender touches to your reception decor.

13. Lavender in Bathrooms

Everyone always forgets to decorate the bathrooms! Why not have little dishes of dried lavender to carry the theme right through to the loo!

dried lavender buds in glass dish with spoon

14. Lavender Table Runner

Incorporate the lavender color at your reception with these lovely sheer hand-dyed silk table runners.  How dreamy!

Photo and fabric by pompomblossom

15. Lavender Arrangement for Reception Tables

Copper has been a popular wedding decor theme in the past several seasons. We love how well these dried lavender stalks fit into this tablescape.

16. Wedding Reception Area

Scatter single lavender bunches or sprigs in vases and other decor items around your reception area. The effect of both the color and scent will impress your guests.

17. Lavender Colored Bottles

Love the look of these mismatched empty bottles in lavender hues.

18. Place Setting or Place Card

Even the most simple sprig of lavender can dress up a place setting and make it look elegant — especially against a gold charger!

19. Lavender Watercolor Place Cards

A simple DIY project that you can complete on your own or with the help of some friends. Grab some paint brushes and watercolor paint to create your own unique designs!

simple lavender color watercolor wash place card


Lavender Wedding Treats & Sweets

A lavender theme deserves just desserts. Considering continuing your lavender theme through to the food or dessert table. Incorporate lavender in food – like lavender simple syrup for cocktails, teas and lemonades, and beautiful macaroons. Or just place sprigs of lavender on the cheese board or dessert plates to dress them up. We think the possibilities for edible lavender are endless!

20. Culinary Grade Lavender Buds

Want to be a little adventurous with your cooking skills?  Try using culinary grade lavender to bake, cook, or make delicious mixed cocktails.

Photo and lavender by SLLavender

21. Dessert Table

Dress up your dessert table with sprigs of lavender. If you simply can’t wait to dig into those scrumptious lavender macaroons, head down to #22!

22. Gorgeous Lavender Macaroons

A food picture like this closeup shot of a lavender macaroon excites my taste buds to no end. Enhance your dessert table with lavender colored desserts like macaroons, frosted cupcakes, or cookies.

closeup of lavender macaroons

23.  Cheese boards or dessert platters

Somehow that one sprig of lavender makes this cheese board go from drab to fab!

cheese board with lavender sprig

24.  Lavender Colored Icing

Technically the color below is getting a bit away from ‘lavender’, but it was such a nice photo of colored icing with sprinkles that I simply had to include it. You’ll have to just imagine a true lavender color in its place.

25. Lavender Cocktail

Offer your guests a refreshing glass of lavender lemonade, or use lavender to garnish cocktails as in the lavender martini photo below.

printed lavender coaster beside lavender martini
26. Lavender Colored Straws

from Amazon

27. Decorate your Cake with Lavender

Choose a small forest of lavender atop a naked cake, or a few sprigs of lavender on a decadent tiered white cake … either way we love the look of adding lavender to a wedding cake!



Lavender Wedding Gifts & Favors

28. Paper Favor Bags

Candy buffer?  Use cute custom favor bags imprinted with your initials to fit a lavender wedding theme perfectly!

Photo and bags by Be Collective

28. Lavender Sachets for bridesmaids

Add a touch of France to your bridesmaids home with these fabulous lavender sachets bearing old vintage perfume labels.

Photo and sachet by AbundantHaven

29. Lavender seed packet favors

A very fitting favor for your guests has to be these lavender seed packet favors. Its a practical gift that guests can use in their garden and remember your wedding day years later.

by Megmichelle

30. Lavender Soap Wedding Favors

I’ve left some of the best lavender stuff for last! One of my most favorite soaps is L’Occitane shea butter lavender soap. The first time I used this product was at a swanky hotel in Europe, and I absolutely fell in love. L’Occitane soaps may be a little more than you want to spend on your wedding favors. Instead you could make a lovely thank you gift for your bridesmaids.

These lavender milk soap bars with thank you charm by NatureEscapes are also a great contender.

31. Lavender Oil Wedding Favors

The smell of lavender oil is simply intoxicating. It always brings my olfactory memory right back to my last massage where the room was filled with the scent of lavender oil. Check out this article we did on the benefits of using lavender oil.

lavender oil and soap on wood background

32. Lavender Bath Bomb Favor

I can’t say that I have used this product, but I certainly want to! Just look at that ball of lavender goodness ready for a hot soak in the tub!

Photo and bath bomb by Butter Cosmetics

33. Lavender Infused Honey

This one might be a bit difficult to DIY. But I bet if you look around at a local farmer’s market or other specialty grocery store you’ll be able to find some lavender infused honey to give to your guests as favors.

lavender infused honey


Extra Wedding Details with Lavender

34. Ring Shot with Lavender

If you’re going all out with lavender, then don’t forget to tell your photographer about that ring shot!

engagment ring shot with dried lavender

Where to Buy Lavender?

You can buy fresh lavender plants from:

  • Garden centers
  • Local florists
  • Local farmers market
  • Local Lavender farm

Or, buy dried lavender bunches online form an Etsy sellers like Paula Jeans Garden. Pick up 250 lavender stems from $34.00

So there it is – our massive lists of ways to incorporate lavender in your wedding.  Let us know how you plan to use lavender in your wedding in the comments below!

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